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Where to Eat This Week in SoHo

The top rated restaurants in thi Soho neighborhood of New York City

SoHo is one of New York City’s most iconic neighborhoods, full of fabulous shopping, incredible scenery, and of course, spectacular food. It’s an artistic haven, a hip area full of New York’s most sophisticated residents and visitors. If you’re wondering about the name of this area in lower Manhattan – it stands for “South of Houston street.” 

Originally known as the “SoHo Cast Iron Historic District,” famous for its manufacturing, SoHo has evolved dramatically since the end of the War of 1812. However, you can still see many of the cast-iron facades today. 

group of people eating pasta and drinking wine at a restaurant in SoHo

I highly recommend that you take part in one of SoHo’s famous walking tours. Although the tours are technically free, they operate on a “pay what you want” or tip system. You’ll get to see all of the incredible architecture firsthand and get an authentic feel for the historical importance and relevance of SoHo. SoHo is also famous for its street art, art galleries, and host of museums.

There are activities for people of all ages too, including several children’s museums and playgrounds. Once you’re finished with your day of fun, make sure that you check out one of these top 27 SoHo restaurants that will certainly add to making your trip memorable. Read on to learn the ins and outs of where to eat in SoHo.

Best Restaurants in SoHo NYC

  1. Blue Ribbon Brasserie
  2. Shuka
  3. Raoul’s
  4. Aurora Soho
  5. Charlie Bird
  6. Jack’s Wife Freda
  7. Balthazar Restaurant New York
  8. Lure Fishbar
  9. Le Botaniste
  10. Boqueria
  11. Fanelli’s Cafe
  12. St Tropez Soho
  13. Bistro Les Amis
  14. San Carlo Osteria Piemonte
  15. Mamo Restaurant
  16. The Dutch
  17. Antique Garage
  18. Piccola Cucina Osteria Siciliana
  19. Galli
  20. Osteria Morini
  21. Alidoro
  22. Cafe Altro Paradiso
  23. Coco Pazzo
  24. Emmett’s
  25. La Mercerie
  26. Sadelle’s
  27. Omen Azen

Blue Ribbon Brasserie

97 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-274-0404
Visit Website

The Blue Ribbon Brasserie straddles the West Village and SoHo, making it a great stop if you’re getting off at the Spring St. metro station. It’s a SoHo legend that’s famous for its delectable food and inspired desserts. If you want a special treat, make sure that you try out their incredible paella. It’s the closest thing that you’ll find to Spain while you’re traveling in New York.

Additionally, the ribs and salmon are excellent choices. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always try the bone marrow or foie gras. At the Blue Ribbon Brasserie, their bone marrow is creamy, served at the perfect temperature, and is excellent for dipping crusty bread in. This restaurant also has an extensive wine list and plenty of inspired takes on traditional cocktails.


38 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-475-7500
Visit Website

Shuka enjoys a spot on the western part of SoHo, where you’ll have views of the colorful and historic MacDougal Street from the restaurant’s French doors. It’s the place to visit in SoHo if you want some great Middle Eastern food. Their offerings are fresh, authentic and will certainly keep you and your family satisfied. Stand-out dishes include fried halloumi, olive oil cake, flatbread, fattoush salad, and whipped feta and pistachio dip. One of the best aspects of this restaurant is that they take flavors that you’re familiar with and give them a fresh twist.

I found their Moroccan mint tea to be second to none, although cocktails are available for those who want something just a little bit stronger. As with the food at Shuka, the cocktails are inventive and exceptional, including flavors like red bell pepper, cardamom, and hibiscus.   


180 Prince St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-966-3518
Visit Website

Raoul’s enjoys a location less than two blocks away from Father Fagan Park and across the street from The Museum of Interesting Things Secret Speakeasy. It’s one of SoHo’s most famous restaurants, most notably known for its burgers, although the rest of their food is exceptional. The burgers take a simple formula and elevate it to brave and incredible new heights, using fine ingredients and balancing them perfectly. Ask for the au poivre sauce. You won’t regret it.

If burgers aren’t for you, you can always try the beef filet, white fish entree, or their iconic steak au poivre (seared peppercorn steak). As with any great restaurant specializing in burgers, the fries are to die for.  

Aurora Soho

510 Broome St, New York, NY 10013
Phone: 212-334-9020
Visit Website

No matter where you’re at in SoHo, getting to Aurora SoHo is easy, given that it sits on the corner of a five-way intersection in the western part of the district. It has a fantastic atmosphere and incredible food to match. It’s the ideal “date night” spot in SoHo. For starters, their wine list is comprehensive and contains more than a few pleasant surprises from all around the world. You can ask your server which one pairs best with your entree.

Additionally, the food is off the charts. Their squid ink pasta is both light and decadent at the same time, and their meatballs have just the right amount of crunch. If you’re looking for incredible Italian food in the heart of SoHo, this is one of the best places to eat.   

Charlie Bird

5 King St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-235-7133
Visit Website

Charlie Bird is a great restaurant to visit after catching a movie at the Film Forum or taking your kids to the Playground of the Americas. It has a reputation for serving up some of the best food in New York City in an unpretentious, welcoming setting. The only thing is this restaurant fills up fast, so make sure that you make your reservations well in advance, especially on the weekends.

Once you’ve arrived, try their classic dishes like roast chicken, salmon tartare, steak, and oysters. Their pasta is also totally on point, with several creative ravioli dishes and truffle gnocchi. Make sure that you save room for dessert! They have many different selections, each artistically prepared and presented.   

Jack’s Wife Freda

224 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-510-8550
Visit Website

Jack’s Wife Freda sits across from the beautiful brick-paved Lt. Petrosino Square and less than a block from the Spring Street metro station. If you’re looking for an authentic New York experience, Jack’s Wife Freda delivers. This place is pretty tiny, so make your reservations early. Their margaritas are exceptional and never taste artificial, and their food is a delightful fusion mix that will make you and your tastebuds happy.

Try the grilled halloumi with or without poached eggs, shakshuka, or mint tea. If you are interested in something just a little bit stronger, you really can’t go wrong with their Bloody Marys. Just like their margaritas, the Bloody Marys never taste overly processed. Everything is fresh, made to order, and delicious.

Balthazar Restaurant New York

80 Spring St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-965-1414
Visit Website

After shopping until you drop at SoHo’s Amazon store, head across Crosby Street and make your way to Balthazar, which faces Spring Street. This restaurant has some of the city’s best croissants: light, fluffy, and full of delicious buttery taste. But, if you want something a little bit heartier, try their grilled or roasted chicken, giant salads, or tartine.

One of the things that sets Balthazar apart and establishes it as a “must eat at” restaurant is its desserts. I found that even the simplest desserts get the five-star treatment at Balthazar. Their chocolate chip cookies are enormous, homemade, and bursting with chocolate and buttery flavors. Their pavlova is light and accompanied by a richly-flavored strawberry sauce.     

Lure Fishbar

142 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-431-7676
Visit Website

Lure Fishbar enjoys a privileged location in SoHo, sitting about four blocks from the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral and straddling Prince St. and Broadway-Lafayette St metro stations. Although Lure Fishbar is well-known for its seafood, its land offerings are pretty good too. This place is a local favorite for hamburgers and steaks, salads, and vegetable sides. Their cocktails are new spins on old classics, and the atmosphere at this restaurant is just plain cozy and comfortable. It’s hard to go wrong here.

If you opt for seafood, try the squid ink pasta, crab pasta, or scallops. Other stand-out dishes include the chicory salad, deviled eggs, grilled octopus, and salmon with miso glaze. So whether you want dishes from the land or the sea, you can’t go wrong at Lure Fishbar.   

Le Botaniste

127 Grand St, New York, NY 10013
Phone: 646-870-7770
Visit Website

After you work up an appetite exploring Little Italy, follow Grand Street a few blocks into SoHo, and you’ll arrive at Le Botaniste. Le Botaniste is a vegetarian’s dream, but even meat-eaters will love this gem of a restaurant. Some of the things that they’re most famous for are their soups and salads. They feature new soups daily, so you could eat here every day and not get bored.

Star items on the menu include the Moroccan tagine, green pea hummus, summer avocado appetizer, and all of the inspired dips and sauces that you can pair with freshly cut vegetables. Although you will be eating healthy, you won’t be missing out on any flavor at all.  


171 Spring St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-343-4255
Visit Website

Boqueria sits in the heart of SoHo, surrounded by shops along Spring and W Broadway streets where you can work off your meal by shopping. It offers a vast array of tapas and is widely considered to be one of the best restaurants in SoHo. Tapas are great because they are small, shareable, and you can try a bunch of different things without getting full. My advice is to try everything on the menu. You will not be disappointed!

The grilled octopus is fresh and lightly flavored. Their dates wrapped in bacon are a sophisticated take on a well-loved and straightforward recipe, and the mushroom balls are hearty and packed with flavor. Make sure that you save room for dessert. The churro with dulce de leche is a fabulous ending to what will be a memorable meal. 

Fanelli’s Cafe

94 Prince St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-226-9412
Visit Website

If hopping off a metro and into a restaurant is your thing, you’ll appreciate that the Prince Street metro station is just one block away from Fanelli’s Cafe.  Although Fanelli’s Cafe isn’t as fancy as some of the places on our list, it does have that dive bar charm and unpretentious atmosphere that makes it one of SoHo’s best restaurants. This place is relatively small, with only about six tables at any given time, so you might have to wait to be seated.

Fortunately, it’s worth the wait. If you like elevated bar food, this is the place for you. You can’t go wrong with the wings or one of their gigantic sandwiches. The chicken club sandwich is a local favorite, and their salads are excellent too. Ask for the homemade blue cheese dressing – I definitely recommend it!  

St Tropez Soho

194 Spring St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 917-261-4441
Visit Website

St Tropez Soho is an excellent stop on your way to or from Hudson Square, given that it sits near the district line. It’s a sophisticated place offering both classic and adventurous dishes. Their beef carpaccio is a local favorite, and it’s one of the best offerings in the city. You can also sample their zucchini tarte, grilled salmon, oysters, shrimp with aioli sauce, lamb shank, or perfectly prepared pork belly.

Wash it all down with authentic French wine. Your server can let you know which wines pair best with the dish of your choice so that your whole meal is a memorable and cohesive experience. Plus, the price is right, especially for SoHo.

Bistro Les Amis

180 Spring St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-226-8645
Visit Website

Bistro Les Amis is just two blocks from the Spring Street metro station, and it’s an excellent place to kickstart your exploration of SoHo, given that Spring Street crosses through the heart of the district. If you’re looking for the ideal place to have a romantic dinner, Bistro Les Amis is a solid choice. They have an impressive wine list from all over the world, as well as plenty of traditional and signature cocktails. Try the French onion soup. The onions are deeply caramelized, and the broth is richly flavored with a robust beefy taste.

The Bistro Les Amis also has excellent coffee prepared with care from the finest beans. So if you don’t feel like wine after your meal, savor a cup of their signature Americano. Excellent offerings at Bistro Les Amis include the chicken paillard, coq au vin, lamb chops, filet mignon, and cassoulet.  

San Carlo Osteria Piemonte

90 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-625-1212
Visit Website

San Carlo Osteria Piemonte enjoys a spot in the heart of SoHo, sitting between the intersections of the well-known Spring and Prince Streets. At San Carlo Osteria Piemonte, you can try dishes that you might not find on any other menu in the city. Although it’s an Italian place, the fare is varied and highly interesting. Their eggplant meatballs will satisfy both vegetarians and meat lovers, and their ravioli with artichokes and mint sauce is a lighter take on a classic dish. You’ll find traditional menu items at San Carlo Osteria Piemonte, but the real stand-outs are the unique dishes.

I’d recommend that you try the roasted duck breast, beef tartare, or wild boar. All of these dishes are prepared with ingredients that you’re familiar with but have a twist that I found to be both unexpected and delightful.  

Mamo Restaurant

323 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013
Phone: 646-964-4641
Visit Website

After you hop off at the Canal Street metro stop and check out the chess tables in Albert Capsouto Park, head a couple of blocks over to Mamo, a restaurant well-known for its next-level hospitality. The second you walk in, you can tell that this restaurant takes your overall experience seriously and will do what it takes to please the customer. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, with just enough of a sophisticated edge to it.

Of course, the food is excellent too. Some of their best dishes include fried artichokes, tuna with endive, and octopus. If you’re in the mood for something a little bit more on the heartier side, try their angel hair pasta and shrimp or branzino. The desserts at Mamo Restaurant are exceptional, too, especially the creme brulee.  

The Dutch

131 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012
Visit Website

The Dutch is only four blocks from Washington Square Park and sits in the northern corner of SoHo, making it a great place if you’re going to or coming from Greenwich Village. It specializes in pairing simple ingredients together to make extraordinary food. One of their most iconic dishes also happens to be the humblest; the spinach omelet. Try the Wagyu steak tartare, fried chicken, duck breast, or massive T-bone steaks if you want to sample some of their higher-end offerings. One of the best shareable appetizers is the shrimp cocktail.

Speaking of cocktails, they are second to none at The Dutch. Aside from their extensive wine list, you can enjoy excellent cocktails for every taste and budget. Whatever you do, make sure that you save room for their New York cheesecake. Even native New Yorkers agree that it’s one of the best in the city.  

Antique Garage

41 Mercer St, New York, NY 10013
Phone: 212-219-1019
Visit Website

The Antique Garage straddles SoHo and Lower Manhattan, and it’s also only about five blocks from the start of the Little Italy district. It lives up to its name; it’s actually an old garage converted into a restaurant. With a unique design, excellent location, and good spread of Mediterranean and Greek food, this restaurant is a “must try” the next time you find yourself in SoHo.

Antique Garage is a great brunch place. You’ll find traditional brunch favorites, like egg dishes or more adventurous Mediterranean fare if you want it. Try the lamb and yogurt or the shareable cheese plate. If you want a libation to go with your meal, their jalapeno margaritas are excellent, as is their wine selection.

Piccola Cucina Osteria Siciliana

75 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 646-781-9183
Visit Website

Piccola Cucina Osteria Siciliana is in the western part of SoHo, around the corner from Spring Street and surrounded by shopping opportunities. It’s another SoHo stand-out that has tremendous service. It’s an excellent place to stop for cocktails or to share some appetizers. One of the top apps at this SoHo favorite is the rice ball. It’s crunchy on the outside and creamy inside for the perfect balance.

The spaghetti and sea urchins are another local favorite, and it utilizes an often-ignored ingredient to significant effect. I found the green tagliatelle and meatballs to be excellent, and their cannolis will make you feel like you’ve been transported directly to Italy.    


45 Mercer St, New York, NY 10013
Phone: 212-966-9288
Visit Website

Galli sits in southern SoHo, on the edge of Lower Manhattan and between the Canal and Spring Street metro stations. It’s famous for its exciting takes on pasta and its fresh fish. If you love either, you need to make it one of your “must stop” places on your next trip to Soho. Their Frito Misto is exceptional. It’s not greasy at all but light and delicately flavored. Try the tuna tartare for a special treat or the fried mozzarella chips for a sophisticated take on a pub food class.

The beef ragu is out of this world, as is the chicken as broccoli rabe. As with all of the best restaurants in SoHo, this one has a great wine list, and you can order by the glass or bottle.  

Osteria Morini

218 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-965-8777
Visit Website

Osteria Morini is just across the street from Lt. Petrosino Square, which you can access via the intersections of either Kenmare or Spring Street. If you’re looking for casual Italian fare with excellent food, Osteria Morini is a good bet for you. Spearheaded by Chef Michael White, this restaurant specializes in elevating rustic cuisine, specifically from the Emilia-Romagna area of Italy. All of the dishes are meant to be shared, so make sure you bring your appetite and some friends.

One thing that you’ll notice right away is how fresh the pasta is. At Osteria Morini, they make it fresh and prepare each entree to your specifications. You can also customize dishes to fit your specific needs.  


105 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10016
Phone: 212-334-5179
Visit Website

Alidoro is a restaurant beside Vesuvio in SoHo, a park where you can play basketball and enjoy a wading pool. It does one thing really well – making some of the best sandwiches in the entire city. This Italian shop offers a variety of sandwiches made with the freshest ingredients around. Two of the key highlights are the Dondolo and Donatella. Each one of these sandwiches comes with fresh mozzarella and cured meats. 

The Soprano is another favorite, with prosciutto, tapenade, bell peppers, and plenty of fresh mozzarella. Although many of their sandwiches contain meat, you can certainly go for vegetarian options as well. Just ask, and their staff will be sure to customize your order for you. 

Cafe Altro Paradiso

234 Spring St, New York, NY 10013
Phone: 646-952-0828
Visit Website

Cafe Altro Paradiso enjoys an ideal location in front of the beautiful Spring Street Park, where there are benches to relax beneath the shade of towering trees after your meal. It’s a sophisticated Italian-themed restaurant with a small menu of excellent food. Everything on their menu is perfectly prepared, and you can tell that the recipes were painstakingly tailored to give you the best possible dining experience. 

Try the fennel salad, Berkshire pork chop, cacio e pepe, fresh pasta, and chocolate torte. Your server will be happy to recommend the ideal bottle of wine to go with your meal or a classic cocktail that will take it to the next level. This cozy restaurant tends to get busy, so it’s a good idea to make reservations, especially on the weekends.   

Coco Pazzo

307 Spring St, New York, NY 10013
Phone: 646-850-1003
Visit Website

Coco Pazzo Trattoria sits less than three blocks back from the Hudson River on the west side of SoHo. It’s the place to go in SoHo if you want Tuscan food at reasonable prices. Like many of the best Italian restaurants on our list, this one makes its own pasta, and you really can’t go wrong with just about anything on the menu. Coco Pazzo is small, so call ahead for reservations.

Make sure that you opt for the bread, and consider getting a Caesar salad to share. Both are excellent options. Additionally, their salmon is great, as is the pollo saltimbocca, stracotte e pappardelle, and the toscana soup. Save room for dessert and their signature limoncello!


50 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 917-639-3571
Visit Website

Emmett’s sits on the northern corner of SoHo with South Village, between the metro stations Houston Street and Spring Street. It’s a great place to take a break from traditional New York-style pizza. This SoHo favorite specializes in deep-dish style pizza and is a fantastic place to get your comfort food fix. Try out their deep-dish sausage and pepperoni pizza with a garlic crust. Every bite is full of cheese, meat, and garlic flavor.

If you’re having trouble making up your mind, their helpful wait staff will undoubtedly be able to guide you in the right direction. Plus, there’s a whole section of cold drinks to wash down your deep-dish pie.  

La Mercerie

53 Howard St, New York, NY 10013
Phone: 212-852-9097
Visit Website

La Mercerie is around the corner from the Canal Street metro station on the southern side of SoHo. Although you can visit La Mercerie at any time of the year, this SoHo favorite is best in the summer months when you can sit on their outdoor patio. The decor at La Mercerie is undoubtedly exceptional, with an emphasis on greenery and contemporary design. The food is simple, perfectly prepared, and great for sharing.

There’s an excellent cheese plate, plenty of large salads, and a whole dessert menu to choose from. Try the mustard chicken or the tart tartine if you want to taste flawlessly prepared favorites. Their wine and cocktail list is also extensive and creatively selected. 


463 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-776-4926
Visit Website

Sadelle’s is at the northern part of SoHo, less than a block from the massive W. Houston Street and at the start of W. Broadway Street. It’s a great place to go for brunch. If you’ve wanted to taste authentic, New York-style bagels, I’d say that this is the place to do it. You can actually see the bagels being made right in front of you. Take your fresh bagel and top it with many delightful ingredients, like cured salmon or whitefish.

You can also go for traditional breakfast and brunch favorites, like Eggs Benedict and Bloody Marys. Make sure that you try their famous sticky buns and a cup of hot, freshly prepared coffee. Sadelle’s tends to get pretty busy, so pack your patience as well as your appetite. 

Omen Azen

113 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-925-8923
Visit Website

Omen Azen sits less than three blocks from the SoHo Playhouse theater and is near the Hudson Square district border. If you’re craving Japanese food, you should certainly check out Omen Azen. This intimate Japanese restaurant is a quaint, small, quiet place that you have to really look for to find. But, trust me, it’s totally worth it. Omen Azen is known for its fantastic service and fresh seafood menu. 

Try the tuna tartare. It’s perfectly seasoned, and the fish tastes like someone has plucked it from the sea minutes before. The green tea chocolate tiramisu is fabulous, as are their beef options. Omen Azen has plenty of Kobe beef on the menu, so you know that you’re getting serious quality. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re visiting New York City, you need to make a point to check out SoHo. It’s the city’s artistic heart, full of fantastic galleries, plenty of shopping, and some of the best dining around. Whether you’re in the mood for some authentic, classic Italian cuisine, or some of the best Japanese food this side of the Pacific, SoHo has got you covered.  

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Did we leave one of your favorite SoHo restaurants off the list? Let us know in the comments below. 

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