Restaurants in Boston With Waterfront Views

Are you traveling to Boston soon? Don’t leave the city without visiting the best waterfront restaurants. Sample everything from decadent brunch food to high-quality steaks.

a view of the waterfront restaurants in downtown boston

Boston has something for everyone, whether you like healthy foods, vegetarian options, or gluten-free meals.

Order Spanish plates, Mexican tacos, and Italian steaks, or try the local seafood cuisine. Boston’s waterfront dining spots have raw oyster bars, fried calamari, and the world’s best clam chowder.

I like to visit Boston with my friends, and the restaurants are a highlight of my trip. You’ll enjoy harbor views with local sangria and taste New England cuisine.

Check out my list of the best Waterfront restaurants Boston has to offer!

Legal Sea Foods – Harborside

270 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-477-2900
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Head to Harbortown and visit Legal Sea Foods, an upscale seafood restaurant with stunning waterfront views.

It’s by the South Boston Maritime Park, not far from the I-90 highway, and you can order creative cocktails, browse the oyster bar, or purchase fresh seafood.

I like the whole-bellied New England clams, which the chefs fry to crispy perfection, but the swordfish steak is also fantastic.

The steak has hints of Moroccan cuisine, with a side of hummus, chickpea salad, and naan bread.

Don’t leave without trying the street corn. It’s off the cob and has toppings like cream, cheese, and cilantro.

Temazcal Tequila Cantina

250 Northern Ave #2, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-439-3502
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Taste Mexican cuisine in a chic environment at Temazcal Tequila. It’s an upscale cantina on the South Boston Waterfront, a perfect place to watch the waves.

The cantina is famous for its extensive tequila menu, and you can choose from more than 250 unique drinks.

Temazcal Tequila has fajitas, Mexican salads, and enchiladas, but my favorite menu items are the tacos.

I like the grilled veggie tacos, which are perfect for a light lunch. Try the Salmon Puebla Style if you’re feeling hungrier.

It’s a fusion dish with notes of New England and Mexican cuisine, and it has fresh salsa and bell pepper.

Boston Sail Loft

80 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02110
Phone: 617-227-7280
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Try the best chowder in the city at The Boston Sail Loft, a North End location. It’s in the heart of historic Boston, near the Paul Revere House and Atlantic Ave.

Try delectable classic seafood dishes and enjoy waterfront views in the welcoming environment, or visit at night and check out the bar scene.

World-famous chowder isn’t the only thing on the menu. The Boston Sail Loft has a diverse menu with items like lobsters, fish and chips, and Tex-Mex nachos.

The Sail Loft Stir Fry is one of my favorite dishes, and I like to order it with shrimp.

Pier 6

1 8th St, Charlestown, MA 02129
Phone: 617-337-0054
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At Pier 6, you can enjoy scenic views of the waterfront and the city. It’s in Charleston, next to the USS Constitution, and it’s a great place to eat after a long day of historic touring.

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Whether you sit inside or on the rooftop, you’ll have a perfect view of the harbor, and you can dine in style with the classy seafood meals.

The pan-seared scallops are one of the best menu items, and they come with peas, grilled asparagus, and saffron risotto.

Don’t miss the subtle highlights of saffron vinaigrette. Try a baked drunk apple pie with ice cream for dessert.


6 New St, Boston, MA 02128
Phone: 617-895-4075
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ReelHouse is a harborfront restaurant in East Boston, and the cuisine is traditional New England seafood with a raw oyster bar and vegetarian options.

ReelHouse is on New St, and it has authentic nautical vibes. You can experience an alfresco environment while you sip house cocktails and upscale bar snacks, or you can also order a heavier meal.

Visit during brunch hours for my favorite meal, brioche French toast. The plate comes with berry compote and whipped cream.

Don’t forget to sample the seafood, like peppercorn swordfish, fried calamari, and tuna poke. Treat yourself with a side of truffle French fries or chocolate cake.

Rowes Wharf Sea Grille

70 Rowes Wharf, Boston, MA 02110
Phone: 617-856-7744
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If you like live music and a relaxed atmosphere, visit Rowes Wharf Sea Grille. It’s a perfect place for a cup of tea in the afternoon or a classy dinner with friends, and you can sample upscale seafood cuisine any time of day.

The grille is on Atlantic Ave, and it’s across the harbor from Fan Pier Park. When I visit for lunch, I like to get the Maine lobster roll, a hearty sandwich with fries.

The baked Atlantic halibut is another fan favorite, but there’s something for everyone in your group, from macaroni and cheese to coastal clam chowder.

The Barking Crab

88 Sleeper St, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-426-2722
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Stop by this outdoor restaurant and visit a local Boston staple. It’s on Seaport Blvd and Sleeper St, near Martin’s Park, and it’s one of the best harborfront joints in the city.

Locals love The Barking Crab, and it’s been open since 1994. The cuisine has local seafood and seasonal vegetables, and it’s the perfect place to go if you want a no-frills seafood plate.

Make sure to order the lobster bisque on cold days, and get a plate of jumbo shrimp to share. The beer-battered Haddock makes a fantastic fish and chips dish, and it comes with fries and tartar sauce.

Woods Hill Pier 4

300 Pier 4 Blvd., Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-981-4577
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Go to Pier 4 for a Spanish-inspired seafood restaurant with a view of the Boston Main Channel.

Woods Hill is a sustainable eatery on the South Boston Waterfront, and it merges high-quality seafood with a relaxed feel.

The menu focuses on healthy, nutrient-dense foods, so you can feel good about your plate while still enjoying local cuisine.

Executive Chef Charlie Foster leads the team, and Foster has a background in upscale European cuisine.

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Try the local swordfish a la plancha with lemon yogurt, or go for a dry-aged duck breast. Top it off with a buttermilk panna cotta with tahini truffle.

Sullivan’s Castle Island

2080 William J Day Blvd, South Boston, MA 02127
Phone: 617-268-5685
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Head over to the historic Castle Island for a fun-filled experience. Sullivan’s is a fried seafood restaurant in a circa-1951 location, and it’s a lively spot that will keep the whole group entertained.

It’s just east of City Point, and the restaurant serves top-tier burgers and fish. Sit on the patio and enjoy views of Pleasure Bay while you eat.

The meat and seafood are locally sourced, and the chefs only use fresh ingredients. You can taste the local flavors in one of Sullivan’s salads or try a lobster roll. I like the hot dogs, but the clam strips are a standby.

75 on Liberty Wharf

220 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-227-0754
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Just off of Seaport Blvd, less than a mile from New England Aquarium, is 75 on Liberty Wharf. Overlooking the harbor, this modern restaurant is everything you could want from Boston cuisine, serving traditional American and New England dishes.

When I visited for dinner, I had to try the lobster roll while my friend got the liberty fish tacos (which I of course sampled). The roll was everything I wanted: buttery, juicy, offset wth crunchy celery and perfectly-fried fries. The bite of fish taco I snuck was equally delicious, topped with creamy chipotle aioli. 

I saw that they carried my favorite seasonal dessert (pumpkin cheesecake) year round, so I had to split that with my guest. The base was made with crumbly cookies, and the cake itself was spiced to perfection.

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

Multiple locations
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Steak is the main feature at this posh location. The waterfront Del Frisco’s is in South Boston, but there’s another location in Back Bay.

You can order the highest-quality beef in Boston or enjoy a more casual choice like the fried lobster tails.

I like the dry-aged steak, but you can also try a Japanese wagyu or a hand-cut steak. Order creamed corn with blistered shishito peppers and château mashed potatoes on the side.

Ask about the seasonal soup of the day, or try a Colorado lamb rack. Finish your meal with a luscious strawberry cheesecake or creamy butter cake.

Kelly’s Roast Beef

Boston Logan International Airport, Terminal B, 1 Harborside Dr, Boston, MA 02128
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If you’re staying near the airport or stuck on a layover, eat at Kelly’s Roast Beef, a waterfront sandwich restaurant.

It’s by Jefferies Point at the Boston Logan International Airport, and it’s an easy way to experience Boston cuisine.

The vibe is casual, and it’s been in business since 1951. Kelly’s is a legend in the city, so eat like a local and buy a roast beef sandwich when you’re in town.

You can also order a fish or chicken sandwich or go for a classic seafood plate. I recommend the fried shrimp plate with a side of onion rings and French fries.


253 Summer St, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-369-0931
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Go to Summer St and visit this premier Mexican eatery. Overlooking the Fort Point Channel, Lolita is a classy waterfront location with a tequila bar, and it’s a fun place for a night out.

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The traditional decor adds an authentic atmosphere to the restaurant, and the upscale bar food is unparalleled.

You have to order the Mexican fried rice plate. The chefs load it with beans, sour cream, salsa, and spicy sofrito.

I also like the Calamari Frito because it blends Boston and Mexican cuisines. You can also check out the extensive drinks menu and try a Margarita or sangria.

Strega Italiano Seaport

1 Marina Park Drive, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-345-3992
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Enjoy Italian cuisine at Strega Italiano Seaport in the Waterfront area. It’s an upscale location with a vintage atmosphere, and you can enjoy the period decor while you sit by the harbor.

Strega is on Marina Park Dr, near the Institute of Contemporary Art. The menu items are traditional Italian favorites, and I usually choose the mussels with garlic, basil, and spicy Calabrian chile.

Try a classic pasta like the linguine or spaghetti, or go for a fettuccini with duck egg and cream. For dessert, I like the ricotta cheesecake with mango sorbet.

The dessert menu is seasonal, so ask about what’s on rotation.

Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse

Multiple locations
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Davio’s is one of the best waterfront restaurants in Boston. It’s an Italian steakhouse, and there are two locations, in Back Bay and the Southern Waterfront.

The restaurant focuses on northern Italian cuisine with healthy and gluten-free options, and it has an upscale vibe with a business-casual dress code.

I recommend the free-range chicken with Brussels sprouts, creamy potatoes, and butter with hints of lemon.

The crab cakes are popular with locals, and you can’t go wrong with a filet mignon. Visit the bar and order a plate of Kobe beef sliders with aioli and cheese, or try the crispy chicken.

Visit the best waterfront restaurants Boston has to offer and sample local seafood and world cuisine. Overlook the bays, channels, and piers or enjoy a rooftop view of the harbor.

You can try everything from upscale northern Italian cuisine to simple burgers and hot dogs or sip an afternoon tea at the waterfront.

Don’t forget dessert! Indulge with an authentic panna cotta or baked drunk apple pie. Make your trip unforgettable and dine at the best waterfront restaurants in Boston.

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment, and we’ll check it out!

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