9 Best Food Trucks in Columbus

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Get ready for a mouthwatering journey as we explore the vibrant food truck scene in Columbus, Ohio. From savory street tacos to indulgent desserts, these mobile kitchens offer a diverse and delectable range of culinary delights. Whether you’re a local looking for new flavors or a visitor eager to savor the city’s culinary scene, these food trucks have something for everyone. Join us as we hit the streets to uncover the best food trucks in Columbus, serving up a delightful fusion of flavors and satisfying your cravings one delicious bite at a time. Get ready to embark on a delicious adventure as we dive into the world of food trucks in the capital city of Ohio.

SLAB Food Truck

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SLAB Food Truck Columbus
Source: SLAB Food Truck

With a 4.9-star rating on Google, it’s pretty clear that Columbus really loves SLAB Food Truck. This local food truck serves American cuisine centered around meat. People love the food as well as the friendly service here. The menu at SLAB Food Truck is short and simple, but super delicious. We recommend the slow-roasted rib dip, SLAB burger, wings with your choice of sauce, or BBQ rib sandwich. Be sure to grab some mac and cheese or sweet potato fries on the side!

Tacomania Food Truck

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Tacomania Food Truck Columbus
Source: Tacomania Food Truck

In the mood for some Mexican cuisine? Tacomania Food Truck is the perfect spot for you. Serving tacos, quesadillas, tortas, and more, this is a great place to fix your cravings. Reviewers love the large portions and tasty food. There are all sorts of delectable options to choose from on the menu at Tacomania Food Truck. Be sure to try the pastor tacos, tinga quesadilla, burrito loco, or chalupa. Don’t forget to finish up with some churros!

Pitabilities Food Truck

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Source: Pitabilities Food Truck Columbus
Source: Pitabilities Food Truck

Is Mediterranean food more your thing? No worries, head over to Pitabilities Food Truck to find the perfect bite. You’ll find all things pita here, as the name may suggest. You can even request a food truck from this company for your special event. Everything is made to order on the menu at Pitabilities Food Truck, so you can count on it being fresh and delicious. There are plenty of pitas, gyros, and other options to choose from. You can customize most things easily, too, so there’s something for everyone’s taste!

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Dos Hermanos

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Dos Hermanos Columbus
Source: Dos Hermanos

Another great food truck in Columbus serving Mexican cuisine is Dos Hermanos in Downtown Columbus. This local food truck serves tacos, burritos, plates, and more. People are consistently blown away by the food here and appreciate the friendly staff. Everything on the menu at Dos Hermanos is delicious, so you really can’t go wrong here. We recommend the Dos Hermanos tacos, burrito, chicken enchiladas, or quesadilla. Be sure to look into booking the food truck for your next special event!

Redwood Wagon

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Redwood Wagon Columbus
Source: Redwood Wagon

With a 4.9-star rating on Google, it’s evident that Redwood Wagon is a must-try while in town. Serving American comfort food in a unique format, there’s no spot just like this one. People love the amazing food and the warm service that comes along with it. Redwood Wagon offers build-your-own meals as well as signature combinations. Choose from different bowl options, bases, main ingredients, toppings, and sauces. If you’re not feeling creative, be sure to try the Wagon O.G.!

Ray Ray’s Hog Pit Clintonville

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Ray Ray's Hog Pit Clintonville Columbus
Source: Ray Ray’s Hog Pit Clintonville

If you’re all about meat, Ray Ray’s Hog Pit is a great option for your food truck needs. You’ll find smoked meat accompanied by tasty side dishes at this spot. With hundreds of glowing reviews, it’s clear this spot has some of the most delicious food around. The menu at Ray Ray’s Hog Pit is pretty short, but still complete with great options. Try out the beef brisket sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, meatsweats, or ribs a la carte. Make sure to order some mac n’ cheese or cheesy potatoes on the side!

Taco Nazo


Taco Nazo Columbus
Source: Taco Nazo

Yet another Columbus food truck with authentic Mexican cuisine is Taco Nazo. This local food truck serves tacos, burritos, quesadillas, gorditas, and more. People love that the food here is made with traditional ingredients, resulting in the most authentic flavor. There are so many great things to try at Taco Nazo. Specifically, we recommend the al pastor tacos, chicken quesadilla, tostada, or gordita. Be sure to stop by on the weekend so you can try the tamales, too!

Tacoriendo Movil


Tacoriendo Movil Columbus
Source: Tacoriendo Movil

With a no-frills approach, you’ll know that the food itself is the selling point at Tacoriendo Movil. Serving traditional Mexican dishes like tacos and tamales, this is the perfect spot for a quick but delicious lunch or dinner. Tavoriendo Movil has a build-your-own approach on its menu. Choose from dishes like burritos, quesadillas, and tacos with your choice of fillings – they have 17 different choices. Don’t forget to stop by on Wednesday for $1.50 tacos!

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Los Agavez Taqueria


Los Agavez Taqueria Columbus
Source: Los Agavez Taqueria

Finishing up our list of food trucks in Columbus is Los Agavez Taqueria. This spot is yet another food truck serving Mexican cuisine. Reviewers are obsessed with the food here and even claim it’s the best in town, making it worth the trip to Clintonville if you’re not already nearby. Los Agavez Taqueria’s menu features plenty of tasty and affordable dishes. We recommend the happy agave burrito, nacho agave, choripollo, or California burrito. Be sure to sip on a Jarritos or horchata while you eat!

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