Elevate Your Liquor Cabinet With Our Favorite Whiskey Decanters

Whiskey decanters are glass or crystal containers used to hold bourbon, brandy, or whiskey. Some people use a decanter for its aesthetic value, while others agree that the taste is enhanced when whiskey is stored in a decanter. Decanters appear in various shapes, but all have a matching stopper for the top. 

whiskey decanter placed on a small glass table

The top whiskey decanters promote the aeration of spirits and can sit as decoration atop a bar cart or on a bookshelf. What’s certain is that storing and drinking whisky from a decanter adds an air of sophistication to any happy hour or nightcap moment. Our comprehensive review of the seventeen best whiskey decanters will help you decide which is the best option for you. 

Bormioli Rocco Whiskey Decanter Set

[lasso fields=”B000WA9ROI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” class=”center” ref=”bormioli-rocco-selecta-collection-whiskey-gift-set-sophisticated-etched-33-75oz-decanter-6-9-5oz-glass-tumblers-with-starburst-detailing-for-whiskey-bourbon-scotch-liquor” id=”88448″ link_id=”26832″]

The Bormioli Rocco Selecta Collection whiskey decanter set includes an intricate whiskey decanter and six matching glasses. The decanter is made in Parma, Italy. The decanter’s design emphasizes a complex starburst pattern that forms the most beautiful reflections when light hits it. 

The etched pattern is not just for decoration; the grooves allow for easier handles and less slippage. The serving decanter holds up to 33.75 ounces, and it has a sealed top to preserve the contents for a more extended period. Notably, the decanter and the matching glasses are dishwasher safe! 

Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor 5-Piece Whiskey Decanter Set

[lasso fields=”B00EUXC8XK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” class=”center” ref=”ravenscroft-crystal-taylor-double-old-fashioned-decanter-set-34-oz-clear” id=”88532″ link_id=”26833″]

Featured by InStyle Magazine, Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor 5-Piece Whiskey Decanter Set is a must-have for the whiskey connoisseur. The set includes a 34-ounce decanter and four 11-ounce matching whiskey glasses. Every piece of the set is crafted from lead-free crystal, so the decanter will not alter the taste of your whiskey or brandy in any way. 

The decanter’s stopper is heavy in hand and offers a seal to the glass container so that the spirit inside can live freely. For a gift that will be used regularly and cherished for many years, consider adding the Ravenscroft set to your gifting list for birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings. 

Waterford Crystal Lismore Diamond Decanter

[lasso fields=”B0074PCH0U” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” class=”center” ref=”waterford-lismore-diamond-decanter” id=”88561″ link_id=”26834″]

The clear Waterford Crystal Lismore Diamond Decanter is a beautiful piece to add to any collection; when filled with amber bourbon, the cut crystal sparkles in the light and produces gorgeous colored light refractions. Waterford prides itself on producing decanters and vases that have high clarity levels. 

The decanter is quite heavy, weighing just over six pounds; it is about thirteen inches tall. The high-quality crystal remains best preserved when hand washed as the dishwasher or microwave might damage the product. The Crystal Lismore Diamond Decanter is a beautiful gift for celebratory occasions like graduation or engagement. 

LSA International Bar Spirits Decanter

[lasso fields=”B0030K8WES” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” class=”center” ref=”lsa-international-bar-spirits-decanter-60-fl-oz-clear-oz-h10-25in” id=”88498″ link_id=”26835″]

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The LSA International Bar Spirits Decanter is a nice addition to any bar. The decanter is made of clear glass and holds nearly two liters of liquid. At ten inches tall, it will fit in nicely among other bottles on a collector’s shelf. 

Each decanter is handmade by experts in glass blowing. Each piece is unique because of the technique used to craft the container. Indeed, air bubbles are occasionally trapped in the glass as it is blown and are visible in the finished decanter. The simple yet elegant design gives this decanter approachability so that you can use it regularly without the air of formality. 

Williams Sonoma Shade Skull Decanter

williams sonoma shade skull decanter product shot

The Williams Sonoma brand is synonymous with quality in the culinary world, and the Shade Skull Decanter is no exception. Its creative design, a glass skull as the topper, is unique and fits a particular Gothic aesthetic. The decanter is crafted from lead-free crystal and is dishwasher safe. 

A sure-to-be focal point of your bar, the decanter is well-made and holds up to forty-one ounces of liquor. Williams Sonoma also sells a set of four Shade Skull Double Old-Fashioned Glasses that pair well with the look of the decanter for a complete collection of awesome drinkware. 

Home Wet Bar Draper Decanter

home wet bar draper decanter on a table

Home Wet Bar is a website offering beautiful decanters and creative glassware to add some exciting elements to your at-home bar. The sleek design of the Draper style is reminiscent of Madmen‘s Don Draper and is perfect for displaying in a corporate office or the shelves in a study. 

The decanter is made in Italy and holds up to twenty-four ounces of liquid. It is constructed from lead-free crystal and is dishwasher safe. Standing at nine inches tall, it is a perfect, nondescript addition to any bar. With the option to personalize, this decanter makes a great gift option for the whiskey lover in your life

Jonathan Adler Whiskey Rocket Decanter

[lasso fields=”B01NAHHKP6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” class=”center” ref=”jonathan-adler-rocket-decanter-whiskey” id=”88485″ link_id=”26836″]

Blastoff with this rocket-shaped decanter by Jonathan Adler. The decanter is crafted from sixteen karat gold and porcelain and further embellished with black and gold lettering spelling out “whiskey.” The stylized container adds flair to your bar and accentuates your style while smartly holding your favorite spirit. 

The decanter stands about twelve inches tall and holds just over forty ounces of whiskey. It is hand wash only so that you can preserve the details on the exterior for a more extended period. This statement piece is precisely what your bar needs to take it to the next level! 

Nambé Vie Decanter

[lasso fields=”B07CKXPJ14″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” class=”center” ref=”nambe-vie-collection-decanter-5-x-5-x-10-made-with-acacia-wood-and-glass-designed-by-chris-granneberg” id=”88513″ link_id=”26837″]

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The Nambé Vie Decanter is made of glass and topped with a wooden stopper, making its design sleek and modern. Offering cocktails during happy hour with spirits poured from this decanter will bring a contemporary feeling to a classic cocktail offering. 

The designer, Chris Granneberg, has operated design studios in New York and Los Angeles and aims to offer sleek designs that inspire positivity. Nambé also sells other barware and home decor with the same aesthetic. The Nambé Vie Decanter is ten inches tall and requires hand washing between each use. 

Baccarat Harmonie Round Whiskey Decanter

harmonie glass whiskey decanter product shot

Baccarat Harmonie Round Whiskey Decanter is a cylindrical decanter with distinctive etched lines running from top to bottom. The topper incorporates a linear design, extending the elegance of the decanter from top to bottom. Once the whiskey is poured into the container, the dimensions created by the etchings are delightfully exacerbated. 

The signature vertical striping is replicated in other pieces in the Harmonie collection, so you can purchase a full bar set with matching highball glasses and tumblers. The Baccarat decanter measures 12.6  inches in height and holds up to 25.4 ounces of liquid. 

Norlan Raif Whisky Decanter

The Raif Whisky Decanter is perfect for a minimalist home with a sleek design and modern silhouette. Each decanter is mouth-blown by a professional. It is composed of non-leaded crystal and aluminum; the decanter is finished after sanding and polishing. Each piece is a work of art. 

Standing just over fourteen inches high, it is a statement of class and modernism. The decanter holds one liter of liquor and weighs three pounds when empty. The designers intended the decanter to be often used and crafted the topper with the intention that purchasers would regularly drink and refill the container. 

Ravenscroft Buckingham Scotch Decanter Set

[lasso fields=”B019HK7V32″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” class=”center” ref=”ravenscroft-crystal-buckingham-scotch-decanter-gift-set” id=”88531″ link_id=”26838″]

The Ravenscroft Buckingham Scotch Decanter Set is a classic design paired with scotch decanters for an aerated sip of your favorite smoked whiskey. The decanter set is perfect for either a scotch novice or enthusiast. 

The decanter is made with lead-free crystal by experts at glass blowing. The decanter is 10.5 inches tall and holds up to thirty ounces of liquid, while the tumblers sit 4.5 inches high. Using the set for a tasting with friends or displaying the set on a bar cart are wonderful uses of the functional and traditional scotch decanter set. 

Nude Glass Malt Whiskey Bottle with Wooden Tray

a picture of nude glass malt whiskey bottle with wooden tray

Mikko Laakkonen conceptualized the design for the malt whiskey bottle with a wooden tray. He is known for innovative yet functional products with a certain edginess. The tray upon which the decanter sits has room for one to two whiskey glasses beside the bottle, making it ideal for an intimate spirit tasting. 

The decanter holds 37.2 ounces of liquid and stands about seven inches tall; when placed on top of the tray, the total height is about fourteen inches. The decanter is made from lead-free crystal. The NUDE brand is known for its handcrafted and high-quality items. 

Ravenscroft Thomas Jefferson Decanter 

[lasso fields=”B001O4OG5Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” class=”center” ref=”ravenscroft-crystal-thomas-jefferson-decanter” id=”88533″ link_id=”26839″]

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The Ravenscroft Thomas Jefferson Decanter is a reproduction of a decanter design owned by the former President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson often ordered whiskey to his home, Monticello, for farm workers and guests since Jefferson most often enjoyed wines, particularly French wines. 

The stunning reproduction is hand-crafted in Europe and made with lead-free crystal. The decanter stands nearly eleven inches tall and holds 46 ounces of whiskey. The decanter is an excellent gift for the history buffs in your life, especially if they enjoy a smooth glass of whiskey with their historical studies. 

FineDine Twisted Whiskey Decanter Set

finedine twisted whiskey decanter set product shot

The FineDine Twisted Whiskey Decanter Set offers a literal twist on the classic decanter. The set includes a decanter and four old-fashioned glasses. The five-piece set is great for displaying on the bar or serving a house-made whiskey cocktail

The decanter’s capacity is twenty-eight ounces, and each glass can hold up to a ten-ounce pour. The rim of the decanter is rolled, which allows for a smooth pour, and the base of the decanter is shatter-resistant. FineDine specializes in producing high-quality and exceptionally usable culinary pieces, and this decanter set is on point, perfect for serving up some Old Fashioned cocktails

Shigoo Galaxy Whiskey Decanter Set

[lasso fields=”B08CDWX6HR” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” class=”center” ref=”galaxy-whiskey-decanter-set-with-2-glassesgalaxy-globe-whiskey-wine-decanterbar-setwine-whiskey-gifts-for-menbeverage-drink-liquor-dispenserfor-liquor-scotchbourbwinevodka-850ml-29oz” id=”88474″ link_id=”26840″]

Try enjoying your drink in a galaxy far, far away with the Shigoo Galaxy Whiskey Decanter Set. It is designed to emulate both the rings of Saturn and a spacecraft. For your friends who love Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or Star Wars, this is the go-to gift on their next birthday! The space theme is continued with the orb-like glasses that sit just under the spherical decanter. 

The decanter sits tilted at an angle which offers a unique view of the amber liquid within. It is an eye-catching statement piece that demands a delicious bourbon or brandy. Notably, Shigoo offers a lifetime warranty on the product with a service team ready to help if you face any issues. 

Paksh Capitol Glass Decanter

[lasso fields=”B01M0JNJGO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” class=”center” ref=”paksh-capitol-glass-decanter-with-airtight-geometric-stopper-whiskey-decanter-for-wine-bourbon-brandy-liquor-juice-water-mouthwash-italian-glass-23-75-oz” id=”88524″ link_id=”26841″]

The Paksh Capitol Glass Decanter is great for a first-time purchase since it is reasonably priced and carefully crafted. The decanter has a glass topper and holds about twenty-four ounces of liquid. With an air-tight seal, any liquid placed in the decanter will maintain its taste and freshness for an extended period. 

The decanter’s sides are sloped to provide a better grip, and the topper is not only sufficient to protect the whiskey inside but large enough to easily grasp and dislodge. This decanter is a great option for personalization since the sides are smooth; for instance, adding an initial and gifting this decanter as a wedding gift is thoughtful and certainly appreciated. 

Bar 340 Royal 26 oz Whiskey Decanter

a product shot of bar 340 royal 26 oz whiskey decanter

The Bar 340 Royal 26 oz Whiskey Decanter is sleek and sophisticated. The topper is air-tight, which protects the integrity of the whiskey or brandy inside. It is dishwasher safe for cleaning before refilling with another tasty beverage. 

The decanter weighs almost four pounds without liquid inside, which gives it a study, lasting feeling. Its straightforward design allows buyers to find more ornamental cocktail glasses to pair with the decanter without overstimulating the eye. At its very reasonable price, you could even buy one for all of your bar spirits like bourbon, tequila, and vodka! 

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