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Top Sushi Spots in Prospect Heights

The greatest places to go for delicious, fresh sushi around the city.

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn is home to many attractions like the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Museum, and the Barclays Center. Many college students and young professionals live in the neighborhood. With lovely Brownstones, the streets are comfortable and lined with shady trees. The area has many green spaces, perfect to pick up take out and settle down for a picnic. 

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The neighborhood is known for its lively bar and diverse culinary scene. Finding delicious sushi in Prospect Heights is simple after reviewing our comprehensive list of the eleven best sushi restaurants in the area. From sushi to poke to other Japanese dishes, guests can find the perfect vibe for a date or dinner. 

Best Sushi in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

  1. Sushi Lin
  2. Geido
  3. Uotora
  4. Koto Sushi
  5. Ki Sushi
  6. Sumi Sushi
  7. Oita NYC
  8. Silver Rice
  9. Gen
  10. Taiki
  11. JPan Sushi

Sushi Lin 

335 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: 347-627-6027
Visit Website

Sushi Lin is a casual eatery that is good for kids and groups. The restaurant opens at 5:30 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. You can make reservations online. Sushi Lin is situated near the 7th Avenue Station in Prospect Heights. The chef offers a full omakase experience

I enjoyed the oyster sampler, the salmon hand roll, and the Masai sashimi. I would also recommend the full omakase that can be enjoyed at the sushi bar. If you tuna, try the tuna flight with five distinct types of the fish. For a warm entree, try the chicken katsu. 


331 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: 718-638-8866
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Geido is a nice place for a family meal in Prospect Heights; it is less than 200 feet from the 7th Avenue Station. The restaurant is open for dinner from Wednesday through Sunday. The bar seating creates an great dining vibe. I thought the atmosphere was cozy and welcoming. 

When I visited, I enjoyed the ceviche sashimi and the spicy tofu soup. For sushi, I tried the yellowtail roll and the spicy salmon roll. I would also recommend specialty rolls: Ms. Pepper, Futomaki, or the Olé Olé. Geido is also serving donburi bowls and noodle dishes. The menu truly has something for everyone. 


1075 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11216
Phone: 718-513-0724
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Uotora is a neighborhood stable. The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday. The atmosphere is cozy and casual, and the space is good for small group dining. Uotora is know for a vast drink selection and delicious small plates. Uotora is one of the hippest spots for sushi in Brooklyn, and you will often find a crow of students and young professionals frequenting the location. 

The chef’s omakase is the most popular menu option. I enjoyed the miso cod that is marinated with miso sauce and glazed. The Scottish salmon and the tuna a la carte are great additions to any meal. Finish your meal with the Ichigo Daifuku, a beautiful and delicious strawberry dish. 

Koto Sushi

263 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: 718-230-3881
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Koto Sushi has a painted black exterior that offers a trendy vibe for guests as soon as they enter. The interior has an exposed brick wall and a uniquely decorated bamboo bar. The restaurant serves traditional Japanese cuisine for lunch and dinner from Sunday to Friday. The full menu is also available for takeaway or delivery. 

For an appetizer, try the pork dumpling or the Japanese spring roll. I enjoyed all of the pieces of sushi I ate while visiting and would recommend the salmon tatami, the black pepper tuna, and the toro tartar. Also, I enjoyed the shrimp tempura entree. If you are interested in dessert, try the mochi! 

Ki Sushi

282 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: 718-230-1381
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Ki Sushi offers an amazing atmosphere with a light tree as the restaurant’s central decor. The tables are perfect for groups, and the ambiance is enhanced by the detailing plating of the food. The restaurant is near the 7th Avenue Station and is open for lunch and dinner daily. Also, Ki Sushi has a vast tea selection. 

My favorite bite was the spicy scallop roll and the Ever Green roll. The omakase is either sushi or sashimi or a combination of the two. Take a look at the specialty rolls; the Angel roll and the Dragonfly roll and guest favorites! Additionally, the Japanese Sake menu is filled with great beverage choices to compliment any combination of food that you may choose to have here. 

Sumi Sushi

287 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: 718-638-1689
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Sumi Sushi is a Prospect Heights staple. The interior has bright red accents and a rope installation across the ceiling, creating a unique and trendy vibe. The delivery is exceptional with the kitchen bagging cold and hot items separately. Sumi Sushi is open everyday for lunch and dinner. 

The mackerel and white tuna sashimi is fresh and tasty. When I visited, I also enjoyed the Firecracker roll, the Angry Dragon roll, and the Summer roll. For items other than sushi, try the rack of lamb or the crispy duck. The shrimp gyoza and the fried oyster are perfect small plates to hold you over. While the Trio Sashimi Dinner had me filled and content and wondering when I would be able to visit the restaurant again.

Oita NYC

833 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215
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Oita NYC serves Japanese classics in an open, light, and airy space. The restaurant is open between Tuesday and Sunday. Oita is known for vegetarian options and comfort food. Notably, the restaurant is diverse and welcoming. The eatery is only two blocks from the Grand Army Plaza. 

I enjoyed the shishito peppers and the tuna yuzu ponzu. From the roll menu, I enjoyed the Happy Salmon roll and the Yellowtail Basil roll. The triple ceviche is a popular menu item. The beef bulgogi lunch box is a great option for earlier in the day! All of their ingredients tasted fresh and well prepared. I only wish that I could have eaten more.

Silver Rice

638 Park Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone: 718-398-8100
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Silver Rice is steps from the Park Place Station. The restaurant is open daily at 1:00 pm. The crowd in Silver Rice is primarily college kids and tourists creating a space that is welcoming for everyone. The interior decor is modern and sleek. Silver Rice is a great place to enjoy dinner with friends. 

I enjoyed the crunchy shallot roll and the eel cucumber roll. I would also recommend the spicy salmon rice bowl. The spicy tuna roll is a classic and Silver Rice has perfected it. The beverage menu has a solid list of various beers, sakes, and cocktails. 


659 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Phone: 718-398-3550
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Gen is a funky spot in Prospect Heights with indoor and outdoor seating. Fun, hand drawn art depicts various items on the menu and is posted on windows around the space. The restaurant is open between Tuesday and Sunday from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. 

When I visited Gen, my favorite menu item was the citrus salmon roll. Other popular menu items include the Thai shrimp tempura roll, the O-toro roll, and the Mackerel & Ginger roll. For an entree other than sushi, try the chicken teriyaki. Gen is a fun spot for friends to gather for a tasty meal. 


134 Nevins St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone: 929-356-4826
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Taiki is an upscale restaurant serving an a la carte and omakase menu. The interior is decorated with live hanging plants and mood-setting back lights. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Taiki is in the heart of Prospect Heights and is becoming a neighborhood favorite. 

Try the spicy sweet shrimp roll or the toro scallion roll. I enjoyed the ten piece sushi omakase with creative bites and fresh fish. The restaurant offers a special date night package with miso soup, fried calamari, sushi, and sashimi

Jpan Sushi

287 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
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Jpan Sushi serves classic sushi rolls in a minimalist setting. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner. The eatery is known for small plates and a great wine selection. The outdoor space surrounds guests with wood paneling and creates a cozy setting that feels like it is secluded. 

When I visited I enjoyed the seaweed salad, the beef negimaki, and the vegetable gyoza. I would also recommend the tuna dumpling and lobster wrap. Both the duet roll and the country roll are excellent; the specialty roll menu is extensive. Best part is that the staff here are some of the most friendly that I have had the pleasure to visit and the sushi never disappointed. 

Final Thoughts

Prospect Heights is a casual neighborhood with a large college aged population and many attractions that draw visitors to the area. From omakase dining to specialty sushi rolls, the eleven restaurants on this list are great options for lunch or dinner. Date nights are more exciting and group dinners are more comfortable in these sushi spots in Brooklyn. 

If you’re not in the mood for sushi in Prospect Heights, you might want to check out some places to grab brunch nearby in Crown Heights!

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment and we’ll check it out! 

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