8 Best BBQ Restaurants in Columbus

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Get ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey through the flavors of Columbus, Ohio, as we uncover the city’s Best BBQ Restaurants. From succulent ribs to perfectly smoked brisket, these establishments are a haven for barbecue enthusiasts. From tangy vinegar to sweet smoky flavors, Columbus serves up diverse culinary delights. Join us as we uncover the secrets and flavors of these must-visit spots, ready to tantalize your taste buds in the heart of Ohio. Prepare to explore Columbus’s mouthwatering dining experiences.

Smoked On High BBQ

755 S High St, Columbus, OH 43206
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Smoked On High BBQ Columbus
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Though located in an old Victorian house, Smoked on High BBQ is actually a casual spot for some grub in Columbus. This local restaurant serves a slow-smoked BBQ alongside craft beer. And with plenty of positive reviews, you can count on enjoying yourself here. The menu at Smoked on High BBQ is fairly short but just as delicious. We recommend the brisket, pulled pork, chicken drummies, or if you can’t decide, the South high sampler. Be sure to accompany it will a beer or two!

B & K Smoke House

1114 E Main St, Columbus, OH 43205
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B & K Smoke House Columbus
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A simple yet amazing barbecue option in town is B & K Smoke House. This counter-serve restaurant serves smoked meat alongside complimentary side dishes. With a 4.6 star rating, it’s clear this spot is popular. Choose between combos, dinner plates, and meat a la carte at B & K Smoke House. Be sure to try the brisket dinner, combo #3, chicken wings, or ribs. Don’t forget the mac & cheese or potato salad on the side and some pound cake for dessert!

Ray Ray’s Hog Pit Clintonville

2619 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202
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Ray Ray's Hog Pit Clintonville Columbus
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Looking for a quick spot to grab some barbecue? Ray Ray’s Hog Pit in Clintonville is great for a fast meal. This restaurant is actually a food truck serving hardwood-smoked meats and tasty sides. This spot is open Thursday through Sunday, so be sure to plan accordingly. Ray Ray’s Hog Pit’s menu is filled with delicious plates, so you really can’t go wrong here. Try out the Carolina chop pork, jerk chicken, beef brisket, or meatsweats. Make sure to order some cheesy potatoes on the side and stout brownies for dessert!

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City Barbecue and Catering

2111 W Henderson Rd, Columbus, OH 43220
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City Barbecue and Catering Columbus
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With over 1,600 reviews on Google, City Barbecue and Catering is certainly one of the most well-liked restaurants in town. This spot is also a counter-serve restaurant offering classic barbecue options. Housed in a homey interior, you’ll feel nice and comfortable here. City Barbecue and Catering’s menu offers a vast array of delicious dishes. Be sure to try the motherload, more cowbell, Nashville hot chicken, or beef brisket sandwiches. Don’t forget the fried pickles or corn pudding on the side!

Iron Grill Barbecue & Brew

5295 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214
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Iron Grill Barbecue & Brew Columbus
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Another down-home spot for barbecue is Iron Grill Barbecue & Brew. This local joint serves slow-smoked meats including their famous pulled pork. And with daily specials and beer, you’ll have everything you need here. You’ll find all sorts of great options on Iron Grill Barbecue & Brew’s menu including sandwiches, burgers, and wings. Try out the Texas burger, prime rib sandwich, boneless wings, or the Iron Grill combination platter. Make sure to check out the dessert options, too!

BBQ Alley by OD on BBQ

4255 S. Hamilton Rd.

BBQ Alley by OD on BBQ Columbus
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Though it may be a little lesser known than other spots, OD on BBQ is a must-try barbecue place. This restaurant is also a food truck, so if you’re looking for something quick, this spot will work great. Serving classic barbecue and sides, this comfort food will have you feeling better in no time. OD on BBQ offers sandwiches, platters, combos, and solo meat. We recommend beef brisket, pulled chicken, rib tips, or pulled pork. Be sure to grab some corn pudding or potato salad to complete your meal!

Tennessee Pit BBQ Food Truck

1691 E Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus, OH 43229

Tennessee Pit BBQ Food Truck Columbus
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Yet another food truck option for barbecue is Tennessee Pit BBQ Food Truck. This spot is another hidden gem you have to try while in Columbus. You’ll find a basic barbecue menu with tons of flavor here. Tennessee Pit BBQ Food Truck’s menu is straightforward with plenty of smoked meats and sides. Be sure to try the pulled chicken sandwich, pork ribs, chicken wings, or smoked sausage. Don’t forget the cornbread or curry baked beans on the side!

Hoggy’s Restaurant and Catering

830 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43214
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Hoggy's Restaurant and Catering Columbus
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Founded back in 1991, Hoggy’s Restaurant and Catering has been making customers (and their stomachs) happy for decades now. You’ll find delicious barbecue and complimentary sides at this little restaurant. Though everything on the menu is tasty, Hoggy’s Restaurant and Catering has a few menu items that are well-known and even award-winning. Try out the pulled pork, 2 little pigs, pic mac, or BB bowl. Make sure to complete your meal with some banana pudding or a chocolate chip cookie!

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