The 13 Most Affordable Grocery Stores

Whether you choose Aldi or Lidl, these are some of the cheapest grocery stores you can shop at.

In times of rising costs and inflation, I think one of the best strategies is to cut down on food expenditures.

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While most shoppers see quality and price as two sides of the same coin, that isn’t necessarily the case. Many of the cheapest grocery stores have high-quality goods, letting you shop for your family and cook fun recipes without breaking the bank.

This list of cheapest grocery stores spans 13 online and in-person options.

Let’s discuss a little about each one, including general prices, quality, availability, and if you need memberships or accounts to shop.

Cheapest Grocery Stores

Check out some of the least expensive grocery stores where you can find great food for less.


Aldi is a grocery chain that started in the UK. Today, it is one of America’s most economical choices, bringing a variety of fresh produce and foods from around the globe.

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Not only are Aldi’s base prices low, but weekly ads and constant specials make it even cheaper.

Just remember that Aldi charges for shopping carts and doesn’t provide free bags.

Market Basket

Market Basket is a century-old grocery chain throughout the Northeastern United States.

Its slogan is “More for your dollar,” which matches its low base prices, weekly ads, and other offers.

However, Market Basket has no online shopping system, so customers must enjoy its low prices in person at a retail location. I love how well I can stretch my dollar here. 


From a humble grocery in Rogers, Arkansas, Wal-Mart expanded into the nationwide phenomenon it is today.

Its low prices and complex supply chain make ordering online effective and quick.

Weekly discounts, coupons, and more contribute to the savings, letting everyone “save money” and “live better.” 

Be careful, though, because sometimes the quality of Wal-Mart foods doesn’t outshine the competition.


The extensive online catalog service, Amazon, continues to be an economical option for grocery shopping.

I really believe it’s a great source of groceries, household goods, produce, dairy, and more.

Each quality item is delivered quickly to preserve freshness. You do need an Amazon account, but a Prime membership can land you even more savings.


H-E-B is a cost-effective grocery chain in Texas and Mexico.

Weekly ads boast low prices on ready-to-eat meals, home goods, and convenience foods.

H-E-B ads update every week, giving locals several discounts every time they go shopping. The only downside is that this chain isn’t available in 49 US states.


Costco is a wholesale retailer that offers bulk amounts of food, supplies, and more at reduced prices per unit.

You need a membership to access Costco in-store and online, but the retailer is a valuable asset for large families and companies.

The store partners with high-quality producers without gouging its prices.

We love Costco’s desserts as well as their signature liquor brand, Kirkland liquors.

Trader Joe’s

A favorite among younger shoppers, Trader Joe’s is a diverse and economical grocer with a generous selection of organic foods.

I love its many exclusive goods that taste great and don’t break the bank. The stores are all over the United States and don’t require memberships.

Trader Joe’s uses paper bags to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Some of my favorites are from Trader Joe’s frozen section, their Trader Joe’s brand cheeses, and seasonal items like their fall specialties.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is a wholesale retailer like Costco with a cheaper membership.

Its stores are scattered across the US, making Sam’s a valuable asset for large families, companies, and volunteers.

Bulk items such as cleaning supplies, produce, frozen meat, and electronics come much cheaper per unit. There are even more discounts to use online.

Food 4 Less

Food 4 Less is a subsidiary of Kroger in metropolitan areas like Chicago and California.

Food 4 Less carries exclusive brands with a keen emphasis on organic products.

Weekly ads, digital coupons, and in-store discounts crank up the savings even more.

Food 4 Less may not be widespread, but it grants customers access to high-quality food at reduced costs.

Don’t forget to bring bags when you shop at Food 4 Less!


Lidl was originally a German grocer and fills the same niche as Aldi.

With over 175 US locations, Lidl brings the finesse of European bakeries to customers’ homes.

The store is marginally cheaper than Aldi without sacrificing any quality. Don’t forget bags and a quarter for a shopping cart.

Never have authentic baked goods and fresh produce been so close to home!

Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market

Wal-Mart’s Neighborhood Market stores are condensed versions of the well-known supercenter.

The market prioritizes groceries and fresh produce in favor of the electronics, garden supplies, and other items large Wal-Marts have.

They carry the same price points as the main store, but I think the food quality is sometimes inconsistent.


WinCo is a grocery store chain across the West Coast and Canada, originating in Boise, Idaho.

Due to its hundred-plus locations, digital coupons, and weekly ads, WinCo is a high-ranking option for customers who want to save a little on food.

However, in exchange for the lower cost, you may find that WinCo produce and meat cut back a bit on quality.


Peapod is an online shopping and grocery delivery service similar to Instacart.

It is an economical option for those who prefer three specific stores: Giant, Martin’s, and Stop & Shop.

Peapod grants customers access to coupons and offers not found elsewhere, bringing down the cost of food from these stores.

However, its selection is limited to what those stores carry.

Check out other produce delivery options if you want groceries delivered!

Cheapest Grocery Stores

  1. Aldi
  2. Market Basket
  3. Wal-Mart
  4. Amazon
  5. H-E-B
  6. Costco
  7. Trader Joe’s
  8. Sam’s Club
  9. Food 4 Less
  10. Lidl
  11. Walmart Neighborhood Market
  12. WinCo
  13. Peapod

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to pick sketchy grocers to save a little on food. So many trusted names like these sell groceries, home goods, and more at a fraction of competitors’ costs.

Thanks to their nationwide and online scope, there is an option for everyone. Buying food from one of the cheapest grocery stores will let you spend more on what matters most.

Many of these stores are also on our list of the most popular grocery stores, so you can have the best of both worlds!

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