How Much Does Starbucks Pay Managers? A Comprehensive Guide

One of the most well-known coffee chains in the world is Starbucks. Because of this, it employs a large number of people, including managers. Many individuals are interested in learning how much Starbucks managers make, particularly those who are thinking about working there.

Starbucks Coffee, is a famous American coffeehouse chain

The search results indicate that a Starbucks store manager in the US has an average yearly pay of $56, 614.

This number is based on information gathered over the previous 12 months from 1,194 users, workers, and past and present job adverts on Indeed.

It is crucial to keep in mind that this is only an average wage and that individual salaries may vary based on performance, experience, and location.

Additionally, a Starbucks manager in the US makes an average of $20.73 per hour.

This number is based on information gathered over the previous 12 months from 146 users, workers, and historical and existing job adverts on Indeed.

Again, this is an average wage; individual salaries may differ based on performance, experience, and other criteria.

Starbucks Manager Salaries

One of the biggest coffee chains in the world, Starbucks has more than 30,000 locations all over the world.

Starbucks Corporation is an American global coffee company

It follows that the company’s strong managerial structure is not a surprise.

The daily management of Starbucks stores, including staffing, inventory control, and customer service, is the responsibility of the managers.

But how much money do they make?

Average Salary

The average annual wage for a Starbucks manager in the United States is approximately $56,000, according to data from Indeed and Glassdoor.

worker at Starbucks Cafe

Based on pay information from over 1,000 Starbucks managers in the US, this number was calculated.

However, keep in mind that this number can change based on a number of variables, including location, experience, and performance.

It is crucial to remember that Starbucks managers are primarily salaried workers, which means they are not compensated for overtime.

Based on the success of their store, they are nevertheless qualified for bonuses and other rewards. Starbucks also provides its managers with a full range of perks, such as health insurance, paid time off, and a 401(k) plan.

Overall, Starbucks provides its managers with perks and compensation that are competitive.

Those who are interested in a management job at Starbucks should anticipate to be decently compensated for their efforts, while the specific income can vary depending on a number of different circumstances.


Starbucks provides its managers with a range of benefits, like healthcare, retirement savings plans, and paid time off.

Starbucks iced coffee on wooden counter

These advantages can help managers maintain a healthy work-life balance while also guaranteeing their financial stability.

Healthcare is one of the most important perks available to Starbucks managers. Aside from life insurance and disability benefits, managers are also entitled to medical, dental, and vision coverage.

Even in the case of an unplanned illness or injury, this coverage can help managers maintain their health and financial stability.

Starbucks provides its managers with retirement savings options in addition to healthcare. These programs consist of a stock investment plan and a 401(k) with company match.

These programs can assist managers with retirement planning and future savings.

Starbucks provides its managers with paid time off as well. Managers are entitled to personal days, sick leave, and vacation time.

Managers can manage their work-life balance and take time to unwind and rejuvenate during this time off.

Starbucks managers also receive a free box of tea or pound of coffee each week, a 30% discount on food, drink, and product purchases, and award programs for success at all levels.

Overall, Starbucks provides its managers with a full range of advantages that might help to ensure their wellbeing and financial security.

Job Requirements

A mix of education, experience, and talents are necessary to become a manager at Starbucks.

barista prepare coffee in Starbucks flagship store

A high school diploma or GED is required for Starbucks managers, and a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a closely related discipline is preferable.

Starbucks may, however, take into account applicants with comparable work experience in place of a degree.

Starbucks managers must have relevant job experience in the food service sector in addition to a degree.

They must have at least three years of supervisory experience, ideally in a retail or restaurant setting. Exceptional leadership, organizational, and communication abilities are also required of Starbucks managers.

They must have the capacity to oversee a group of workers, assign duties, and give performance comments.

Additionally, Starbucks managers must be able to work a variety of shifts, including overnight, on weekends, and on holidays.

They must have the strength to lift up to 30 pounds, stand for extended periods of time, and operate devices like cash registers, coffee makers, and ovens. 

They should also be familiar with Starbucks’ rules and procedures, as well as local health and safety laws.

Overall, a combination of education, experience, and skills are needed to become a Starbucks manager.

Starbucks managers are required to have a high school graduation or the equivalent in a GED program, appropriate work experience in the food service sector, and superior leadership, organizational, and communication abilities.

Additionally, they must be able to stand for extended periods of time, lift objects up to 30 pounds, and handle machinery.

Additional Compensation

Starbucks managers may be entitled to additional remuneration in the form of bonuses, stock options, and other incentives in addition to their base pay.

Starbucks Cafe interior

The average annual bonus for a Starbucks manager, according to Glassdoor, is $5,000, with a range of $1,000 to $10,000.

A number of variables, including store success, client satisfaction, and employee involvement, are taken into account when determining this bonus.

As part of its remuneration plan, Starbucks also provides stock options to its managers. The company’s top executives, according to, earn a sizable amount of their pay in the form of stock awards and options.

The amount of stock options provided to store managers is unknown, however it is likely that they are also qualified for this benefit.

Starbucks managers can get a variety of other perks in addition to incentives and stock options.

These include a 401(k) retirement plan with matching contributions, paid time off, dental and vision insurance, and health insurance.

Starbucks managers make $20.73 on average per hour, which is 31% more than the national average, per

Overall, Starbucks provides its managers with a competitive benefits package that not only includes a base pay but also a number of other compensation options.

This promotes talent attraction and retention and guarantees that the company’s retail locations are managed by knowledgeable and driven employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

indoor group portrait of baristas in Starbucks

How much does Starbucks pay its store managers?

According to Indeed, the average salary for a Starbucks store manager in the United States is $56,614 per year. This is 12% above the national average. However, the actual salary can vary based on factors such as location, experience, and performance.

How much does Starbucks pay its general managers?

Starbucks pays its general managers an average of $56,449 per year, according to Zippia. This is 21% less than the national average salary for general managers, which is $71,581 per year on average.

What benefits do Starbucks managers receive?

Starbucks offers a variety of benefits to its managers, including medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k) matching, and paid time off. In addition, managers are eligible for bonuses and stock options based on their performance.

How much do Starbucks managers make compared to other coffee chains?

According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay for a Starbucks store manager is $75,394 per year. This is higher than the estimated total pay for store managers at other coffee chains such as Dunkin’ Donuts and Caribou Coffee.

What is the job outlook for Starbucks managers?

The job outlook for Starbucks managers is positive, as the company continues to expand and open new stores around the world. In addition, Starbucks is known for promoting from within, so there are often opportunities for managers to advance their careers within the company.

worker at Starbucks Coffee in Shenzhen


In conclusion, Starbucks pays its managers well, with normal managers earning an average of $10.50 to $33.45 per hour and store managers earning an average of $56,614 annually.

Data from numerous sources, including Indeed and Glassdoor, was used to compile these statistics.

Starbucks managers receive a number of benefits in addition to their wages, including paid time off, a 401(k) plan, and health, dental, and vision insurance.

Depending on their performance and length of service, they can also be qualified for incentives and stock options.

Overall, for people who are enthusiastic about the coffee industry and customer service, becoming a Starbucks manager may be a successful and fulfilling career choice.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the work might be tough and calls for good leadership, communication, and problem-solving abilities.

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