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Get the freshest fish, shellfish, and more from these online delivery services.

Seafood delivery services provide excellent customer service by providing the freshest fish available. Often, when someone purchases fish in a grocery store, it has been previously frozen, then thawed and sold as fresh. While this practice is safe and common, for the freshest tasting catch, try a delivery service. 

Seafood delivery services connect customers with fisheries that practice sustainable acquisition of fish and aim to protect the environment while offering quality seafood. From Maryland to Washington to Florida, the companies that provide fresh seafood for delivery are skilled in safe overnight delivery and guest satisfaction. 

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Finding the best places that deliver seafood can be challenging, but we have compiled a list of the best options currently on the market. Getting fresh seafood delivered is convenient no matter where you live; start your path towards receiving delicious and fresh seafood by reviewing this list of the fifteen best seafood delivery services. 

Best Seafood Delivery Services

  1. Fulton Fish Market
  2. Sea to Table
  3. Lobster Anywhere
  4. Sitka Salmon Shares
  5. Honolulu Fish Company
  6. The Crab Place
  7. Riviera Seafood Club
  8. Browne Trading Co
  9. Lummi Island Wild
  10. Wild Alaskan Company
  11. Sizzle Fish
  12. Patagonia Provisions
  13. Thrive Market
  14. Vital Choice
  15. Taylor Shellfish Farms
  16. PureFish Grill Box
  17. Rastelli’s
  18. Wulf’s Fish

Fulton Fish Market

Since 1822, Fulton Fish Market has been selling the freshest seafood available and is one of the oldest markets in New York City and the country. In 2015, the market moved to a larger warehouse, enabling the company to expand into nationwide seafood delivery. 

The freshly caught fish arrive at the market each evening, then your order is prepared right away. Every order is carefully packaged with cold packs and shipped from the Fulton Fish Market’s Facility directly to your home within 48 hours. You can purchase fish as a regular delivery for yourself or send a filet as a gift. 

Sea to Table

Owner of Sea to Table, Sean Dimin, began his career as a fisherman and learned firsthand how fresh seafood is superior. Alongside his father and brothers, the family built a respectable fish delivery service. Bon Appetit and Forbes have listed the delivery service as the best way to get fresh fish. 

With fisheries from Washington to Florida to Maine, various fresh seafood is available to consumers, like Gulf Shrimp and Alaskan Black Cod. Notably, the service sells meal kits, like the Wild Fish Taco Kit and the Sushi Maki Box, allowing clients to enjoy fresh seafood in a curated recipe. 

Lobster Anywhere

Lobster Anywhere delivers fresh Maine lobster to customers’ doors with overnight shipping. Lobster Anywhere has shipped lobsters and fresh seafood across the country for more than thirty years, making the company the oldest live lobster shipping service anywhere. 

The live lobsters are shipped in a Styrofoam cooler and packed with seawater-soaked newspaper. Lobster Anywhere also sells and ships lobster tails, shrimp, and sea scallops. Ready-to-eat soups are also available; I enjoy the lobster bisque and the New England Clam Chowder. 

Sitka Salmon Shares

15 years ago in Carteret County, North Carolina, Sitka Salmon Shares was formed by local fishermen with a passion for community-based fisheries, ecosystem-based management, and honorable fishing practices. 

Since then, Sitka Salmon Shares has grown and evolved into a top-tier seafood delivery service. There’s no better delivery service for premium, wild-caught Alaskan seafood than Sitka Salmon Shares. By ordering from Sitka Salmon Shares, you’re supporting small-boat fishermen and their families so that you and your family can enjoy fresh Alaskan seafood. 

Honolulu Fish Company

Wayne Samiere, a marine biologist, founded the Honolulu Fish Company in 1995. Notably, the company is the only direct distributor offering sashimi-grade fish. In addition, the company is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly fishing practices. Indeed, Honolulu Fish Company’s seafood has been used and served on Food Network’s Iron Chef America. 

Whether you want to purchase fish filets or meal kits containing fresh seafood, the Honolulu Fish Company is a great option. Try the Hawaiian Ultra Ahi And King Salmon With Maki Roll Sushi Set for a fun at-home date night, or order the premium scallops for a decadent dinner. 

The Crab Place

Maryland is known for crabs and Old Bay, so it makes sense that one of the best seafood delivery services – The Crab Place – is based there. Greg and Matt Cain sell seafood caught by local fishermen. The service’s novel packing and speedy delivery process keep Maryland crabs and other seafood fresh. 

The Maryland lump crab cakes are a must-purchase, as are the Maryland crabs themselves. The Chesapeake Bay Oysters are also regionally specific to Maryland and are amazingly briny and delicious. Oprah’s magazine has even highlighted the crab marinara sauce sold by The Crab Place. 

Riviera Seafood Club

With only $150 minimum purchase, Riviera Seafood Club promises fresh seafood and free shipping to seafood lovers across the entire contiguous United States. 48 hours after placing your order, you’ll receive some of the highest-quality, freshest seafood available right at your doorstep. 

What I love about Riviera Seafood Club is having access to a wide variety of delicacies from the sea. I’m particularly partial to the wild-caught uni, but nothing quite melts in your mouth like fresh bluefin tuna belly. My favorite part about Riviera is that they have an entire category dedicated to never-frozen seafood, so you know you’re getting fish of the utmost quality. 

Browne Trading Co

For seafood and caviar, order from the Browne Trading Co. Established in 1991 near Portland, Maine’s Fishing District by Rod Browne Mitchell, the company offers fresh seafood and imported caviar. In addition, Browne Trading boasts a smokehouse on-site, which intensifies both the fresh and smoky flavors of their treated products. 

With sundry caviars ranging in price points, everyone can sample the delicacy; I particularly enjoyed the Caviar Giaveri Siberian. From the smokehouse, try the classic smoked salmon. Other fresh seafood options include Bluefin Tuna, Portuguese Sardines, Atlantic Halibut, and Scottish Sea Trout.

Lummi Island Wild

Lummi Island Wild delivery service offers a subscription box for those who want to keep a rotation of fresh seafood in their home. In addition, the fisheries associated with the company have been recognized as one of the top ten sustainable fishing operations globally. Indeed, in 2005, the entire fleet shifted to solar-powered boats. 

The delivery service offers six-ounce Baker King Salmon portions, Alaska Coho filets, and Salish Sea Halibut. In addition, the company sells combination boxes like the Wild Salmon combo, the Shisimi Lover’s combo, and the Non-Perishable sampler. If available, try the spot tail prawns! 

Wild Alaskan Company

Arron Kallenberg is the founder of the Wild Alaskan Company and believes that sustainable fishing is the key to dismantling the negative impacts of the global food industry. He was born in Alaska, and his father was a commercial fisherman. Kallenberg grew up eating fresh wild salmon and wants to share that experience with everyone. 

From Coho Salmon to Pacific Halibut, the company offers a variety of options for those seeking to purchase fresh seafood. The Wild Alaskan Company’s combo boxes make it easy for first-time purchasers — try the Wild White Fish Box or the Wild Combo Box.  


SizzleFish originated to break out of the traditional method of buying frozen seafood at a grocery store. They pack their fish with dry ice to keep them cool during shipping, and most orders are shipped the same day they are ordered. Most of the company’s fish is wild-caught, but they farm some to ensure lasting supply. 

Alaskan Sockeye Salmon and Chilean Sea Bass have been my favorite deliveries from SizzleFish, but I would recommend Atlantic Cod and Halibut as well. The company also sells gluten-free Maryland-style crab cakes! The Wild Ocean Blend box is perfect for a first-order because it contains salmon, cod, sablefish, and haddock. 

Patagonia Provisions

Patagonia Provisions is affiliated with the clothing company and holds the same values of remaining sustainably sourced and eco-friendly. The seafood delivery program aims to reduce industrial agriculture and provide a reasonable alternative to families. In addition, the packaged fish is perfect for a hiking or camping trip. Patagonia Provisions is excellent for those looking for sustainable options.

The Lemon Olive Spanish White Anchovies are a delicious, ready-to-eat, bite, and an inexpensive addition to your cart. In my opinion, adding anchovies to a pizza is a great recipe option! Also, try the mussels and wild salmon. Salmon is so versatile and can be eaten alone or paired with rice and vegetables. The Wild Sockeye Salmon box is a great purchase and includes the original and lemon pepper varieties. 

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a food delivery service that offers lots of organic products with the option to establish repeated deliveries based on time. Customers can build a list of foods with key filters applied, like gluten-free, organic, and vegan. Thrive Market is an excellent resource for people seeking to purchase all of their groceries online for home delivery. 

The Build-Your-Own seafood box is an excellent option for those who want sustainably sourced fresh fish and need a service that delivers various other pantry staples. The Wild Caught Shrimp and Sockeye Salmon are particularly delicious options. 

Vital Choice

Vital Choice was founded in 2001 and aimed to share the health benefits of eating Alaskan salmon with as many people as possible. The company donates portions of its profit to environmental sustainability programs. The company is headquartered in Bellingham, Washington, and the company’s leadership has more than fifty years of experience fishing the local waters. 

Vital Choice sells both fresh fish and shellfish but canned offerings as well. Try the fresh Mahi Mahi, Haddock, or Cod. The canned mussels and sardines are delicious. Additionally, Vital Choice sells bone broths and grass-fed bison and beef. Try poaching the fish in the bone for a delicious meal! 

Taylor Shellfish Farms

In the 1890s, long before overnight delivery, Taylor Shellfish Farms operated a fishery in the Pacific Northwest. The company dedicates itself to protecting the waters of Puget Sound. With the mantra “tide-to-table,” Taylor Shellfish Farms aims to provide access to fresh seafood to people across the country. 

The Paella Kit is such a fun cooking experience, and the taste is fantastic using the fresh seafood from the farm. The Trio Oyster Sampler is perfect for tasting the distinctive saltiness of Pacific Northwest oysters and their subtle differences. Additionally, order the farm-made garlic herb compound butter – there is no better addition to fresh seafood.

PureFish Grill Box

The Grill Box from PureFish offers sustainable packaging and free shipping. In addition, the box includes ready-to-grill seafood options, perfect for a party or outdoor celebration. PureFish uses and maintains the slogan “fresher than fresh.”

The box has creative options like Caribbean Cobia burgers and Arctik Salmon Hot Dogs. The Butterflied Rosé Snapper is my favorite grilled fish. The Wild Jumbo Mexican Shrimp is also great on a grill and dipped in melted butter.  


Since 1976, Rastelli’s has been offering fresh seafood and butchered meats to the community. The service provides the option of a one-time order or establishing a regular subscription. Rastelli’s works with farms and businesses worldwide to ensure the delivery of the freshest foods to its customers. 

The Faroe Island Salmon Filets are beautiful and clearly fresh. Also, try the Swordfish Steaks, the Icelandic Cod, and the Wild Caught Atlantic Flounder. Another of my favorite items from Rastelli’s is the Salmon Burger, ready to be grilled and paired with a potato bun and a fresh tomato. Finally, do not skip over the bacon-wrapped shrimp! 

Wulf’s Fish

Wulf’s Fish was established back in 1926 in Boston, Massachusetts by a man named Sam Wulf, and now it’s grown into one of the greatest seafood delivery services around. If it comes from the water and it tastes good, then you can count on Wulf’s Fish to supply it fresh and fast, right to your front door. 

It’s hard to come by a broader selection of fish, shellfish, and caviar than what’s available when ordering from Wulf’s Fish. You’ll find everything from fish collars and trout burgers to thick filets of all your favorite fish, not to mention all the lobster, crabs, and shrimp you could ever want. Be sure to look over their Limited Catch menu as well for tons of seafood you won’t find anywhere else. 

Final Thoughts

If you aim to eat healthier and add fresh seafood to your diet, a fresh seafood delivery service might be a good option. Most companies are very environmentally conscientious and go above and beyond to ensure their fish and seafood products are sustainably sourced. 

Notably, most companies listed here offer combination boxes that allow first-time buyers the chance to try various types of fresh fish to determine their favorites. Additionally, some companies offer in-house smoking or canning. This helps to hold and develop flavors more effectively since the fish is processed when incredibly fresh. For example, sardines take on a whole new taste when preserved within hours of being removed from the water. 

It is easy for fresh seafood to be delivered anywhere in America overnight with services located across the country. So whether you would like to order a few filets for weeknight dinners, a large box for a grilling party, a subscription package for continual fresh seafood, or a gift for a friend or family member, fast, fresh seafood delivery is a great option. 

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