Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurants, Ranked

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous chefs and has plenty of restaurants to prove it.

Gordon Ramsay's Fish and Chips restaurant

Whether you want classics like fish and chips or the most delicious street pizza in the city, one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants is a go-to. He’s not just famous for his insults!

These restaurants have everything to make your mouth water. Not only is the food delicious and will have you coming back for more, but the environment is carefully crafted to offer the perfect food-going experience.

Read on to learn about 20 of the best restaurants owned by Gordon Ramsay that will have you marking your calendar for your next night on the town.

Heddon Street Kitchen

Heddon Street Kitchen is one of Gordon Ramsay’s most famous restaurants located in London.

This restaurant is open most nights until midnight and offers a wide selection of cocktails, snacks, and sushi dishes that will make your mouth water for more.

This restaurant also has a stunning and classic beef wellington, one of Gordon Ramsay’s most famous dishes.

You may also enjoy roasted cod or fish and chips that may have you wondering how to make these dishes at home.

I recommend the Heddon Street Kitchen Burger, cooked to perfection, topped with Monterey jack cheese, and served with fries.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is a restaurant located on Royal Hospital Road in London.

This location is one of the dozens of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants with stunning views and delicious meals.

This restaurant is open until 11 p.m. and can be a perfect location for a family meal or friendly gathering.

Lobster Ravioli and Cornish Turbot are my favorites from this location, which worked together to form a flavorful combination.

This location has a vegetarian menu that will appeal to those who restrict to a meat-free lifestyle.

Savoy Grill

Savoy Grill is a restaurant in London located within the Savoy Hotel.

This restaurant has exclusive dining options you won’t find anywhere else.

Not only does this restaurant have multiple menus to choose from, including a vegetarian and kids menu, but it also has wine and festive options.

I suggest browsing the Taste of Savoy menu to look into the local cuisine, including Poached Oysters and Classic Beef Wellington.

Although I loved this menu, I must offer a shoutout to the Wild Mushroom Linguine, which had me salivating before I even finished the plate.

The Narrow

The Narrow is a restaurant with stunning outdoor seating that will have you amazed.

This location rests on the water and will allow you a magical experience with outdoor dining of the finest foods in London.

The Narrow is the previous name of this location, as it is now called Bread Street Kitchen on the River.

This restaurant shows some of Gordon Ramsay’s most famous dishes, including soups and Beef Wellington.

Stop in after they open on November 23 and try their take on Fish and Chips.

York & Albany

York & Albany is open until nine or ten on the weekdays or 11 during the weekend, but this location is perfect for a family meal.

This restaurant welcomes children and dogs to come and enjoy all that the location has to offer, including a Ramsay Kids menu with classic comfort foods.

This restaurant is a perfect place for you to enjoy Smoked Cod, Beef Wellington, or a Grilled Steak made to order.

I recommend a Classic Margherita pizza for the whole family to enjoy or a Smoked Cof for those who want something a little closer to seafood.

Au Trianon

Unlike many of Gordon Ramsay’s other restaurants, Au Trianon focuses on offering patrons flavors of France.

This location is part of a luxury resort that vows to provide the public with an unforgettable and relaxing getaway adventure.

Inside this resort is the restaurant, run by Gordon Ramsay, and lies just a short walk from Chateau De Versailles.

This restaurant seeks to offer visitors and locals the flavors of France in a fine dining experience – and it certainly delivers.

Along with an eloquent atmosphere, this location offers a selection of cheeses, bread, and specialty mains. I recommend the Mallard Duck with a side of persimmon and squash.

Bread Street Kitchen

Bread Street Kitchen has three locations, including St. Paul’s, Southwark, and The City.

These restaurants have plenty of classic comfort foods like tomato soup, wings, and Caesar salad.

This location is a perfect place to enjoy hand-crafted cocktails after a long day of visiting, walking, or working.

I recommend trying one of the Tamarind Spiced Chicken Wings, which offer a perfect mix of sweet and spicy with spring onions and coriander.

For dessert, I suggest trying the Chocolate Fondant with salted caramel ice cream since it complements the sweet and savory wings well.

Gordon Ramsay Burger

Dozens of Gordon Ramsay Burger locations lie in both the UK and the United States for the enjoyment of all burger lovers everywhere.

These locations are rife with some of the best pairings, sides, and burgers in the restaurant industry.

With options for vegans and vegetarians, this burger joint is the perfect location for family meals and friendly gatherings.

I suggest trying the Forest Burger, which pairs swiss cheese with mushrooms, egg, and arugula to make a truly stunning combination of meat and earthy ingredients.

Pair your burger with beer-battered onion rings or one of three types of fries for an unforgettable meal.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips

Gordon Ramsay may do fish and chips better than any other set of restaurants in London and the United States.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips has many locations and plenty of comfort foods.

These locations have lobster, toffee shakes, and fries that will ensure you get a full taste of England without having to travel all the way there.

These meals always have a combination of fresh ingredients and meats to make any diner happy.

I suggest grabbing a fish and chips meal with a toffee shake for a full meal.

Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen is more than a television show.

It is an actual location where you can try some of the best foods Gordon Ramsay has ever had the pleasure of making.

This fine dining experience takes meal-making seriously and offers its patrons a breath-taking environment and unique flavors.

Book your table today and try my favorite meal at this location: the Jidori Chicken Scallopini.

A side of wild mushrooms or potato puree pairs perfectly with this dish. However, this restaurant is a perfect place to try something new!

Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill

The Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill locations are some of the best places to get authentic English meals and a British environment with signature dishes.

At this location, you can order fish and chips, among other comfort foods like Beef Wellington and sticky toffee pudding.

I recommend the iconic Beef Wellington from this location, which will give you a true taste of what traveling to London would be like – all from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Drinkers and beer enthusiasts will be more than happy in this location, too, since there are dozens of ales on tap.

Le Pressoir d’Argent Gordon Ramsay

Le Pressoir d’Argent Gordon Ramsay has two Michelin stars and has been recognized as one of the most exceptional fine dining locations in the country.

This location focuses on offering French cuisine that doesn’t skimp on flavor and delivers a magical environment.

I recommend ordering from the Heritage Menu, which includes classics like scallops, oysters, and beef with sucrine and shallots.

Those who don’t enjoy seafood may prefer the Guinea fowl or aged beef instead, which are equally as stunning.

Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat by Gordon Ramsay offers a beautiful atmosphere that prides itself on a feeling of elegance, wealth, and luck.

This location has a full bar with hand-crafted cocktails, perfect for an evening out with friends after a long day at work.

However, there are also plenty of lunch and dinner options available for you to try.

Consider some of these Asian-inspired meals for your next outing, especially my personal favorite: Chirashi Ceviche and Pork Belly Bao.

These dishes can offer you a full taste of Asia without ever having to travel far and wide to experience it.

Petrus by Gordon Ramsay

Petrus by Gordon Ramsay is Michelin-starred and offers a fine dining experience unlike no other.

Located in Belgravia in London, the menu offers plenty of organic or vegetarian options for those who are food conscious.

For a truly out-of-this-world experience, consider trying one of my personal favorites from this location: the Smoked Eel paired with osciettra caviar, celeriac, and apple.

This dish may not seem appealing, but it looks gorgeous on the plate.

Additionally, Cornish Cod, followed by the Apple Parfait may make your taste buds dive into a pool of sweet and savory flavors that’ll have you addicted.

Street Pizza

Street Pizza is a fantastic location for those who love pizza but want to experiment with some of the best flavors on pizza.

This restaurant touts the idea that their pizza has no rules and you can enjoy nearly anything on your pizza.

At this location, you can get nearly any topping on your pizza, including spicy peppers and other items that some may not even consider.

I recommend a bottomless Corn & Chorizo pizza that includes mozzarella, spring onions, coriander, pulled chicken, and stunning chorizo.

Consider ending your visit with bottomless ice cream of a sticky toffee pudding – both some of the best sweet treats I’ve ever had!

Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill

The Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill has three locations for your ease of access.

Whether you want a drink in Mayfair or Park Walk, there is an option for you. These restaurants and bars have tons of snacks to share, like olives, nuts, and sourdough bread.

However, the main courses are where this location shines.

I suggest a rack of the iconic BBQ Smoked Baby Back Ribs for you and your table to scarf down. However, don’t fill up too fast!

The Vegan Burger and Scottish Lobster Rolls are equally as stunning and will have you coming back for more.

London House

London House is a restaurant in London that may be a touch pricey but promises a spectacular fine dining experience.

This location has a stunning view of the square outside and backyard seating that will have you breathing in the fresh air among carefully cared-for plants.

London House has plenty of classic food options, including those for children who are notoriously picky eaters.

This restaurant will likely have you coming back for more and ordering tons of starters and other meals.

I recommend the Salmon Starter and a stunning chocolate tart for dessert.

Maze Grill Royal Hospital Road

Maze Grill Royal Hospital Road is a former Gordon Ramsay restaurant located in Chelsea, London, and serves some of the best local cuisines.

This restaurant has been open since 2008 and offers top-tier service, meals, and aesthetics.

Not only are the food options abundant, but the atmosphere of this location will also put you at ease while making you feel a sense of wonder and magic.

This restaurant makes food an art form, and the servers and chefs within will work hard to ensure every plate is meticulously crafted.

I recommend the classic fish and chips from this restaurant, a stunning take on a meal nearly everyone in London knows about.

Street Burger

Gordon Ramsay may be known for rich flavors and fancy presentation, but no one does street food like this chef.

Street Burger is a Gordon Ramsay restaurant that offers burgers, spicy wings, fries, and tons of other comfort food options.

Even kids will enjoy this location since there’s a menu for classics that children adore.

I suggest grabbing a Hell’s Kitchen Burger, topped with jalapeno, salsa, and smoked sriracha.

If you’re ready for added heat, try your hand at the Hotter Than Hell Wings, which were delicious, even if they have my mouth begging for mercy.

This restaurant has a vegan burger available for those who subscribe to a plant-based lifestyle, complete with vegan cheese to top!

The River Restaurant

The River Restaurant is another iconic London restaurant that is open until midnight most nights of the week, making it a perfect place for a date night with your friends or partner.

Of all Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, The River Restaurant is one of the fanciest.

This location has a wide selection of caviar and other seafood delicacies that appeal to even the pickiest eaters.

I suggest starting with Shetland Mussels with cream, sesame, and a French baguette.

However, the real stun comes from the Butter Baked Cod, served with mushrooms, bacon, and hazelnuts.

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