New Haven Brunch Spots to Try This Week

Our favorite spots for omelettes, French toast, and pancakes around the city.

Called the Cultural Capital of Connecticut, New Haven is known for its local theater and music scenes. The city is also widely regarded as having delicious food ranging from lobster rolls to the famous local-style pizza.

delicious eggs benedict at New Haven brunch spots

Aside from being a culinary and cultural hotspot, New Haven’s biggest claim to fame is Yale University.

Many other colleges and universities call New Haven home, and since college students are famous for all-nighters, I knew that New Haven would have some great brunch spots.

While searching for the best brunch in New Haven, I found some spectacular options. These were my picks for the best brunches I had while visiting the city.

Bella’s Cafe

896 Whalley Ave, New Haven, CT 06515
Phone: 203-387-7107
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New Haven’s Westville neighborhood offers a beautiful green area to enjoy your surroundings. One of the people’s favorite stops in Westville is Bella’s Cafe.

The cafe has a simple, clean interior with white walls that make the space feel larger. Chandeliers tie the decor together, creating a charming ambiance here.

Owner Rose Foote opened Bella’s over twenty years ago, drawing in customers with dishes like Italian-style French toast.

Stop by Bella’s on the weekend to sample their small but varied brunch menu. I tried a raspberry cheesecake dutch baby when I ate at the cafe.

The souffle pancake served as an excellent vessel for the cream cheese buttercream and raspberry jam.


220 College St, New Haven, CT 06510
Phone: 203-772-4002
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Pacifico at the heart of New Haven provides a vibrant atmosphere for people to enjoy new takes on Latin flavors.

The popular spot is only a block away from a music hall and a theater, making it a great place to enjoy nightlight in the city.

Pacifico’s color scheme provides a brightly colored beacon for those out and about in the evening. On Sundays, Pacifico takes on a new identity: a great place to get a two-course lunch.

Each course offers several options, all with Latin inspiration. The chorizo & egg, served atop yuca, was the perfect combination of a breakfast classic with Latin flair.

Atticus Bookstore Cafe

1082 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06510
Phone: 203-776-4040
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Located in the Yale Center for British Art, Atticus Bookstore Cafe provides breakfast and brunch favorites in a snug setting.

Since 1975 the cafe has operated as an eatery and a bookstore. A simple space with tables next to bookshelves and a bright color palate makes this cafe inviting.

The breakfast menu is full of fresh classics like avocado toast and quiche. While everything at Atticus was delicious, I’d recommend their homemade pastries.

The cafe makes espresso drinks and has an extensive selection of wine, beer, and cider. There’s something for everyone at this unique cafe.

Choupette Crêperie & Cafè

24 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT 06510
Phone: 475-441-7966
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Another excellent option for the best brunch in New Haven, Choupette Crêperie & Cafè serves French breakfast favorites.

This intimate spot has a simple, almost cottage-style decor with faux shutters framing the large front window. Choupette’s atmosphere is laidback and relaxed.

I especially appreciate the fresh flowers in the cafe. While Choupette doesn’t have an extensive menu, what it focuses on it does perfectly. Crepes are the star here.

Choose from sweet and savory options. I recommend the Provencale, a savory crepe stuffed with brie, walnuts, and honey. Pair your crepes with wine or a delicious coffee drink.


1157 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06511
Phone: 203-503-3919
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Located inside The Study at Yale boutique hotel, Heirloom serves a full menu of traditional American dishes with carefully sourced ingredients.

The dining room provides an attractive and modern setting with a relaxed vibe. Fans of brunch cocktails should add Heirloom to their must-visit list in New Haven.

The Rose 75, a cocktail with rose and gin, provided the perfect combination of sweet and bitter. For food, I recommend trying a bagel board, a great way to enjoy a bagel with all the accompaniments.

Stop by during the weekend between 11 am and 2 pm to sample my favorites and other great menu items. 

John Davenport’s Restaurant

155 Temple St, New Haven, CT 06510
Phone: 203-974-6858
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Head to John Davenport’s Restaurant downtown for a fantastic view of New Haven Green. You’ll find John Davenport’s inside the Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale.

The dining room reflects the setting, blending modern touches with an academic aesthetic. While the place feels somewhat upscale, it’s still approachable and warm.

The restaurant serves typical brunch food alongside a selection of wine and cocktails. While nothing was particularly unique about the food served, they were still tasty options.

Brian Killian heads John Davenport’s kitchen, which strives to use local ingredients. My favorite dish from this menu was the eggs benedict.

The Breakfast Nook

565 Washington Ave, North Haven, CT 06473
Phone: 203-234-3961
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Visitors heading to North Haven, a town aptly named for being north of New Haven, should check out The Breakfast Nook.

The cozy spot is just a short distance from Wharton Brook State Park and is worth visiting for the large selection of morning favorites served all day.

Bright yellow walls and chicken-themed decor add charm to this restaurant. When I visited The Breakfast Nook, I ordered the Polska omelet stuffed with onions, Muenster cheese, and kielbasa.

This was a great combination and one of the best omelets I had while in New Haven. Kids will love The Breakfast Nook, too, with specialized platters full of kids’ favorite breakfast foods like silver dollar pancakes and French toast logs.

Final Thoughts

From cafes that double as bookstores to casual all-day breakfast joints, there are tons of brunch options in New Haven.

Some serve classic dishes while others put their spin on things. There’s something for everyone when it comes to the best brunch in New Haven.

Here are some other amazing restaurants to check out while you’re here in New Haven as well!

If we missed your favorite spot, let us know in the comments below. We’d be happy to try it on our next visit!

Best Brunch in New Haven

  1. Bella’s Cafe
  2. Pacifico
  3. Atticus Bookstore Cafe
  4. Choupette Crêperie & Cafè
  5. Heirloom
  6. John Davenport’s Restaurant
  7. The Breakfast Nook

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