The Best Wine Subscription Services, Ranked

Get wine delivered to your home with these subscription services.

If you want to get more into drinking fine wine, signing up for a wine subscription is a great idea. A wine subscription service will allow you to experiment with new types of wine and further develop your palate, not to mention it will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep. 

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When I first started looking for a wine subscription service, I was overwhelmed by all the options. After doing some research and trying out several companies, I was able to narrow down a list of the best wine subscriptions. 

Whether you like red wine, white wine, or you’re not quite sure what you want, there is a wine subscription service that is sure to wow you.

Best Wine Subscriptions

So, without further ado, here are 16 of the best wine subscriptions worth trying!


Winc Wine Club is a modern take on winemaking.

Winc makes all of its wines, which means your wine subscription will have a unique and specific selection.

The company makes new wines based on preferences from real customers, ensuring that their product stays relevant and appealing to consumers.

This wine subscription includes a monthly delivery of four wine bottles. When you set up the subscription, Winc will ask several questions to determine your preferences, including:

  • Red versus white wine
  • Favorite flavors
  • Favorite foods

Once you start receiving wine, you can rate and review each bottle. This rating service allows Winc to tailor your monthly delivery to your specific tastes. 


SommSelect gives you easy access to professional sommelier selections.

The wine from SommSelect is international, small-production, and artisanal. The options are based on master sommeliers’ analyses of trends, quality, and value. 

I like that SommSelect gives you several creative subscription options. You can build your box every month or join one of their themed wine clubs. 

I recommend the “Explore Four” club for anyone trying to experiment with new wines and broaden their tastes.

More experienced wine drinkers may enjoy the “Blind Six” club, which delivers bottles with concealed labels as a playful way to challenge your palate and learn about wine.

Cellars Wine Club

Cellars Wine Club is a popular wine subscription that gives you affordable access to a large selection of wines.

There are many wine club options to choose from, ranging from single bottle subscriptions to premium cases. 

One of my favorite features of Cellars Wine Club is all the educational resources available. They provide extensive information on wine variations and advice on wine tasting. They also offer helpful recipes and food pairings. 

You can also go to their website for an expansive collection of articles that cover every detail of wine. If you are a complete wine-drinking novice, I think this is a great wine club to start with. 

Blue Apron

You may know that Blue Apron does meal delivery services, but did you know that they also have a wine club?

Much like their food subscription plan, the Blue Apron wine subscription includes high-quality products with advice on how to enhance your culinary experience. 

Each Blue Apron wine delivery includes six bottles of wine, including red and white wines or a mix of both, depending on your preference. The delivery box also includes information on tasting notes and food pairings. 

The Blue Apron wine club generally focuses on how wine tastes with different meals, so I recommend it to anyone who wants to gain more experience in matching wine with different cuisines. 

The Sip

The Sip Society focuses entirely on sparkling wines.

Now, you may associate sparkling wine primarily with Champagne and prosecco, but there is a surprisingly large and diverse selection of sparkling wines available. 

This wine subscription is designed to give you an affordable way to sample sparkling wines you wouldn’t otherwise try.

You can expect a delivery every other month of several single-serving samples of high-end sparkling wines. 

The company allows you to commit to a full year’s worth of boxes or retain the option to skip a month. If you like any of the wines featured in your delivery, you will get a discount on purchasing the full bottle.  

First Leaf

First Leaf is an ideal wine club for anyone who desires hands-on attention in their educational wine journey.

The company boasts a 98% success rate in selecting wines you will love. They do this after receiving three wine ratings from you, using advanced data analysis technology and human experts. 

This wine club offers the standard six-bottle monthly wine subscription, personalized based on your responses to a palate profile questionnaire. 

For an even more special service, you can work with a personal wine concierge. The concierge will select your wines and give you the best wine experience possible.

I appreciate First Leaf’s fantastic member discounts for high-end bottles of wine. 


Splash Wines offers a wine membership that allows you to pick out your favorites each month.

Members can get free shipping on cases and cashback on their orders. I recommend this option to anyone who already loves wine and wants a cost-efficient way to make their selections.

This brand also offers curated monthly subscriptions. In addition to a standard subscription option based on your taste preferences, they also have vineyard and cellar options. 

The vineyard package focuses on the trendiest and most beloved vineyards in the business.

The cellar package focuses on vintage red wines that have unique qualities and have been maturing for many years.

Wine of the Month Club

As the name suggests, the Wine of the Month Club provides its members with a monthly supply of wine.

This classic wine subscription service has been around since 1972. The service prides itself on its excellent wine selection and superb customer service. 

Subscription plans with the Wine of the Month Club range from two bottles to twelve bottles a month, and each plan has a different theme, such as red wines or California wines. 

My favorite is the Limited Series subscription. This subscription focuses on wines that are made in small batches and are available for a limited time.

Since this company places such a big premium on their reputation, they guarantee satisfaction for every bottle, and you can exchange any wine you receive that you don’t like. 

Wine Awesomeness

Wine Awesomeness may have a silly-sounding name, but its brand strives to provide premium and one-of-a-kind wines.

The company mainly offers special wines that they have personally tracked down. If you’re interested in rare and unusual wines, this may be the best wine subscription service for you. 

Wine Awesomeness offers several subscription options, including:

  • A three-bottle option
  • A six-bottle option
  • A twelve-bottle option

Another option is to join the Mates Grape Wine Club, which will send you the best wines from Australia and New Zealand.

This special club is a quarterly subscription that partners with Whanau Imports, a wine industry leader. 

Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars is another contemporary wine subscription brand that strives to give you a highly personalized wine selection each month.

The standard subscription includes six bottles every month. Although, you also have the option of making the delivery quarterly or bi-monthly. 

The main feature of Bright Cellars is its expert algorithm, which claims to use your preference and wine ratings to create highly accurate wine selections that suit your taste and challenge you to try new wines.

The company also offers a wine concierge team if you have more specific requests for your delivery. 

Harry & David Wine & Cheese Pairing Club

Harry & David has always been my go-to for food gift deliveries, so I was thrilled to learn that there is also a Harry & David Wine & Cheese Pairing Club.

With this subscription service, each month you will receive a bottle of wine paired with special cheese.

I love this subscription not only because it offers me delicious flavor pairings I wouldn’t otherwise discover, but also because it gives me a special indulgent treat that I get to look forward to every month.

This subscription wine package is a beautiful way to add some much-deserved luxury into your daily life. 

Martha Stewart Wine Co.

I adore the specially curated packs from the Martha Stewart Wine Company.

The Martha Stewart brand has been trusted for a long time due to its commitment to quality, and the wine service is no exception.

There are various curated subscriptions to choose from, such as:

I enjoy the full club membership, which provides you with 12 bottles of wine every 12 weeks.

These bottles come with the official Martha Stewart stamp of approval, as well as special access to serving and food pairing tips, and complimentary wine serving accessories.  

Plonk Wine Club

For an eco-friendly wine subscription, you may want to consider the Plonk Wine Club.

Plonk Wine Club emphasizes small-production organic wines made with sustainable practices. 

The subscription plans are customizable, allowing you to pick your preferred wines, the number of bottles you’d like to receive, and how frequently you want to receive deliveries.

My favorite aspect of Plonk Wine Club is its interest in regional authenticity. More specifically, they pick wines made with indigenous grapes from the region where the wine is produced.

This approach is great for sustainability, but it also helps educate you about the amazing culinary biodiversity of our planet. 


WineSociety makes its mark by offering premium wines in cans rather than glass bottles.

This company proves that you can still enjoy quality wine in containers that are more environmentally friendly and portable.

This is a great subscription service if you prefer light, casual wines. It’s a quarterly service, and each box comes with three cans, which is sixteen servings. 

It’s a good deal for such a large quantity of high-end products, and the curated selections will be a welcomed departure from the boxed wines one usually gets for laidback events. 

Astor Wines Top 12 Case Club

If you want to go all-in on your wine subscription, I recommend the Astor Wines Top 12 Case Club.

This monthly selection provides you with the brand’s top 12 bottles for the month. In the terms of price, it’s on the higher end, but I think it’s worth it for the reliable selection of excellent wines. 

The best part of the Top 12 Case Club is that it is curated for each month, making the collection seasonal and relevant.

Furthermore, this wine club requires no long-term commitment, so you can order it monthly according to your needs and preferences. 

Primal Wine Club

Primal Wine Club offers a monthly subscription service for natural wines.

The company describes natural wines as wines from vineyards that reject industrial production practices and chemical additives, and instead prioritize: 

  • Sustainability
  • Ethical ingredients
  • Labor rights

Natural wine is worth trying, and this subscription service is a wonderful introduction to the industry.

Small-production wines with no chemical additives often have more distinctive characteristics that make each individual bottle special. 

I also appreciate that Primal Wine Club has a broad selection of vegan wines, making the service inclusive for those with allergies and dietary restrictions. 

Best Wine Subscriptions

  1. Winc
  2. SommSelect
  3. Cellars Wine Club
  4. Blue Apron
  5. The Sip
  6. First Leaf
  7. Splash
  8. Wine of the Month Club
  9. Wine Awesomeness
  10. Bright Cellars
  11. Harry & David Wine & Cheese Pairing Club
  12. Martha Stewart Wine Co.
  13. Plonk Wine Club
  14. WineSociety
  15. Astor Wines Top 12 Case Club
  16. Primal Wine Club

Final Thoughts

A quality wine subscription should deliver selections of consistently high-quality wine, ideally at a better price than if you bought the bottles individually. An even better wine subscription should surprise and challenge you with unique wines you wouldn’t find elsewhere or wouldn’t consider trying on your own.

The best wine subscriptions offer flexibility, new experiences, and quality products. Each of these subscription services has features that make them an appealing option. I suggest choosing a company based on your budget and culinary priorities.

Don’t forget to grab a wine stopper in case you don’t finish your bottle on the first go!

Did I leave out any of the best wine subscriptions? Let me know, and I’ll be sure to check them out!

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