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Logan Square Restaurants You Should Be Dining At This Week

Heading to Chicago? Don’t forget to explore the ever-hip Logan Square. This fun-loving district is full of artistic and quintessentially urban attractions.

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Popular with musicians, artists, and other creatives, Logan Square has something for everyone, including charming boulevards, rich nightlife, and a plethora of historic buildings if you are a history enthusiast.

The culinary scene in Logan Square is just as rich and delightful. Known throughout the city, it gets stronger by the year, with a wide range of eating spots ready for you to enjoy.

When I visited Logan Square, I ate at several restaurants, and I’ll share the best of them here. Check out my list of the best Logan Square below!

Lula Cafe

2537 N Kedzie Blvd, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-489-9554
Visit Website

This bistro has a bohemian vibe that is always friendly and welcoming. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, you’ll find something delicious at Lula Cafe. I visited Lula Cafe for brunch and ordered the Cardamom Swirl French Toast.

This delectable dish features French toast with white chocolate, cardamom, pistachio, yogurt, and winter citrus marmalade.

If you’re heading to Lula Cafe for lunch, or dinner, you’ll appreciate the drinks menus. Whether you’re craving beer or wine, there is something here for you. Lulu Cafe has been mentioned in publications as well known as The New York Times and Food and Wine.


2523 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-661-1671
Visit Website

Visit Daisies and put yourself in the talented hands of Executive Chef and Proprietor, Joe Frillman, and Chef de Cuisine, Thomas Leonard. This popular eatery has a laid-back vibe and only the freshest local ingredients.

The menu here is seasonal, so there are frequent surprises on the menu. With plenty of pasta and vegetable dishes, this is a great spot for anyone who loves those ingredient categories.

I headed to Daisies for dinner and enjoyed the Tortellini, which includes Italian sausage, braised greens, and lentils. For dessert, I went with the Root Beer Float.

Daisies is also a popular lunch spot, with its exciting Between Bread sandwich menu. Wagyu Beef & Cheddar or Sweet Potato Panini, anyone?

Longman & Eagle

2657 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-276-7110
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Located on a corner of Logan Square’s many pedestrian-friendly streets, Longman & Eagle is inviting and easy to find. You can visit Longman & Eagle for brunch, lunch or dinner. If you eat lunch or dinner at this local spot, take a look at the bar menu, too.

Longman & Eagle describes itself as a refuge for urban explorers, a concept I find reminiscent of the historic pubs you find in Europe.

In line with this idea, Longman & Eagle also includes an inn. This includes six rooms that accommodate visitors. While casual, many tourists find Longman & Eagle’s inn to be a hidden treasure.

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

2051 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-276-8888
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If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits. Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits focuses on dessert pies and biscuits.

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Yum! Some of the pie selections on offer at Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits include Nutty Maple, Pretzel French Silk, Key Lime, and Goat Cheese & Fig Cheesecake. My recommendation? They all look delectable, but the Nutty Maple was my choice.

If you want something savory, order from among the selection of pot pies and grits. I tried the Chicken Pot Pie, and to say I highly recommend it is an understatement.

There is also a Southern Tomato pot pie on the menu, and I think I’ll have that next time. There are also grits available, including dishes such as Fancy Grits and Shrimp & Grits.

Paulie Gee’s Logan Square

2451 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-360-1072
Visit Website

The pizza I enjoyed at Paulie Gee’s Logan Square was some of the best I’ve ever tried. I can’t put my praise any more clearly than that. As Paulie Gee’s Logan Square prefers to use seasonal ingredients, you can expect the pizza menu to rotate quite frequently.

Wash down your pizza with beer from one of the several local breweries. Paulie Gee’s Logan Square has them on tap.

Some popular pizza selections at Paulie’s Gees include Gluten-Free, Vegan Sausage, Vegan, and Big Bad Wolf. What’s that one? The Big Bad Wolf features sweet Italian fennel sausage, Parmigiano Reggiano, and more. I highly recommend it.

Osteria Langhe

2824 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-661-1582
Visit Website

Less than a mile from Concord Music Hall sits Osteria Langhe. Among the most popular (and delicious) dishes on this restaurant’s menu include the Panna Cotta, Coniglio, and Vitello Tonnato.

On my visit to Osteria Langhe, I ordered (and devoured) the Ragu from the Primi menu. This dish includes house fettuccine, parmigiano, and northern meat.

For my Antipasti selection, I went with Vitello Tonnato, which features poached piedmontese beef, arugula, crispy egg, citrus aioli, caper, and tuna.

Don’t forget to enjoy a premium dessert from the Dolci menu. I ordered the famous Panna Cotta. This dessert includes mint, pistachio, and citrus supreme. I heartily recommend it.

Pretty Cool Ice Cream

2353 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-697-4140
Visit Website

Pretty Cool Ice Cream is the creation of Dana Cree, a well-known pastry chef, and Michael Ciapciak, a lauded hospitality expert. As implied by its name, this eating spot focuses on ice cream and frozen treats.

Head over to Pretty Cool Ice Cream for ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, ice pops, and more. Everything is hand-dipped and includes fun decorative touches.

Are you visiting Logan Square during the hot summer months. You can’t do better than enjoying an ice cream or another treat of your choice at Pretty Cool Ice Cream.

But it doesn’t have to be sweltering outside to have ice cream at Pretty Cool Ice cream. In fact, locals go to this ice cream spot every time of year. Like ice cream in the winter? No problem!

Cellar Door Provisions

3025 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-697-8337
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Located near North Whipple Street in Logan Square, Cellar Door Provisions is easy to find. I visited this popular local eating spot for dinner.

I ordered the ribeye with elderflower bordelaise and bottarga salsa verde. Cellar Door Provisions provides excellent wine, so remember to pair your meal with the perfect glass.  

I’ve heard locals rave about the Gnocchi and Cured Trout at Cellar Door Provisions. When it comes to dessert, check out the Canele. This is a pastry from the French tradition.

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Do you love rum? This is a dessert you will enjoy. With a unique texture, Canele is something you should try.


2607 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-697-4234
Visit Website

Located on exciting North Milwaukee Avenue, Reno is yet another fantastic Logan Square restaurant. You can enjoy brunch and dinner here, and don’t forget the drinks.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Brunch Cocktails, like Bloody Marys. Reno offers excellent Bloody Marys, as well as Mimosas, Vodka Lemonades, Spiked Coffees, and more.

I visited Reno twice, once for brunch and another for dinner. The friendly staff was happy to see me, and I felt like a real local.

When it comes to dinner, I highly recommend the Cavatelli, which includes cream, gouda, truffle oil, and bagel crumbs. I added smoked chicken, too. For a Starter, I went with the Spicy Meatballs.

L’ Patron

3749 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-799-8066
Visit Website

L’Patron is among the best-loved Mexican restaurants in Logan Square. It’s been talked about in numerous publications, such as Eater, Chicago’s Best, and Chicago Reader. It’s also been featured on TV, specifically on CBS Chicago, Univision Chicago, and ABC Channel 7.

This restaurant is a superstar spot for Mexican fare. Its menu boasts a full selection of tacos, burritos, tortas, tostada, and much more. There are plenty of side orders available, with examples like Quesadilla, Frijoles/Bean, Arroz/Rice, and Guacamole with Chips.

Check out the Extras menu for extra touches you can add to any dish. I’m a big avocado fan, so I added that ingredient to my burrito.

Lonesome Rose

2101 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-770-3414
Visit Website

With a convenient Logan Square location, Lonesome Rose should also be on your itinerary. This restaurant offers lunch and dinner.

Check out their Main Menu for all the options. Want brunch, they offer that too. Lonesome Rose serves up southwestern and Mexican fare, and it’s a trendy Logan Square spot you should visit at least once.

If there’s one thing I must mention about Lonesome Rose, it’s the legendary tacos. With all the delicious touches you’d expect and more, you can’t go wrong with this dish.

The decor and atmosphere at this eatery are airy and fun, with industrial touches that gel with Logan Square’s fashionable reputation.

Park & Field

3509 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-360-7373
Visit Website

Park & Field is known for many things, but its Bottomless Brunch is one of its most exciting attractions.

Available every Saturday and Sunday, Park & Field’s Bottomless Brunch is a buffet brunch with an exciting rotating menu.

Some of the common dishes include waffles, pancakes, eggs benedict, vegan and vegetarian fare, bacon, omelets, and more. And don’t forget the drinks! I certainly didn’t. Whether you love Bloody Marys or Mimosas, High Lifes, or Modelos, you’re all set here.

The first thing you notice when you step in Park & Field is the stylish interior, as well as your friendly welcome. There is also patio seating available on the restaurant’s North Patio and Back Deck.

Same Day Cafe

2651 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-342-7040
Visit Website

Same Day Cafe is one of the best Logan Square spots for a casual lunch. With a focus on grilled sandwiches and hospitable dinner specials, Same Day Cafe is perfect for an everyday excursion during your time in Chicago’s Logan Square.

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If you crave something sweet and smooth, try the Same Day Cafe’s homemade ice cream. There is also a soda fountain for your refreshment.

Some of the best-known dishes at Same Day Cafe include the Curry Chicken Sandwich, Avocado Toast, Chicken Pot Pie, Kale Burger, and Ham and Cheese Sandwich. All these are known for their deliciousness, and there’s plenty more to choose from too.

Revolution Brewing – Brewpub

2323 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-227-2739
Visit Website

If independent breweries are your thing, Revolution Brewing Brewpub is a place to include on your culinary itinerary while in Logan Square.

You can’t miss the impressive appearance of this brewery and brewpub as you explore Chicago’s famous Milwaukee Avenue.

A spirited atmosphere is what you’ll find at Revolution Brewing Brewpub. Interested in trying some of the most popular dishes.

Check out the Fish and Chips, Sweet Potato Cakes, Hombre Burger, or Pulled Pork Sandwich. There’s also the Beef Stew, Pork Belly Sandwich, and Workingman Burger. If you’re a soup fan, the Cheddar Ale Soup will get your mouth watering.

What did I order? I went with the Cheddar Ale Soup and the Pulled Pork Sandwich. The verdict? Delicious! And it goes without saying–wash it all down with some top-notch beer.

BiXi Beer

2515 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-904-7368
Visit Website

BiXi Beer is yet another famous Chicago brewery with exciting eating. While the beer is the main attraction, I thought the food was just as impressive. Most of the food menu is Asian-fusion-inspired, which suited me perfectly.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love egg rolls, and that menu item caught my attention right away.

BiXi beer’s egg rolls were as good as any I’ve ever tried. If a burger is on your mind, the Bao Burger is a great option.

Fried rice dishes are always a great bet, and I heard locals talk about the Spicy Fried Chicken Sando.

That’s why I ordered it during my visit. I can attest that it’s equal parts tasty and filling. It was the perfect accompaniment to a cold glass of beer.

Billy Sunday

3143 W Logan Blvd, Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773-661-2485
Visit Website

When I craved a cocktail during my Logan Square stay, locals recommended Billy Sunday. This cocktail bar is not only popular but award-winning.

Billy Sunday truly brings creativity to cocktails, with a wide range of drink options to suit every palate and mood.

Just one example is the Spirit of the Forest, which includes Irish Pot Still Whiskey, Cinnamon and Oak Moss Bitters, Chilean Brandy, and Alpine Amaro.

If beer and wine are more up your alley, you’ll have plenty of options here. And while you enjoy your drinks, partake in the delicious bar snacks on offer here. I got a bit carried away with a mix Billy Sunday calls Puppy Chow.

It’s a crunchy delight with dark chocolate, peanut butter, and Chex cereal. Other options are Curried Nuts, House Marinated Olives, and House Pickled Vegetables.

Without a doubt, you will want to spend a lot of your time in Logan Square trying the delicious dishes at local restaurants.

But don’t forget to visit and experience some of the other attractions in this trendy urban area, as well.

Chicago is full of excitement, and Logan Square is at the heart of it, but if you are planning on exploring more of what the city has to offer, you might be interested in our list of the Best Italian Restaurants in Chicago .

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment, and we’ll check it out!

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