Where to Go for the Freshest Seafood in Boston

Boston, aka Beantown, is a city rich in history and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. Whether you are here to watch the Red Sox or Celtics play a game or tour Quincy Market, you’ll find plenty to do while visiting Boston.   

You’ll also have the chance to enjoy some of the best food while visiting Boston. If you like seafood, you’re in luck. Boston is well known for serving some of the best seafood on the planet. From lobster rolls to New England Clam Chowder, the restaurants in Boston know how to do seafood right. 

fried salmon served with lemon at a seafood restaurant in Boston

The toughest decision you’ll need to make is which restaurant has the best seafood in Boston. Luckily, I’ve spent plenty of time in Boston and have sampled some of the most delectable seafood dishes the city has to offer. Here are my choices for the best seafood restaurants in Boston, MA. 

Row 34

383 Congress St, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-553-5900
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Row 34 is located in Fort Point and is within walking distance to the Institute of Contemporary Art, Seaport World Trade Center, and the Park Lane Seaport. This chic bar and restaurant offer a stylish atmosphere with fantastic food and drinks. 

You can find one of the most diverse raw bars in Boston when visiting Row 34 thanks to their wide range of oysters, littlenecks, crab claws, and lobster that will satisfy any seafood lover. You can also find smoked fish, cured fish, and ceviche on the menu while visiting Row 34. Are you into craft beers? Row 34 has a massive selection of IPAs, Saison, ales, and stouts that will complement your raw bar selections. 

Ostra Boston

1 Charles St S, Boston, MA 02116
Phone: 617-421-1200
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Chef/Owner Jamie Mammano has outdone himself at Ostra in Boston’s Back Bay. This Mediterranean-themed restaurant offers plentiful local and European seafood delicacies. Ostra Boston takes fine dining to the next level and features seating for 42, piano entertainment, and some of the best fresh seafood flavors Boston has to offer. 

Ostra serves high-end seafood from around the world. This fine dining establishment is famous for its raw bar, caviar selection, raw seafood delight, and a diverse chef’s selection menu and main-course dishes. I suggest the salt crusted branzino. The perfect preparation of this dish makes it to die for. 

Yankee Lobster

300 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-345-9799
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You can’t visit Boston without trying the lobster. Yankee Lobster is one of the best places to get a New England-style lobster dinner. Located in the historic Boston Harbor area, this Boston landmark restaurant features counter service, patio seating, and seaport views. It’s also within walking distance of Leader Bank Pavilion, where concerts and events take place all year long. If you want some of the best seafood in New England but aren’t interested in fancy dining, Yankee Lobster is the perfect spot. 

From traditional lobster rolls to a classic clambake dinner, you can fulfill your seafood desires at Yankee Lobster. I enjoyed a hot buttered lobster roll with a side of buffalo chicken mac & cheese on my last trip. Yankee Lobster also has plenty of chowders, oysters, and traditional American fare for you to choose from as well. 

Saltie Girl

279 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA 02116
Phone: 617-267-0691
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International chef Kyle McClelland and restauranter Kathy Sidell are the minds behind Saltie Girl. The warm and inviting fine dining establishment features a diverse selection of fresh, raw, and fried seafood. They offer brunch, dinner, and cocktails. Saltie Girl is an excellent option for tourists visiting Boston Common Gardens or the Prudential Center. 

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Featuring one of the largest tinned seafood collections in New England, you are in for a treat when dining at Saltie Girl Seafood Bar. I suggest starting dinner with a seafood tower that includes a variety of oysters, clams, shrimp, and crab. Saltie Girl is also one of the best places for smoked fish in Boston. There’s also a selection of sustainably harvested imported caviar that is to die for. 

B & G Oysters

550 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116
Phone: 617-423-0550
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If you’re looking for the best oyster bar in Boston’s South End, you should take a trip to B & G Oysters. This neighborhood-style restaurant features restaurants from the East and West coast. The vibe in this restaurant is perfect for families on vacation or couples on their first date. 

Head chef Barbara Lynch has created a seafood menu that is close to perfection at B & G Oysters. Fresh oysters, shrimp, and littleneck clams fill the raw bar daily. You can also feast on local favorites like fried oysters, lobster salad, and homemade New England Clam Chowder. I’m partial to the fried Ipswich clam dinner or the lobster BLT if I’m feeling daring.

Neptune Oyster

63 Salem St # 1, Boston, MA 02113
Phone: 617-742-3474
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Located in the North End, Neptune Oyster is a trendy seafood destination in Boston. You can find Neptune Oyster by following the line of customers waiting for a table on Salem Street. While waiting may seem daunting, it’s worth the wait. You’re in for a treat once you’re seated and ready to order at Neptune Oyster.  

With so many amazing dishes on the menu, it might be challenging to choose a favorite. I’d suggest starting with a raw bar platter of oysters, shellfish, and sea urchins. Some of my favorite main dishes include the Nantucket Bay Scallop and the Whole Rockport Mackerel. 

Atlantic Fish Co

761 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116
Phone: 617-267-4000
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Serving some of the best seafood since 1978, Atlantic Fish Co is a must for any seafood fan. Atlantic Fish Co. is located in the Back Bay area, close to the Prudential Center and John Hancock Tower. You can enjoy brunch, lunch, and dinner at this family-friendly dining establishment. 

If you are looking for the best clambake-style seafood, don’t hesitate to visit Atlantic Fish Co. You’ll find one of the most diverse fresh catch menus here. Of course, there’s plenty of lobster dishes, raw bar delicacies, pasta dishes, and steak & chicken on the menu as well. 

Select Oyster Bar

50 Gloucester St, Boston, MA 02115
Phone: 857-239-8064
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Award-winning Chef Michael Serpa’s menu features the highest quality seafood in Boston’s historic Back Bay. This bistro-style restaurant serves its entire menu for lunch and dinner. Not hungry? You can always start your night with a wide selection of wines, craft beers, cocktails, and small-batch artisanal spirits at Select Oyster Bar. 

Once you’re ready to eat, you’re in for a treat. Select Oyster Bar has one of the finest raw bar selections in Boston. Enjoy everything from Island Creek oysters to white anchovies for an appetizer. Some of the best main dishes include a unique Thai-style Maine lobster salad, whole roasted sea bream, or the Gloucester swordfish.  

Union Oyster House

41 Union St, Boston, MA 02108
Phone: 617-227-2750
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Union Oyster House is rich in history. Established in 1826, Union Oyster House is a national historic landmark and is America’s oldest restaurant on the Freedom Trail. Union Oyster House is also one of the most honored restaurants in Boston and was recently named the best landmark restaurant in North America in 2020. 

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Everything on the menu at Union Oyster House is impressive, but you have to try their clam chowder. Their rich and creamy clam chowder is the best I’ve had in Boston. You’ll also find New England seafood favorites include lobster rolls, clams, scallops, and fried seafood. They also have some of the best Boston baked beans in town. 

Legal Sea Foods

270 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-477-2900
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The flagship property for Legal Sea Foods is right on Liberty wharf and is within walking distance from the Institute of Contemporary Art, the World Trade Center, and the Rockland Trust Pavillion. You can even dock your boat and head right into Legal Sea Foods. 

What’s good on the menu? Legal Seafood makes a signature crab cake that is unique and can compete with the best Maryland crab cakes. I’ve also enjoyed the baked stuff shrimp and baked lobster mac & cheese on my visits to Legal Sea Foods. 

James Hook & Co

440 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-423-5501
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James Hook & Co is one of the most trusted places to find fresh, live lobsters and seafood in Boston. They have been serving world-class dishes for over 90 years on Boston’s historic waterfront. James Hook & Co also provides local delivery of all their fresh seafood.

You have to try a lobster roll if you are visiting Boston. If you are looking for the best lobster roll, you can stop searching. James Hook & Co has been awarded the best lobster roll award by Boston Magazine. 


600 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 857-233-2898
Visit Website

While new to the Boston dining scene, Atlantico has quickly gained a reputation for its excellent dishes and quaint cafe atmosphere. Located in the historic South End, this restaurant from local chef Michael Serpa serves seafood dishes inspired by the taste of Spain and Portugal. You can enjoy a wonderful pairing of seafood and wine indoors or on the restaurant’s large patio. 

The Iberian Peninsula-inspired menu features a diverse selection of raw seafood, tapas, whole fish, cocktails, and wines. Atlantico is also a Boston favorite for brunch and is a must for any Sunday trip in Boston. 

Summer Shack

50 Dalton St, Boston, MA 02115
Phone: 617-867-9955
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Clam shacks are a popular mainstay in New England and Boston. Summer Shack is a popular clam and seafood restaurant run by Chef jasper White located in Back Bay. Whether you just watch a Red Sox game or are looking for dinner before the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Summer Shack is in the perfect location. 

Another contender for Boston’s best lobster roll, Summer Shack also features one of the largest raw bars in Boston that holds over 2,000 pieces of fresh shellfish. You can also find favorites like clam chowder, fried clams, and whole Maine lobsters on the menu at Summer Shack. 

The Daily Catch

323 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113
Phone: 617-523-8567
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While visiting the North End, you should check out the seafood at The Daily Catch. Located within a block from Paul Revere’s home, The Daily Catch has been serving Sicilian-inspired seafood dishes since 1973. Founder and head chef Paul Freddura has grown The Daily Catch from a tiny storefront to a multi-location seafood destination. They also offer a diverse line of seafood products in local and national markets. 

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Don’t freak out if your seafood isn’t served on a plate. Almost every dish is served in their pan. The chefs at The Daily Catch are the best at combining seafood and pasta to create a wonderful dinner. The Lobster Fra Diavolo is a local favorite and includes a large lobster, calamari, littlenecks, mussels, and shrimp tossed in a spicy sauce. 

The Barking Crab

88 Sleeper St, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-426-2722
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The Barking Crab has been serving seafood to locals and tourists in Boston’s historic Fort Point Channel area since 1944. What started as an outdoor Summer restaurant has grown into a historic family-friendly tourist destination. The Barking Crab is the perfect casual dining experience in downtown Boston. 

When I visit The Barking Crab, I can’t resist their naked lobster roll. They always poach the lobster to perfection. Combined with the warm butter and toasted bun, this lobster roll will melt in your mouth. If you’re really hungry, The Barking Crab offers a wide range of platters that feature over 4 pounds of seafood. 

Ivory Pearl

1704 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02445
Phone: 617-487-5297
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You’ll find the Ivory Pearl located in the heart of Brookline’s Washington Square. This simple yet classy restaurant features unique takes on local seafood favorites. Stop in for a few artisan cocktails and stay for the delicious menu. 

The menu at the Ivory Pearl is filled with some of the best raw seafood, caviar services, and oysters from around the world. Ivory Pearl also has a small and large plate menu featuring fresh fish, steaks, burgers, and salads. 

Ocean Prime

140 Seaport Blvd, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617-670-1345
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If you’re looking for a fine dining experience in the Seaport District, I suggest booking a reservation at Ocean Prime. Located off Seaport Boulevard, Ocean Prime is close to the Institute of Contemporary Art and Boston Harbor Pier 4. 

Starting with a unique sushi menu, I’d suggest trying the prime or ocean roll for an appetizer. Of course, Ocean Prime features plenty of shellfish at their raw bar if you enjoy oysters, crab meat, or shrimp cocktail. The main dishes are where Ocean Prime truly shines. They offer some of the best lobster tails, scallops, and steaks in town. 

I hope reading this article worked up your appetite, and you’re excited to try the excellent seafood in Boston. Don’t worry if you’re not visiting Boston. 

You can find amazing seafood almost everywhere in the city, but if you’re looking for sushi in particular, I suggest heading to these places.

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