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Cleveland Pizza Restaurants You Have to Try

For those nights you’re just craving a hot slice of pizza.

It’s hard to go wrong when combining bread, sauce, cheese, and an assortment of meat and vegetable toppings.

pizzeria in cleveland bakes delicious wood-fired pizza

However, not all pizza is created equal, and finding the best pizza in the city you live in or are visiting is crucial if you’re a true pie fan!

After stopping by Playhouse Square, visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or just getting out of the office, we recommend stopping to get tasty pizza from one of Cleveland’s best pizza joints.

Cleveland has brought in people from various parts of the country, and this amalgamation of culture is reflected in the pizza.

That said, it can feel challenging to choose your favorite place, so we’ve crafted this list of the best pizza in Cleveland to help you make your choice!

Vincenza’s Pizza & Pasta

603 Prospect Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44115
Phone: 216-241-8382
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Vincenza’s is an excellent option if you’re looking for a no-frills joint that serves all your favorite Italian foods.

Located in the Downtown Cleveland area near Progressive Field, this Italian restaurant serves the best deep dish pizza, each with a scrumptiously thick crust that’ll simultaneously fill you up and leave you wanting more!

You can also get baked penne, lasagna, calzones, stuffed shells, subs, and more Italian eats here.

Ultimately, Vincenza’s is the perfect place to go if you’re craving Italian food and want various options.

Citizen Pie

Multiple locations
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Citizen Pie is a popular chain pizzeria in multiple locations across the city, but my favorite spot is on W 25th St near the West Side Market.

They serve excellent wood-fired Neapolitan pizza in a bright, colorful setting.

This restaurant is perfect for casual friend hangouts, especially because they also serve wine and beer.

My favorite brick oven pizza is the mushroom and brie pizza because it is unique, filling, dynamic, and super tasty.

I’m not even a die-hard fan of mushrooms, but something truly special happens when you add brie and bacon!


Multiple locations
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Like Citizen Pie, Crust also has several locations in Cleveland, but I tend to visit the one on St Clair Avenue in Midtown, right by Sterling Park.

This pizzeria serves both pies and slices, but I love ordering their jumbo-sized pizza by the slice because you only need one to feel satisfied.

This casual restaurant has dine-in seating, but it’s best for takeaway, especially on nice days when you can sit and eat at a nearby park.

Given their high-quality cheese, I recommend keeping it simple and sticking with a basic pepperoni pizza with red sauce.

And in addition to this restaurant’s New York-style pizza, they also have stacked subs and tasty ricotta gnocchi that are both worth a try.

Il Rione

1303 W 65th St, Cleveland, OH 44102
Phone: 216-282-1451
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Another restaurant serving NYC-style pies in Cleveland is called II Rione, located near Edgewater Park in the Detroit-Shoreway area.

II Rione is an excellent dine-in spot.

The rustic-chic design of the interior inspires an exceptionally inviting, comfortable, and cool atmosphere.

Plus, they serve cocktails as well, so it’s fun to go with a small group of friends or on a casual date.

I usually order a tomato pie at pizza restaurants, but their white pizza is to die for, especially the one with mushrooms, sausage, and a brick oven thin crust.

However, all types of pizza here taste like they’re straight from Italy!

Edison’s Pub

2373 Professor Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone: 216-522-0006
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Edison’s Pub, near the Professor At and College Ave bus stop, is a friendly, comfortable neighborhood pub.

People primarily go here for craft beer, but I think their pizza is actually just as good if not better than the beer!

It’s nice to be able to get good food at a bar that doesn’t just bar bites like fries and chicken wings.

Their pizza has high-quality topics with salty cheese and a perfectly chewy crust.

I also love that they have live music on Saturdays and jam sessions on Mondays.

They are also dog-friendly, so your furry friend can come along and sit on the outdoor patio with you.

Geraci’s Restaurant University Hts

2266 Warrensville Center Rd, University Heights, OH 44118
Phone: 216-371-5643
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Geraci’s is a traditional Italian spot between Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights.

This old-school joint was featured on Guy Fieri’s show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and the quality of food lived up to the hype for me.

I especially loved the meatballs on the Polpetta Pie, and I highly recommend ordering that if you go.

Additionally, you have to order the toasted ravioli, the Italian wedding soup, and the meat lovers pizza with sausage, pepperoni, and ham.

Just come prepared because this is a cash-only spot.

They do fortunately have an ATM, if you forget, though!

Mamma Santa’s

12301 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland, OH 44106
Phone: 216-231-9567
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Mamma Santa’s serves the best pizza in Cleveland for those looking to eat traditional, authentic pies.

The checkered tablecloth and the friendly environment add to the family-run feel of the place.

Mamma Santa’s red sauce is out of this world, and in addition to tasting it on the pizza, you should try it on everything you can — spaghetti, lasagna, etc.

I love that their menu emphasizes building your own pizza because it inspires me to get everything I want.

Beyond the pizza, my favorite menu items include spaghetti and meatballs, cavatelli, and fettuccine alfredo.

You’ll find this amazing restaurant between University Circle and the James A. Garfield Monument.

Romito’s Pizza West

6474 Brecksville Rd, Independence, OH 44131
Phone: 216-524-5905
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Romita’s, west of the Cuyahoga River near the Hemlock Creek Trail, is a lovely, casual pizza, pasta, and sandwich joint.

Their dough is a bit controversial, as some of my friends have said it reminds them of slightly undercooked frozen pizza dough.

But I like that it’s a bit chewy, and it holds up well to pies with tons of toppings, such as a supreme pizza.

Their white pizza with Italian sausage is my favorite, and adding hot chicken wings to that order creates the ultimate meal!

Sainato’s at Rivergate

1852 Columbus Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone: 216-772-4400
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Sainato’s, located at Rivergate Park, is a magnificent, Tavern-style restaurant with pizza, pasta, calzones, and draft beer.

I usually shy away from getting calzone’s because standard pizza always seems more appealing to me.

But the calzone at Sainato’s is out of this world! It’s loaded with gooey cheese and salty pepperoni and is, by far, my favorite menu item.

The prices at Sainato’s are a bit higher, especially for such a relaxed place, but it’s worth visiting — especially for the calzone.

There’s also a lively atmosphere, especially during happy hour or game days.

A Slice Above

8788 Pearl Rd, Strongsville, OH 44136
Phone: 440-826-1300
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On Pearl Rd near Big Creek Reservation, A Slice Above is one of my favorite, unfussy pizza spots in Cleveland.

I don’t usually eat inside, as the decor is standard, but it’s a fantastic choice for a quick takeout meal.

I’m a big toppings person, so I appreciate that they load up the toppings and don’t skimp at all.

They have classic Italian pizzas like a simple pepperoni pie and more Americanized pizza such as buffalo chicken, bacon cheeseburger, and their “honey bee” pizza with ham, white cheddar, and a drizzle of honey.

A Slice Above is a great spot to order from on National Pizza Day because you can’t go wrong with any of their pies, and you can get a combination of traditional and innovative items to share!

Angelo’s Pizza

13715 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107
Phone: 216-221-0440
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Many people claim that Angelo’s Pizza undoubtedly has the best pizza in Cleveland, and I wouldn’t argue with this claim.

Everything about Angelo’s — located in Birdtown near Madison Park — is fantastic.

The relaxed vibes, the comfy booth seating, the wrap-around bar, and, of course, their food!

If you’re a fan of seafood, this is also the place for you because their seafood pizza is immaculate.

It comes with shrimp, lobster, and crab, and it’s one of my favorite menu items.

My other favorites include their deep-dish meat lover’s pizza and Hawaiian pizza.

Make sure to visit Angelo’s on Mondays for half-off pizza!

And if you want to add variety to your meal, don’t hesitate to order their delicious spinach and artichoke dip.

Athens Pizzeria

Multiple locations
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You can tell that Athens Pizzeria puts a lot of time and effort into their pies because their toppings are evenly chopped and fairly distributed throughout the pie.

There are multiple locations, but I go to the one on Denison Avenue because I like to finish the meal with ice cream from the Classic Ice Cream Shop nearby.

It’s nice feeling like I have enough money to spare on getting dessert because their pizza is one of the most well-priced in the city.

But if you have extra cash and aren’t feeling ice cream, add their Stromboli to your order instead.


7525 Granger Rd, Valley View, OH 44125
Phone: 216-525-0111
Visit Website

Deanatella’s, on Granger Rd between the Canal and the Cuyahoga River, is more of a sandwich shop than a pizzeria, and you should definitely try out their delicious meatball sub and Italian sub.

However, they also make pizzas here, and you can ask for the same high-quality ingredients they use on their sub to be on your pizza, such as sausage, meatballs, and peppers.

But their pizza isn’t all that they have. I’ve gotten their subs, pizza, pasta, and even their soups.

Their subs are the best, but all of their food is incredible, so order based on whatever you’re craving at the moment!

Dina’s Pizza & Pub

5701 Memphis Ave, Cleveland, OH 44144
Phone: 216-351-3663
Visit Website

I love everything about Dina’s Pizza & Pub, which you can find in Brookside near Cleveland Estabrook Recreation.

Not only do they serve delicious pizzas, but they also have an extensive draft beer selection, making Dina’s a great spot for hanging out with friends and watching a sporting event.

Also, the crowd is always lively and amicable, which is a huge plus.

Regarding food, I’m obsessed with their buffalo chicken pizza, especially given the pub environment.

It just tastes so good with an ice-cold lager on the side.

They also have a convenient drive-thru for when you want to pick up something on the go.

Masthead Brewing Co.

1261 Superior Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: 216-206-6176
Visit Website

Another place where you can pair fantastic cold beer with equally tasty coal-fired pizza is Masthead Brewing Company, an industrial-chic taproom near Perk Plaza and Playhouse Square.

They have simple pizzas such as classic pepperoni, but they also have some creative takes like the chicken bacon ranch pizza, which is one of my favorite orders.

The Ruben pizza is another must-try!

I like hanging out here all day because it is a large warehouse space that never feels too crowded and stuffy.

Plus, I can step out of my comfort zone with beers here because all of them are fantastic.

Best Pizza in Cleveland

  1. Vincenza’s Pizza & Pasta
  2. Citizen Pie
  3. Crust
  4. Il Rione
  5. Edison’s Pub
  6. Geraci’s Restaurant University Hts
  7. Mamma Santa’s
  8. Romito’s Pizza West
  9. Sainato’s at Rivergate
  10. A Slice Above
  11. Angelo’s Pizza
  12. Athens Pizzeria
  13. Deanatella’s
  14. Dina’s Pizza & Pub
  15. Masthead Brewing Co.

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