Social Buddy Review: Does Social Buddy Work?

Whether you’re posting on behalf of your business or just sharing selfies, everyone wants more Instagram followers. Many Instagram users turn to Instagram growth tools to help them get more Instagram followers faster. 

As restaurant marketers, many of our clients are looking for ways to improve their presence on social media platforms like Instagram. Before we can recommend any services, we like to do our research to ensure that the restaurants we help can actually benefit. 

One popular Instagram growth service is Social Buddy. Read our Social Buddy review below to learn how Social Buddy works, whether the company uses safe practices to get more Instagram followers, and how reliable their results are. 

What is Social Buddy? 

Social Buddy is an Instagram growth service, focused on helping Instagram users grow their following and improve their engagements on the platform. Social Buddy recently launched the same service for TikTok users, as the video sharing app has grown quite popular of late. 

There are lots of companies like Social Buddy on the market today. Considering how popular Instagram is as a platform for businesses and everyday users alike, it’s no surprise that people are searching for ways to get followers and potential customers through social media marketing.

But how can third party services like Social Buddy help you get more people to follow you on Instagram? Learn about their growth methods. 

How Does Social Buddy Work? 

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Social Buddy uses what are called organic growth methods to help you grow your following online. What this means is that Social Buddy helps your account naturally attract followers and grow, as opposed to Social Buddy alternatives that will simply spam your account with a bunch of fake followers. 

When you sign up to use Social Buddy, you must provide information about yourself, your Instagram account, and your goals. For many of the restaurants we work with, they want to find followers in their area so that those followers see their food and decide to visit their restaurant for a meal! 

Social Buddy uses a few targeting metrics, like location, relevant hashtags, and influencers and competitors in your field.

For example, a restaurant based in New York City might use Social Buddy to find followers in the NYC area. They would target New York City and surrounding locations, and target hashtags like #NYCeats, #NYCFoodie, or even specific types of food like #NewYorkPizza. They could also target people who follow other competing restaurants. 

Once this information is shared with your Social Buddy account manager, the team at Social Buddy takes over your growth, while you continue to post your own original content on Instagram. 

Social Buddy will follow users based on your targeting and like or engage with their posts to get their attention. If you use Instagram, you know that if someone follows you and likes your pictures, you’re probably going to check out their profile to see what they’re all about. Social Buddy uses this natural curiosity to get users to follow you back! 

This simple method has worked great for plenty of restaurants and Instagram users in other fields! Once you’ve attracted the attention of a potential follower, they’ll see how great your food looks (or whatever you post about) and are likely to give you a follow back. 

How Much Does Social Buddy Cost? 

Social Buddy costs $99 a month. At this flat rate, they promise consistent Instagram growth with roughly 10-50 new followers daily.

There is no commitment required to sign up with Social Buddy – you only pay month to month, so you can cancel at anytime.

Our Social Buddy Review

We’ve seen how Social Buddy can work. Check out our honest review of this Instagram growth tool. 


  • Organic Growth Methods: Social Buddy uses natural, organic growth strategies, so your account won’t be flagged by Instagram, nor will your account be flooded with fake followers and bots.
  • Advanced Targeting: Everyone wants followers, but it’s important to find followers who will actually like, comment on, and share your posts. Their targeting ensures that you find followers who will enjoy your Instagram content.
  • Zero Commitment: You don’t have to sign up with a long-term contract with Social Buddy. You can go month-to-month and cancel whenever you like without any pushback from the company.
  • Customer Support: Every Social Buddy user gets an account manager that can answer your questions, adjust your targeting, and help you grow. There are some complaints about lack of 24/7 support, but any company run by humans can’t be available 24/7!


  • Pricing: Social Buddy can be expensive compared to alternatives that sell you super cheap fake followers. Many businesses and influencers find the cost worthwhile, but if you’re just sharing selfies on Instagram, it may not be worth the cost.
  • Slow Growth to Start: Any reliable growth service takes time – you won’t get 500 followers overnight. Social Buddy’s natural growth methods offer steady, consistent growth over time. This is the safest way to grow your Instagram, but if you are looking for instant followers, it may not be the service for you.

What About TikTok? 

social buddy tiktok tool

Social Buddy also offers a TikTok growth service that works using the same strategy as their Instagram growth tool. We haven’t had a chance to try their TikTok growth service yet, but if it offers the same great results as their Instagram service, it’s probably a safe bet for getting TikTok followers! 

So, Is Social Buddy Safe To Use?

Social Buddy is a safe and dependable way to grow your Instagram following. Unlike other spammy services, Social Buddy uses trustworthy and organic strategies to get more Instagram followers for clients. All in all, we recommend Social Buddy for restaurants and other businesses on Instagram!

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