8 Best Vegan Restaurants in Columbus

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Explore Columbus’s growing vegan restaurant scene with our guide to the best places to eat plant-based food. Our carefully chosen guide covers the many and delicious options in the centre of Ohio, from creative dishes made with fresh, cruelty-free ingredients to the vivid flavors that redefine vegan cuisine. Come explore renowned restaurants and undiscovered treasures that highlight the city’s dedication to sustainability, innovation, and cruelty-free dining. Whether you’re a committed vegan or just curious to try more plant-based options, our investigation promises a sensory-pleasing symphony of flavors. As we take you through the list of best restaurants, where every meal is a celebration of ethical choices, culinary innovation, and the distinct charm of this booming city, be ready to indulge in amazing dining experiences.

Portia’s Cafe

4428 Indianola Ave, Columbus, OH 43214
(614) 928-3252
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Portia's Cafe Columbus
Source: Portia’s Cafe

Looking for a spot that will accommodate all sorts of diners? Check out Portia’s Cafe. This local restaurant serves raw, organic, gluten-free, and vegan cuisine. With a casual atmosphere and bright decor, this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a meal in Columbus. You’ll find dishes like salads, soups, wraps, and more at Portia’s Cafe. We recommend the super power wrap, pizzadilla, notuna wrap, or spana-rice quesadilla. Be sure to grab some cheezecake or chocolate mousse for dessert!

Eden Burger

1437 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 928-3528
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Eden Burger Columbus
Source: Eden Burger

In the mood for something a little less healthy? Head over to Eden Burger. Though this spot serves burgers and other classic American dishes, don’t let it fool you, everything is still vegetarian or vegan. There’s so many delicious options on the menu at Eden Burger, plus gluten-free options. Be sure to try the Eden burger, money mustard chik’n sandwich, southwest, or western. Don’t forget to grab a milkshake, too. Not to worry, they’re vegan too!

Lifestyle Cafe

891 Oak St, Columbus, OH 43205
(614) 344-6686
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Lifestyle Cafe Columbus
Source: Lifestyle Cafe

Another highly-rated restaurant specializing in vegan food in Columbus is Lifestyle Cafe. You’ll find a wide range of cuisines made vegan at this restaurant. People also love the staff and atmosphere at this spot. Though the menu is a bit shorter than others at Lifestyle Cafe, it’s just as delicious. We recommend the chicken and waffles, lifestyle fries, taco toast, or beyond breakfast melt. Be sure to grab a latte or smoothie to wash it all down!

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4th & State

152 E State St, Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 224-5461
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4th & State Cafe Columbus
Source: 4th & State Cafe

Offering lunch, dinner, and even a weekend brunch, 4th & State is a vegan restaurant you won’t want to miss. It’s located in Downtown Columbus, right by Ohio’s Capitol Square.The menus at this spot take on American classics with a vegan twist, of course. 4th & State’s menus are filled with tasty options. Be sure to try the lone star burger, tomato bacun grilled cheese, Nashville hot chick’n pizza, or you’re my boy bleu burger. And for brunch try the s’mores french toast, classic patty melt, or cinnabun pancakes!

Willowbeez SoulVeg

59 Spruce St, Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 678-6067
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Willowbeez SoulVeg Columbus
Source: Willowbeez SoulVeg

Boasting a stellar 4.9 star rating on Google, Willowbeez SoulVeg has clearly been pleasing customers with their amazing food. As the name may imply, this restaurant serves veganized soul cuisine you have to try for yourself. You’ll find all of your soul food favorites at Willowbeez SoulVeg. Try out the bbjerk bella, rich boi, BKT, or no-fish fry. They also offer brunch on the weekends, so make sure to swing by another day to try it!

Ye’s Asian Vegan Kitchen

2469 Hilliard Rome Rd, Hilliard, OH 43026
(614) 850-1888
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Ye's Asian Vegan Kitchen Columbus
Source: Ye’s Asian Vegan Kitchen

Craving some Asian cuisine? Check out Ye’s Asian Vegan Kitchen. Yes, you can believe your eyes, this Columbus restaurant has made all of your favorite Asian dishes vegan. With amazing food and a stellar staff, there’s so much to enjoy at this spot. Ye’s Asian Vegan Kitchen’s menu is fairly extensive, so if you don’t know what to order, we recommend the mild mango sauce, kung pao, fisherman’s vegetable protein, or big coconut curry noodle bowl soup!

Paulie Gee’s Short North

1195 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 808-0112
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Paulie Gee's Short North Columbus
Source: Paulie Gee’s Short North

More in the mood for some pizza? Paulie Gee’s Short North should do the trick. Though this spot isn’t dedicated to vegan cuisine, they offer plenty of vegan pizzas to enjoy. And with plenty of beer and cocktails, you’ll have everything you need. Check out the vegan section of the menu at Paulie Gee’s Short North to see your delectable options. Be sure to try the vegan Daniela spinaci, vegan square, in ricotta da vegan, or Jeb’s garden. Don’t forget to order some wine, a cocktail, or a beer!

Melt Bar and Grilled

4206 Worth Ave, Columbus, OH 43219
(614) 934-6020
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Melt Bar and Grilled Columbus
Source: Melt Bar and Grilled

Finishing up our list of vegan restaurants in Columbus is Melt Bar and Grilled. This spot serves up vegan comfort, focusing on creative grilled cheeses. With a casual atmosphere and plenty of drinks, you’ll feel nice and welcomed here. Melt Bar and Grilled isn’t entirely vegan, though it offers an entire vegan menu. Try out the vegan summer, wet hot buffalo chicken, purple parma, or peanut butter and banana. They also offer plenty of gluten-free dishes, too!

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  1. The restaurant Comune was not mentioned. Unique menu. Exceptional tastes. Excellent quality. Wonderful drinks both alcoholic and non. Plant based with plants everywhere. Cheyan (however u spell her name) is the BEST bartender in town!!!

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