Guy Fieri’s Least Favorite Foods

Check out the foods that Guy Fieri just can’t eat.

Guy Fieri is a celebrity chef and food critic known for his love of flavorful, bold, and indulgent “every man” favorite foods, such as chicken sandwiches, pizza, burgers, bratwursts, and more.

Guy Fieri attends the 11th Annual 'Leather & Laces' Party

He rose to fame as the host of “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” where he travels around the United States, visiting local restaurants and trying their signature dishes.

However, there are some foods that Guy Fieri doesn’t like. Keep reading to find out the foods Guy Fieri hates and how you can tell when he doesn’t like a dish on the show.

Guy Fieri is known for his love of food, but there are a few things he doesn’t care for.


In various interviews, Guy Fieri has been open about his dislike for eggs, stating that he doesn’t like their texture or flavor – especially fried and scrambled eggs.

Fresh farm eggs on a wooden rustic background

But what some people don’t know is it’s not that he won’t eat eggs at all or use them in dishes like salad dressing; they just have to be of really high quality, from organically grown chickens raised and fed natural ingredients. 

Additionally, Guy Fieri once mentioned that as a kid, he saw the “whole chicken” in the egg and understood the process, which likely made him want only to prioritize real, organic eggs.

Fieri ate a rotten, chalky-boiled egg as a kid, which also turned him off.

Cow Brains

Another food that Guy Fieri has spoken out against is cow brains.

brains with a spoon, Animal Internal Organ

Fieri has stated that he’s not a fan of the texture and flavor of brains, and he wouldn’t want to eat them again.

He tried them in the “Blast from the Past” episode in Season 7 at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse – Oklahoma’s oldest restaurant. 

You can tell that Guy Fieri is repulsed when he’s served a breakfast of scrambled eggs and fried cow brains, and he takes a small, squeamish bite and calls it a day.

Liver and Onions

Liver and onions are another dish that Guy Fieri doesn’t care for.

Grilled Liver with Onions

He’s even said he wouldn’t take a free Ferrari if the keys were hiding under liver and onions!

Guy Fieri has explicitly called liver “nasty” and seems to dislike it even more when paired with onions.

He told the Daily Beast in 2018 that this combination of food is his “kryptonite,” and he doesn’t even like being in the same room as it!


Haggis is a Scottish dish made from sheep innards that Guy Fieri has tried but initially didn’t seem interested in doing so.

Sliced open cooked Scottish haggis

He was reportedly very squeamish when just watching someone making Haggis for him.

Haggis contains sheep offal, which Guy Fieri already prefers not to eat, and the presentation of the cooked innards isn’t appealing to many people, including Fieri.

However, after trying it, he reportedly said it wasn’t as “scary” as he thought.

Has Guy Fieri Not Liked Food on Diners Drive-Ins and Dive?

When Guy Fieri tries a dish on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” it’s not always easy to tell whether he likes it.

Chef Guy Fieri signs copies of his book

Guy Fieri wants to respect the business he’s eating at, so he’ll never outright say he doesn’t enjoy their food.

However, a few things to look out for may indicate that Guy Fieri doesn’t care for a dish.

For example, if Guy Fieri takes a small bite or only eats a small portion of the dish, it could be a sign that he’s not a fan.

Additionally, if Guy Fieri doesn’t comment on the dish or doesn’t seem particularly enthusiastic about it, it could be another indication that he doesn’t like it.

Guy Fieri attends the 11th Annual 'Leather & Laces' Party

Further, he might make a general statement about a dish that isn’t necessarily positive or negative, such as “The cheese is melted,” “That’s pork!” or “The bread is crunchy.”

If Guy Fieri liked it, he would say something explicitly positive, but if he didn’t like it, he might be polite and stick with neutral statements.

So yes, Guy Fieri has certainly not liked some of the food he’s eaten on the show, but the purpose of the show is to showcase the restaurants, not disparage or criticize them.


Here are our answers to two of the most commonly asked questions about Guy Fieri. 

Does Guy pay for the food at Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives?

No, Guy Fieri does not pay for the food on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.” The restaurants featured on the show are responsible for the cost of the ingredients and preparation of the dishes.

However, Fieri does provide some assistance to the restaurants by promoting them on the show and helping to increase their visibility.

Why does Guy Fieri not eat eggs?

Guy Fieri has stated that he doesn’t like the texture, flavor, and even smell of eggs, likely due to his childhood experiences with the food.

While Guy Fieri doesn’t care for eggs, he does acknowledge that they’re a popular food and an important ingredient in non-egg-focused dishes.

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