Boston Distilleries that are Perfect for Grabbing Drinks

Sometimes when out and about in Boston, you feel the need for a drink. Distilleries can help with that craving since you can find all kinds of alcoholic beverages.

bartender pouring drinks at boston distilleries

Some might specialize in one drink more than others, but the fun is still there.

I have compiled a list of the best distilleries in Boston, talking about their distinct themes, drink specialties, and other things that make them the best.

Bully Boy Distillers

44 Cedric St, Boston, MA 02119
Phone: 617-442-6000
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Bully Boy Distillers was terrific, even before they moved to their new space in Boston. You can see the whole distillery in action, plus a barrel room and private tasting room.

So before you drink, you can ask for a tour of the place, where the guide can give you recommendations.

There is indoor and garden seating, and either one is quite enjoyable. I prefer the indoor seating only because the interior design is co cool.

If you come with a large, try to get a private tasting because stacks of barrels surround the table, and the atmosphere is so warm and inviting.

GrandTen Distilling

383 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02127
Phone: 617-269-0497
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You should be able to relax at any distillery, and I like how GrandTen has several board games, foosball, shuffleboard, and vintage arcade games to play while you drink.

It sounds like a fraternity house in the making, but it is pretty calm and fun, and they have a food menu if you get the munchies while trying drinks.

The tour is a little on the shorter side, but it leaves you more chances to ask questions and interact with the guide.

The cocktails are amazing, especially the Rockne Avenue cocktail and the bourbon barrel-aged gin. Even the simple gin and tonic is worth trying.

Boston Harbor Distillery

12R Ericsson St, Dorchester, MA 02122
Phone: 617-533-7001
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The Boston Harbor Distillery has had some historical significance since Rhonda Kallman, a pioneering woman in the craft beverage industry, founded it at The Port.

The Port is one of the last remaining milling buildings in Boston, with historical ties to distilling liquor. The whiskey rye is a choice drink at this distillery.

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Keep in mind that you get to try 13 drinks in one tasting, so make sure you bring water. However, the tour is slightly long, so you have a chance to talk about history after your tasting.

Even if you are not a drinker, you can still enjoy the lovely interior space, which is huge and warm.

Privateer Rum

11 Brady Dr, Ipswich, MA 01938
Phone: 978-356-0477
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This distillery’s founder had an ancestor who was a privateer in the American Revolution. He commanded a fleet of over twenty-five ships, including a ship called the True American.

That is also the name of a rum you can try here, and it is pretty darned good, luckily. The Amber and Navy Yard rums are also must-tries.

The bar itself even has an old sailboat built into it, truly bringing out that seafaring feeling. The distillery also holds the distinction of having both a great exterior and interior design.

If you go on the distillery tour, keep your eye out for the silver bell hanging from the ceiling.

Dirty Water Distillery

10 Water St, Plymouth, MA 02360
Phone: 508-927-3260
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Do not let the name put you off. I put Dirty Water Distillery on this list for a reason. This distillery prides itself on experimenting with different liquors to create artisanal liquor.

For example, they have recently come up with some unique flavored vodkas and gins flavored with cranberries and juniper berries.

Their rum punch tastes like an extra-flavorful mimosa and is one of the most refreshing drinks I have had in a bit.

The Limoncello Spritzer and Rooty Tootie are a few other choice drinks. The only downside is that they are only open in the afternoons and early evenings, usually from 12 to 6 pm.

Short Path Distillery

71 Kelvin St, Everett, MA 02149
Phone: 617-830-7954
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Short Path Distillery enjoys using traditional distilling methods like direct-fired copper pot stills to craft their spirits.

They even have a candlelit tasting room, making the experience more intimate and perhaps romantic. My favorite cocktails to get there include the Aires Rising, the Bees Knees, and the Eastside.

Though I like their Bloody Mary now and then. The seasonal drinks are pretty cool, too, such as the Chilly Reindeer around the holiday season.

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If you happen to visit them and have your dog with you, you can easily enjoy a drink on the outdoor patio with your furry friend.

Boston has a distillery for any taste, even if you have not found yours yet. That is the fun of going to distilleries: seeing your previous tastes proven wrong and expanding your liquor horizons.

Several of these distilleries have seasonal drinks, so you can keep trying new things any time of year.

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment and we’ll check it out! Be sure to try some of the other amazing establishments around the city, too!

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