Where to Get Vegan Food in Boston

Boston is world-famous for numerous reasons, from prestigious universities to one of the most iconic and oldest continuously functioning baseball stadiums. The list goes on and on.

vegetable salad at boston vegan restaurants

As a university town and major northeastern metropolis, Boston has a diverse and sophisticated restaurant scene that suits all dietary preferences.

Vegans often have a hard time finding good dining options. They’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wealth of vegan restaurants in Boston.

I found a variety of options that run the culinary gamut that you can read about in my list of the best vegan restaurants in Boston.


61 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA 02215
Phone: 857-753-4674
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PLANTPUB is a great place to kick things off when you’re looking for a delightful vegan meal in Boston. You can find them off of Brookline Avenue, pretty much right across the street from famous Fenway Park.

Come on down to PLANTPUB and try one of their burgers or a pizza. My favorite is the kimchi burger because it’s so unique and delicious.

Grasshopper Restaurant

1 N Beacon St, Allston, MA 02134
Phone: 617-254-8883
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Located in Lower Allston, a short drive from Boston University and Fenway Park, Grasshopper Restaurant is a traditional Chinese establishment in a modest space with electric lime green walls and tablecloths.

It serves vegan versions of the most popular Chinese dishes and has a large following for its heaping portions, moderate prices, and friendly service.

Their impressive menu features various vegetarian proteins, including seitan and tofu along with inherently vegan dishes like fried rice, lo mein, and root vegetables.

I tried the house special called the No Name. If you had to give this battered gluten in a thick sweet and sour sauce served with veggies and topped with sesame seeds a name, I’d suggest “deliciously irresistible!”


294 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115
Phone: 857-277-0609
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Founder Tokuma Kobayashi had opened 12 successful restaurants in Tokyo before relocating to Boston.

His goal with Red White Ramen was to provide a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly form of dining by offering a completely vegan Japanese menu.

Located in a fast-casual eatery in Back Bay, Red White Ramen has some of the most authentic Japanese dishes in town.

The ramen is highly creative, using plant-based proteins, cheese, and fresh vegetables and taking inspiration from different global flavors.

I ordered the Tokyo masala, a Japanese twist on a traditional Indian dish. Its spicy curry broth foundation, vegan meat, tofu, and chili oil made it the most unique and delicious bowl of ramen I’ve eaten.

Taco Party

711 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144
Phone: 617-764-0683
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Taco Party is a festive and colorful vegan Mexican food eatery in an old-school dining space in North Boston’s South Medford neighborhood.

They create vegan versions of Mexican street food that could fool even the staunchest meat eater. All of their salsas are made from scratch and their menu resembles a classic Mexican street food stand in both food and price.

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This vegan restaurant offers creative and traditional Mexican favorites all made with different types of meat substitutes.

I tried two different tacos (one jackfruit and the other lentils), both of which were exquisitely flavorful takes on meat-centric specialties.

Zhu Vegan

166 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02474
Phone: 781-646-7600
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Zhu Vegan is a health-focused pan-Asian bistro in East Arlington with a friendly and casual atmosphere.

They provide family-style meals using high-quality ingredients and different plant-based proteins to substitute for different meats.

They have a wide selection of soups, salads, noodles, rice, and entrees from China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

I was especially impressed by their house-made iced drink menu, with everything from lychee soda to my favorite, Thai Iced coffee.

My standout dish from my visit was the Bangkok fried rice. Its ingredients, including fresh pineapple, brown rice, and soy protein, blended effortlessly, and left me smiling with satisfaction.

If you want the best bang for your buck, try their lunch specials that include an entrée, brown rice, miso soup, and a spring roll.

Clover Food Lab

Multiple locations
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With over 12 locations, including two inside Whole Foods Market and on Harvard’s campus, Clover Food Lab is a vegan fast-food concept that provides organic, simple meals at a low cost.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, making all meals from scratch. Their menu is small and dependent on local and seasonal ingredients.

They also create food boxes for customers to take home and prepare themselves. You’ll find lots of affordable sandwiches and hearty platters.

I had lunch there and came away happy as a clam with my order of falafel skewers with hummus and hot sauce and a cup of New England shiitake chowder.


Multiple locations
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FoMu is a chain of plant-based ice cream shops and cafes with locations in South End, Allston, Fenway, and Jamaica Plain.

They offer a wide variety of ice cream flavors in a beautifully designed modern café and bakery.

Their products include ice cream cakes and vegan baked goods to enjoy with an expertly crafted espresso or drip coffee.

The environment at FoMu is great for an ice cream social or a coffee-fueled study session. All ice creams are coconut milk-based, handmade, and preservative-free.

Expect to find tried-and-true flavors along with seasonal favorites, all of which are ultra-rich and creamy.

I love chocolate and mint, so I was thrilled to try out their Grasshopper Pie flavor with peppermint ice cream, chocolate cookie crumbles, and dark chocolate chunks. I wasn’t disappointed!

Mother Juice

291 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115
Phone: 857-263-7401
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Mother Juice is a locally owned chain of vegan juice, smoothie, and health food restaurants with fast-casual counter service. They have locations in North End, Kendall Square, and Back Bay.

Their ingredients are sourced from New England farms and local purveyors, making their fresh-pressed juices daily in small batches from organic fruit and vegetables.

Along with fresh juices, they have numerous breakfast and lunch bowls and baked goods prepared in convenient to-go boxes.

I loved their thick and creamy smoothies, namely the Nutty Green with almond milk, kale, blueberry, mango, almond butter, and date.

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It was a refreshing treat, one that I happily paired with an order of avocado toast.

My Thai Vegan Cafe

3 Beach St #2, Boston, MA 02111
Phone: 617-451-2395
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Voted one of the best vegan restaurants in Boston by and HappyCow, My Thai Vegan Café is a modest and casual Thai eatery on the second floor of a business building in Chinatown.

My Thai serves authentic regional Thai food family-style for low prices in a clean space that remains Boston’s best-kept secret.

The extensive menu has a wealth of noodles, fried rice, appetizers, soups, salads, and specialties from around Thailand.

I started with a cup of tom yum soup, followed by a super-spicy Bird’s Nest specialty dish that was the highlight of my day!

It featured fried taro root stuffed with plant-based chicken and beef, veggies, pineapple, and walnuts smothered in green curry (which only left me wanting more!).

Oasis Vegan Veggie Parlor

340 Washington St, Boston, MA 02121
Phone: 617-237-9033
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Located in a cute diagonally cornered storefront in Dorchester, Oasis Vegan Veggie Parlor is a cafeteria-style global eatery.

You have the option to customize platters with your choice of grain, stews, and veggies. They also have an a la carte menu of comfort food dishes and bowls from around the world. 

In addition, Oasis has a full menu of fresh juices infused with aromatic roots and fresh spices and a rotating selection of fresh veggies, grains, and stews.

You can observe them from a glass case, and your server will spoon them onto your plate at your request.

It was a charming system, while my standout dish was their savory veggie korma bowl with coconut curry.

Saus at Bow Market

1 Bow Mkt Wy #12, Somerville, MA 02143
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Originating as a stand in the historic Faneuil Hall, Saus now has another location in Somerville’s Bow Market.

While their original location featured meat and dairy, the Bow Market location is completely plant-based. Saus is a French fry, comfort food, and cocktail bar in a fast-casual modern stall.

Their over-the-top menu is written on the wall and the trendy, bustling atmosphere is a fun place to frequent for a decadent meal with friends.

They’re known for their incredible thick-cut French fries and poutine bowls which they make vegan at your request.

I had an order of fries with various dipping sauces, but it was their Thai-style Beyond Dog with papaya slaw, peanuts, cilantro-lime onions, and sambal that left me delighted.

Veggie Galaxy

450 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617-497-1513
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Veggie Galaxy is a quirky and fun vegan diner and bakery in Cambridge, serving classic American diner food favorites with a vegan twist.

Their authentic old-school diner atmosphere and incredible vegan diner food have been featured on Food Network, People Magazine, Boston Magazine, TimeOut, and many other publications and news outlets.

While the menu has dairy and eggs, you can make any menu item vegan upon request. Their selection of pies won People Magazine’s vote for the best pie in Massachusetts.

I delighted in their traditional waffle plate, a decadent dish that featured yummy caramelized banana butter and powdered sugar topped with blueberries and coconut whipped cream.

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Multiple locations
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Energize is a fast-casual smoothie, juice, bowl, and salad bar with locations in Northeastern University’s Symphony Hall and Oak Square.

Its mission is to create complete plant-based dishes made from the finest quality whole foods.

Their incredible salads, bowls, smoothies, and juices have a wealth of grains, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and fruit that are as visually impressive as they are filling and delicious.

If there’s any place that convinces you that salads can be super-filling, it’s Energize. I had the Super Bowl, a kale-based salad bowl laden with only the freshest ingredients, including avocado, goji berries, hazelnuts, and broccoli.

It was divine, and the walnut-lemon-basil dressing further tantalized my tastebuds.

Veggie Crust

445 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA 02143
Phone: 617-764-4605
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Veggie Crust is a casual meatless eatery providing a smorgasbord of cuisines from India to Italy. They are a pizzeria, Indian restaurant, juice bar, and ice cream shop all in one with dine-in and delivery options.

Located in Somerville, Veggie Crust has something for every craving. They have vegetarian and vegan options.

The menu is so vast that it’s almost overwhelming. If you’re in a large group, you don’t have to agree on which cuisine to eat as it’s all represented on Veggie Crust’s menu.

Even the pizza combines flavors from around the world in unique specialty pies. I was skeptical but ended up loving the intricately-prepared curry pesto portobello pie.

Rhythm ‘n Wraps

1096 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02134
Phone: 617-566-4144
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Originating as a wildly popular college campus food truck with locations at both Harvard and MIT, Rhythm ‘n Wraps is a hip, musically inspired vegan comfort food eatery.

They’ve been serving decadent eats with a fun, young vibe for students since 2013, opening a bricks-and-mortar shop in Brighton between Boston University and Boston College.

Their menu runs the comfort food gamut from burgers and sandwiches to tacos, but they also offer healthy bowls, salads, and wraps.

I couldn’t resist the extravagant Big Shug Burger featuring Impossible meat topped with mac and cheese and accompanied by a side of fries.

While you can expect steakhouses and New England chowder bars, you can also find a burgeoning vegan restaurant scene.

My list of the best vegan restaurants in Boston has a diverse array of culinary specialties and dining experiences for every budget and craving. And don’t forget a nice cold drink afterwards in one of the city’s many beer gardens!

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment and we’ll check it out!

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