8 Best Indian Restaurants in Dallas

chicken tikka masala at dallas texas indian restaurant

Prepare to tantalize your taste buds as we explore the vibrant and diverse culinary landscape of the Best Indian Restaurants in Dallas, TX. From the rich and aromatic curries to the mouthwatering tandoori delights, Dallas boasts a thriving Indian food scene that caters to every palate. Whether you’re a fan of the fiery flavors of Northern India or the subtle spices of the South, these restaurants offer a delightful gastronomic experience that transports you to the heart of India. Join us on a culinary adventure as we uncover the hidden gems and top spots to savor the best Indian cuisine that Dallas has to offer, where each bite is a symphony of taste and tradition.


5430 Gurley Ave, Dallas, TX 75223
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Kalachandji's Dallas
Source: Instagram

Kalachandji’s is a rather upscale restaurant as it has a small and beautifully lit-up tree in the center of everything. The columns, windows, and other architecture are truly impressive. You can choose to sit in a booth or on one of the attractive leaf-carved chairs. This is a vegetarian restaurant, so there won’t be any meat or egg dishes. I really recommend trying the dal soup here, a tasty bean and lentil soup made with various spices. I also loved the combination of basmati rice with nuts and vegetables in the pulao dish. Kalachandji’s can also bring out warm and delicious homemade bread.

India Palace

12817 Preston Rd Suite # 105, Dallas, TX 75230
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India Palace Dallas
Source: Instagram

India Palace is an excellent restaurant in Dallas located in a neighborhood with a shopping vibe and a perfect place for foodies. There are multiple eateries in the area. The Dallas Observer has called India Palace the “Best Indian Restaurant” for the last 12 years, so I knew I had to check it out for myself. My favorite dish at this restaurant was lamb biryani, which had delicious pieces of lamb surrounded with basmati rice, nuts, raisins, and savory spices. For dessert, I really enjoyed the mango custard. I’ll agree with the Dallas Observer and say that this place had the best Indian food around.

Roti Grill

4438 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75205
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Roti Grill Dallas
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You can find the Roti Grill in a neighborhood with a shopping mall. You’ll have plenty to do here before grabbing dinner at the Roti Grill. Patrons have given this restaurant rave reviews, with people loving the samosas and chicken tikka masala. I found that this casual restaurant brings food out quickly. The staff was friendly, and the dishes had plenty of spice and flavor. Essentially, this restaurant has excellent Indian food. I loved trying the vegetable samosas and the lamb curry. I chose the Texas size, which came with a considerable portion of basmati rice and naan bread. The mango lassi was a perfect drink to go along with my dinner.

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Mumbai Grill

17370 Preston Rd #490, Dallas, TX 75252
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Mumbai Grill Dallas
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The Mumbai Grill has a founder and chef with 25 years of experience cooking Indian cuisine. The cooks working at this restaurant follow the unique recipes of the original chef when making curries and other dishes. This Indian restaurant has a rather laid-back feel and a casual atmosphere. There are multiple tables and chairs on hardwood floors, but the place is not over the top. My favorite dish at this excellent restaurant was the tandoori shrimp, which was drowned in tasty Indian spices and roasted in an oven.

Mughlai Fine Indian Cuisine

5301 Alpha Rd UNIT 14, Dallas, TX 75240
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Mughlai Fine Indian Cuisine Dallas
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The Mughlai Fine Indian Cuisine restaurant is family-owned and operated, and the owners ensure to use the best and freshest ingredients in their dishes. The place is impeccably clean, and the food is based on both traditional and modern forms of Indian cooking. When I visited Mughlai Fine Indian Cuisine, I ordered the mouthwatering Lamb Roghan Josh dinner. I loved the chunks of lamb in the spicy brown onion sauce. I also ordered the Mutter Pulao as a side, which was fresh basmati rice cooked with peas. Another perfect addition to this meal was the garlic naan. I also loved the friendly staff and how quickly they brought out the feast!

Tikka N Kabab

7859 McCallum Blvd, Dallas, TX 75252
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Tikka N Kabab Dallas
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If you visit the Tikka N Kabab restaurant, you’ll see that it’s near a waterpark and in a cozy residential neighborhood. The food here is tasty, and affordable, and comes in a range of delicious flavors. The patrons rave about the curry dishes and samosas. When I came to the Tikka N Kabab eatery, I ordered the chicken samosa as an appetizer and then the rich and buttery Lamb Nihari curry as my main meal. I also enjoyed their crispy butter naan on the side. After an outing at the local waterpark, bring the family to Tikka N Kabab restaurant for dinner.

Sigree Grill Indian Restaurant and Banquet

4145 Belt Line Rd Ste 218, Addison, TX 75001

Sigree Grill Indian Restaurant and Banquet Dallas
Source: Instagram

You can find the Sigree Grill Indian Restaurant and Banquet in an urban neighborhood with multiple shops and restaurants. Here, you’ll find South Indian cuisine and several Chinese cooking methods used in the dishes. At this casual Indian restaurant, I ordered the chicken tikka kebab as an appetizer, which was marinated in red yogurt sauce. I chose the finger-licking, spicy, and delicious chicken vindaloo for an entree. I loved the creamy tomato and onion sauce with potatoes. I also tried Indian masala tea as my beverage. All in all, it was a good meal.

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Mumtaz Indian Restaurant

216 W Campbell Rd, Richardson, TX 75080
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Mumtaz Indian Restaurant Dallas
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I found the Mumtaz Indian Restaurant in an urban neighborhood with child-friendly activities. The restaurant specializes in seafood delicacies, lamb specialties, and tandoori cooking. You can also get biryani dishes here. The Mumtaz Indian Restaurant had great food. I ordered the tandoori chicken wings as an appetizer, and they sure were spicy! I enjoyed the lamb masala for my main meal, which came with rice. Some naan on the side was also a great addition to my dinner.

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