Why Are Chinese Restaurants Closed On Mondays?

Learn why your favorite Chinese place is always closed on Monday.

If you’ve ever had a craving for chicken fried rice or pork buns, then realized that your favorite Chinese restaurant was closed, you might have wondered, “Why do Chinese restaurants close on Mondays?”

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In this article, I’ll discuss the main reasons why Chinese restaurants tend to be closed on the first day of the week. Ultimately, when you run a business, you get to decide when to be open and when to stay closed.

But it isn’t very pleasant when a restaurant you love isn’t open, especially if you have a particular craving for it. But once you understand why Chinese restaurants may be closed, it might not be such a big deal anymore.

Why Do Chinese Restaurants Close on Mondays?

So, why do Chinese restaurants close on Mondays? Depending on the specific restaurant, a Chinese restaurant may decide to stay closed on Mondays for various reasons.

These reasons include but are not necessarily limited to predicting lower traffic on Mondays, having a day of rest, and considering inventory matters.

Low Traffic

Mondays are often viewed as a low-traffic day for businesses in general.

Because Chinese restaurants rely on having customers to generate income, it only makes sense that they would want to stay closed on a day when there are fewer potential customers.

However, this may not always be the case. Some Chinese restaurants may be open on Mondays and generate a good amount of business.

It all ultimately depends on the restaurant’s location, how well-known it is, and what other businesses are open nearby.

But if they typically have fewer customers on Mondays and want at least one day off, then it makes the most sense to close on this day of the week.

Day of Rest

Another possibility is that the Monday closure is simply a day of rest for Chinese restaurant employees.

Working in the foodservice industry can be quite demanding, so it’s not uncommon for restaurants to give their staff one day off per week.

Because Monday is the beginning of the week according to the international standard ISO, it’s often the preferred day for employees to have off.

In general, only people from the U.S., Canada, and Japan consider Sunday the first day of the week and Monday the second.

Low on Inventory

Another potential reason why Chinese restaurants close on Mondays is that they may be low on inventory.

This is especially common for smaller, family-run restaurants that may not have the financial resources to stock up on ingredients for the entire week.

As a result, they may choose to close on Mondays to have time to restock their shelves and prepare for the rest of the week.

Deciding to stay open when you are low on inventory might mean having to mention a list of menu items that aren’t available that day.

To some customers, this might be more annoying than simply waiting the next day to choose their favorite Chinese food dishes they want to order.

Final Thoughts

So why do Chinese restaurants close on Mondays? While the reasons why Chinese restaurants are closed on Mondays may vary, the most common explanations are typically related to low traffic, employee rest days, or inventory issues.

Other reasons might include holidays, special events, or the owner’s personal preferences.

Some restaurants may even choose to be closed on some Mondays but not others. 

Some of your customers may not appreciate your choice, but if you have great food and service, they will continue to return regardless!

So next time you’re wondering why your favorite Chinese restaurant is closed, now you’ll have a few ideas! Stay patient and understanding if you want Chinese food and your favorite spots are closed.

At the end of the day, sometimes we all need a break at the start of the week!

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