9 Best Food Trucks in Chicago

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Experience a flavorful journey through Chicago’s streets as we present the Best Food Trucks in the city, where curbside convenience and culinary innovation collide. From savory delights to sweet indulgences, these rolling kitchens redefine on-the-go dining. Explore the diverse neighborhoods that host these mobile culinary gems, each offering a unique taste of Chicago’s gastronomic landscape. Whether it’s gourmet twists on street food classics or creative fusions that surprise the palate, these trucks bring a culinary journey to your fingertips. Join us in celebrating the spirit of mobility and flavor as we guide you through the top Food Trucks in Chicago, showcasing a world of taste that knows no bounds. Get ready to relish the culinary delights that make the streets of Chicago a moveable feast.

Aztec Dave’s Truck

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Aztec Dave's Truck Chicago
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Whether you’re a local looking to explore new food options or are new to the glorious Chi-Town, you’ve probably already heard about the Aztec Dave’s Truck and its mouthwatering Mexican flavors with a modern twist! I think this food truck’s unique selling point, which definitely sets it apart from the others, is that each ingredient is homemade and freshly prepared daily. Their menu is HUGE for a food truck, and I’ve tried almost everything there. At this point, I always end up ordering their giant fat burritos precisely because the flavors and textures are well-balanced. Plus, they come served with avocado! Aztec Dave’s Truck could be a great place to take someone out for the first time; however, be wary that you might need to take some extra change because the prices are not taco cart prices. They’re significantly higher, but the quality of the ingredients, the taste, and the customer service make every penny spent justified.

La Cocinita Food Truck

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La Cocinita Food Truck Chicago
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If you spot a food truck with a line longer than any restaurant on the Street, know that it’s the La Cocinita Food Truck; most of the time, the truck is found in the Chicagoland area. La Cocinita is exceptionally famous and for all the right reasons! I don’t think I have ever come across such a well-organized food truck in the city, especially given that they have quite a crowd waiting to place an order, which is why this truck is my go-to during office hours. The food truck serves contemporary Venezuelan-inspired street food with flavors that will knock your socks off. Their menu primarily consists of tacos, arepas, and Caribbean bowls, in addition to salsa and rice. The Caribbean Bowl is their best seller. While you can choose between chicken, pulled pork, and vegetables, I went for the classic chicken Caribbean bowl with salsa verde and jalapeño salsa. The generous serving size does justice to your hunger pangs quite well.

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The Tamale Spaceship

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The Tamale Spaceship Chicago
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The Tamale Spaceship is Chicago’s oldest food truck, and they’ve been cruising around the city streets for quite some time and serving thousands of happy customers for years. Once you’ve had one bite of their tamales, you will be coming back for more every other day. I urge that you try Al Pastor Tamale before any other – it is bursting with pork sizzled in spicy tomatillo Arbol sauce and is served with grilled pineapples, packing quite a punch in every bite. If you still have space for more, maybe pack up a Dynamic Tamale drizzled with garlic Morita sauce and goat cheese. But hey! Tamales aren’t all they serve. Their Baja Tacos are exceptionally flavored, full of beer-battered fish with pico de gallo and chipotle mayo.

Yum Dum Truck

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Yum Dum Truck Chicago
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Yum Dum Truck gives you a food experience like no other. Their cross between Chinese food and fast food makes for some of the best fusion street foods in the city, especially with flavors that are sweet, salty, spicy, sour, and bitter. I found their staff to be extremely courteous and friendly, especially in helping you choose the right dishes for your palate from the menu. I was served fresh, authentic handmade steamed dumplings and signature bao-witches. I ordered their Pork Belly Bao, which certainly threw me for a run! The salty pork blended with the Tarte pickled mustard greens was a great combo to munch on. Don’t forget to try their rice balls. The Yum Dum Truck’s rice balls have been voted the #1 food item by TimeOut Chicago! They’re super good on their own, but the jalapeno and sriracha mayo dipping sauce takes them over the top.

Taco Boom Chicago

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Taco Boom Chicago
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It takes every fiber in my being not to end up going to Taco Boom Chicago every day. It is undoubtedly a great addition to the Lincoln Square neighborhood. Their portion sizes are big and I mean BIG enough for two people to share one meal. I am all for the quesabirria taco trend; however, I haven’t found many restaurants that could replicate one closest to its authentic Mexican form – apart from Taco Boom Chicago of course. The meat is so flavorful, and no matter what iteration it shows up in, it is true fire. I added a little lime to the consomé, and it was an amazing mixture of flavors: savory, salty, and slightly tangy. Other than the classic quesbirria, don’t forget to order the pizzadilla and thank me later!

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The Taco Truck


The Taco Truck Chicago
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The Taco Truck keeps it simple, and that’s something to celebrate! It does street tacos, burritos, tortas, and quesadillas – and boy do they do them well. This food truck brings you fresher ingredients, especially in their carne asada, pollo, carnitas, and chorizo bites. If you’re a fan of the delicious Mexican cuisine, you need to come down to 83rd Street to grab a bite from this food truck. Something I often find myself sipping on from their menu is their Mexican Coke.

The Fat Shallot Lincoln Park

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The Fat Shallot Lincoln Park Chicago
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The Fat Shallot provides made-to-order sandwiches to every one of its customers. This unique little sandwich shop is an excellent find in Chi-town’s densely populated food parks. The Fat Shallot offers both indoor and outdoor seating, with their outdoor seating being my personal favorite due to their charming décor. Spicy sesame fries are a MUST try! They aren’t all that spicy, but they are topped with a flavorful sesame aioli. The same goes for the truffle fries. The truffle BLT and turkey sandwich on a pretzel roll were real contenders. Another great thing about this food truck is that they offer an expansive kid’s menu, making it easy for parents to indulge in their lip-smacking food while their kids do the very same thing. My kids love their grilled cheese sandwiches. They’re oozing with delicious, melted Muenster cheese and caramelized onions between two perfectly toasted sourdough slices.

Jarabe Mexican Street Food

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Jarabe Mexican Street Food Chicago
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Some people are searching for authenticity; others are looking to get adventurous. Flavor explorers, make your way down to Harrison Street, and grab a big bite of the scrumptious snacks served at Jarabe Mexican Street Food. My friends and I often find ourselves at the food truck where we order their famous Mojo Mushrooms Tacos and Garlic Shrimp Tacos. The best part about this food truck is that you can customize your meals, choosing between 5 different proteins, sauces, and sides. My favorite is their Elotes, especially because they’re topped with fresh and delectable ingredients.

Alos Tacos Food Truck


Alos Tacos Food Truck Chicago
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Are you frantically searching for some authentic Mexican cuisine in the heart of Chicago? Calm yourself, and head down to Also Tacos Food Truck at 43rd Street. The truck is typically parked right in front of the laundry mat and is at its best during the weekend nights when the city lights and bold souls are making the most of their palates. Alos Tacos Food Truck serves up authentic Mexican food through various customizable options. You can customize your tacos, tortas, huarache, or quesadillas with choices of seven proteins and let the taste do the rest of the talking! However, be wary of the sauces you choose. Their red ones are extremely hot- you have been warned!

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