Top 41 Restaurants in New Orleans

Enjoy amazing food at our favorite spots around the city.

New Orleans is one of the most unique and historic cities in the United States. With dozens of cultures coming together in one city, there’s so much to see and experience here.There’s always something to do.

chef prepares beef ribs at new orleans louisiana restaurant

The Big Easy is rich in culture and has plenty of museums. If you have a morbid fascination with death, The Museum of Death is something you’ll want to do while in town.

They also have a beautiful Aquarium and Zoo near the river if you’re going to spend your day learning about different animals.

Most people head to New Orleans to see the famous Bourbon Street. This lively and bar-lined street is possibly one of the most famous streets in the country. You can even see the American Horror Story Coven House in the French Quarter.

While you’re exploring the city, you’ll need to stop and eat, so here are some of the best restaurants in New Orleans.

GW Fins

808 Bienville St, New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: 504-581-3467
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Two minutes from the Museum of Death on Bienville Street is GW Fins. This upscale restaurant is warm and inviting while featuring a simple nautical aesthetic.

The restaurant is in a renovated warehouse, and you can still see elements of the buildings’ past life in the architecture.

GW Fins serves some of the freshest seafood in New Orleans. Their menu is often changing to accommodate what’s fresh and new ideas from the chefs.

They don’t receive the daily catch until 4 pm, so the menu may vary from what’s online. I loved the lobster dumplings and their dry-aged tuna ribeye.


2800 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: 504-265-0421
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Near the Irish Channel neighborhood of NOLA is Coquette. This beloved restaurant is trendy and features several hanging chandeliers throughout.

While the atmosphere is more chic and modern, the restaurant still has plenty of traditional wood fixtures throughout and looks older on the outside.

Coquette is known for serving elevated versions of classic American cuisine. They’re also famous for their delicious craft cocktails.

The menu options are minimal, but they’re all delicious and worth trying. I went with their half-fried chicken with a potato puree and broccoli salad. Their Japanese Whiskey was my favorite cocktail.


701 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-524-4114
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On one of the most bustling streets in New Orleans, St. Charles Avenue, sits Herbsaint. This delicious restaurant is less than 500 feet from Lafayette Square and is a beautiful light brick building with outdoor seating and brick sidewalks. If the weather is nice and they have tables available, you have to sit outside.

When you eat at Herbsaint, you can expect to see a menu full of American and French cuisine. I was able to stop in for lunch and enjoyed their gumbo and cornmeal-fried oysters.

They were heavenly. The server recommended their grilled tuna sandwich if you’re looking for something heartier to fill you up.

Commander’s Palace

1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-899-8221
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Commander’s Palace has been a landmark in New Orleans since 1893. Nestled on the beautiful tree-lined street, Washington Avenue, this is a place you have to try before leaving town.

You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see a vibrant, white, and teal building. Not only is this a popular choice in the Garden District, but people from all over also come to NOLA to try their food.

This restaurant serves elegant Creole cuisine, and it’s some of the best you’ll have. Everyone was raving about their Sunday Jazz brunch, but I was able to stop in for dinner.

I enjoyed their turtle soup and then shared their veal chops with my friend. Their goat and Creole cream cheese grits were the perfect side dish.

Dooky Chase Restaurant

2301 Orleans Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone: 504-821-0600
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A mile from Louis Armstrong Park is Dooky Chase Restaurant. The building is an ample brick space with green windows and shutters on the outside.

Since 1941, people have come to Dooky Chase Restaurant for the delicious food and sense of family.

Famous Creole chef Leah Chase serves patrons her traditional Creole dishes here. Many of the dishes are ones she grew up eating or developed as she got older.

You have to start your meal off with their shrimp Dooky. It’s Creole boiled shrimp with deviled eggs and pickled okra.

Other popular dishes are their Southern fried chicken, pork chops, and gumbo. If you can save room for dessert, their peach cobbler is to die for.


901 Louisiana Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: 504-891-9626
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In the Irish Channel neighborhood of New Orleans, on Louisiana Avenue, is Atchafalaya. The building is large, has high ceilings and orange and red accents on the inside and outside.

They have a large chalkboard sign out front, making it easy to find the restaurant. The atmosphere is lively yet relaxed.

Atchafalaya serves what they call creative Louisiana fare. They’re open for lunch and dinner, but their weekend brunch is very popular with the locals.

Their menus are filled with seafood, gumbo, and other Southern dishes. If you’re there for brunch, I can’t recommend their duck hash or Gulf fish island curry enough. 

LUVI Restaurant

5236 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: 504-605-3340
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You’ll find LUVI Restaurant in West Riverside on Tchoupitoulas Street. This small and intimate restaurant features blue walls and beautiful decor throughout.

The interior has traditional wood tables, but the chairs have a beautiful floral design which adds character to the space.

LUVI’s menu features the perfect combination of Chinese and Japanese cuisine. They have a raw bar, dumplings, noodles, and plenty of rice dishes.

Their bam bam chicken is frequently ordered, as is their curried flavored dumplings. Regardless of what you choose to eat, you’ll want to check out their extensive sake selection.

Paladar 511

511 Marigny St, New Orleans, LA 70117
Phone: 504-509-6782
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On Marigny Street, close to the Mississippi River, is Paladar 511. This sleek restaurant has ample space with high ceilings, a loft upstairs, bright white walls, and rustic decor.

The restaurant is very open, and there’s plenty of natural light from the large windows. Everyone is amicable and knowledgeable about the dishes they serve there.

Paladar 511 serves authentic Italian cuisine for dinner and weekend brunch. Their menu changes often to ensure they’re using the freshest ingredients for the dishes.

They have small plates, salads, pasta dishes, pizza, and more. The squid ink spaghetti was my favorite entree, and the buttermilk panna cotta was divine.

Compère Lapin

535 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-599-2119
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Compère Lapin is on Tchoupitoulas Street near the Kimpton Hotel Fontenot. As you approach the restaurant, there are plenty of plants between their outdoor tables.

These are perfect tables when the weather isn’t too hot. The interior features brick walls, dim lighting at night, and plenty of natural light during the daytime.

The cuisine at Compère Lapin is a combination of upscale Caribbean and European food with New Orleans flavors.

The menu is limited, but everything’s made to perfection. I started my meal with crispy pickles and hot sauce. Then I tried the lentil and coconut soup and the curried goat.

La Petite Grocery

4238 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: 504-891-3377
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La Petite Grocery is on Magazine Street in the Touro neighborhood. The restaurant is in an 1800s grocery store.

The building is beautiful, with large blue doors and a covering that wraps around the building to cover all the outside tables.

The chefs prepare everything from scratch at La Petite Grocery. The cuisine is traditional Louisiana fare and a restaurant that needs to be on your list if you’re heading to the Big Easy.

The most commonly ordered dishes are blue crab beignets, roasted lamb t-bones, and Gulf shrimp and grits.

Pêche Seafood Grill

800 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-522-1744
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You can reach Pêche Seafood Grill by foot in four minutes from the National WWII Museum. The restaurant features concrete floors, weathered wood tables, and a beautiful seafoam green accent wall. The decor is nautical yet elegant.

As the name may suggest, you’ll find some fantastic seafood at this restaurant. Chefs cook the food on a coal grill, and they have a raw bar.

The seafood salad on the raw bar is delicious and worth trying. The perfect meal was the grilled tuna with butternut squash and a fresh green salad.

Tan Dinh

1705 Lafayette St, Gretna, LA 70053
Phone: 504-361-8008
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Tan Dinh is near Mel Ott Park on Lafayette Street. The outside is pretty unassuming and a simple brick building with a large sign.

The inside is spacious, brightly lit, and has a casual atmosphere. Besides the relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff, people love Tan Dinh because the portion sizes are large.

The cuisine at Tan Dinh is authentic Vietnamese. There are noodle soups, noodle dishes, appetizers, and rice dishes.

People love their garlic chicken wings, lemongrass pork skewers, and their Pho is impressive. I tried the beef ball Pho and was not disappointed. I ordered an egg roll on the side which was crispy and delicious.

Toups Meatery

845 N Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone: 504-252-4999
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Toups Meatery is only an eight-minute walk from McDonogh Oak in City Park. This restaurant is owned and operated by the Toups family, who have roots in the city for over 300 years.

They opened Toups Meatery in 2012 to share their love of Louisiana cuisine with locals and visitors. The space is casual, and the outside features murals.

The menu features plenty of meat dishes and Cajun cuisine. Most people love starting their meal here with the meat board.

It consists of several cured types of meat and condiments. I loved their jumbo lump crab salads, but the BBQ Mississippi rabbit that my friend ordered was delicious too.

Brigtsen’s Restaurant

723 Dante St, New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone: 504-861-7610
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Brigtsen’s Restaurant is about a mile from the Audubon Zoo on the Mississippi River. The restaurant is inside a quaint French cottage on Dante Street.

The atmosphere is warm and intimate. Chef Frank Brigtsen has a passion for sharing meals with people, and it shows through the dishes prepared.

Chef Brigtsen serves delicious, modern Creole food. The butternut shrimp bisque is the best appetizer.

Depending on how much you want, you can order it in a bowl or a cup. The veal parmesan looked fabulous, but I settled on the broiled Gulf fish with crab crust and a lemon sauce.

Doris Metropolitan New Orleans

620 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-267-3500
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Doris Metropolitan New Orleans is next to Jackson Square on Chartres Street. The restaurant is on the corner and has a beautiful black fence on the balcony upstairs that wraps around the building. My favorite part of the restaurant, besides the food, is the patio in the middle of the restaurant.

The cuisine at Doris Metropolitan is upscale steaks and other meats. The dishes are modern while embracing Middle Eastern heritage.

They have plenty of cuts of steak for you to choose from. I went with the ten-ounce butcher cut. They cooked it perfectly, and it came with a delicious mushroom ragu.

Gabrielle Restaurant

2441 Orleans Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone: 504-603-2344
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For some of the best Cajun food in New Orleans, you need to check out Gabrielle Restaurant. On Orleans Avenue sits this royal blue bungalow with yellow accents.

You can immediately tell how passionate the family that runs the joint is about their food when you walk in. The atmosphere is warm and unpretentious.

If you’re someone like me who loves to check the menu online before going to a restaurant, there’s something you need to know.

The menu may vary when you’re in person if the market price has changed or if they can’t get fresh ingredients. I had the Mojo marinated pork chop, which was the perfect dish.

Parkway Bakery & Tavern

538 Hagan Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone: 504-482-3047
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You’ll find Parkway Bakery and Tavern a short walk from Easton Park. This low-key joint has been a popular hangout for locals since 1911 when it first opened.

It’s comfortable and the type of place you want to hang out at after work or when friends are visiting the town.

Parkway Bakery and Tavern is known for its po’boys, cookies, and potato salad. Don’t worry. They have other side dishes for your sandwich too.

I went with their half shrimp and half catfish po’boy with a side of their homemade potato salad. I grabbed a local craft beer to help wash it all down.


417 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-525-9711
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Less than half a mile from The Pharmacy Museum is Brennan’s. The restaurant is in a beautiful pink building with white doors.

When you walk inside, you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. The decor is stunning with subtle pink velvet chairs, white tablecloths, and chandeliers.

Brennan’s is a fine dining restaurant that specializes in Creole dishes. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner here so that you can enjoy a great meal regardless of the time of day.

I ended up ordering their smoked scallops, which were delicious. Whatever you order, you can’t leave without trying their famous bananas foster for dessert.

Cochon Restaurant

930 Tchoupitoulas St suite a, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-588-2123
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Cochon Restaurant is near the New Orleans Convention Center. If you see a wooden sign above the door saying butcher, you’re in the right place.

The restaurant boasts a modern aesthetic with dark floors, wood tables, and metal features. It’s a lively restaurant but also very laid back.

The cuisine at Cochon is Cajun, but they have a large variety of park dishes. They have more than pork, though.

My favorite dish was their fried catfish with grits, greens, and delicious cured pork with a chili sauce. I can’t go anywhere without a side dish or two to sample, and the mac and cheese casserole was what dreams are made of.


1800 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-272-0241
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You’ll find the two-story restaurant, Gris-Gris, half a mile from the Buckner Mansion. The restaurant is modern, chic, and the best spot to eat is on the balcony upstairs if you can snag a seat there. Even though it opened pretty recently in 2018, it’s become a hotspot for a nice night out amongst locals.

Gris-Gris serves elevated Southern dishes for brunch, lunch, and dinner. I was able to stop in for lunchtime, which was a great choice.

They have a unique take on Southern dishes like my new favorite salad, the deviled egg steak salad. Before my salad, I tried oyster pie, which I’d never had before. I’m glad I did.

Mais Arepas

1200 Carondelet St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-523-6247

Two minutes from Lee Circle is Mais Arepas. This bright restaurant features beautiful blue flooring, red leather booths, and a lovely wooden bar in the center of the space. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see a bright white building with black accents. 

Mais Arepas serves authentic Colombian food. They have several traditional dishes, but the real stars of the show here are their arepas.

I chose their sampler plate, which includes three mini arepas. One skirt steak, one chicken, and one pork shoulder with cojita cheese and salsa. I highly recommend the sampler if you can’t decide which arepa recipe to choose.


813 Bienville St, New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: 504-523-5433
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Down the street from The Museum of Death is Arnaud’s. This restaurant has been a staple in the Big Easy since 1918.

The atmosphere is upscale with high ceilings, tile flooring, white pillars, and chandeliers throughout. The live jazz music is a nice touch and adds something unique to the dining experience.

This classic New Orleans restaurant serves Creole cuisine. Their menu for dinner is a la carte and has plenty of seafood and Southern dishes you’ll love.

I had to order their oysters Arunaud’s because it comes with one of all four of their baked oyster recipes. For my dinner, I went with the duck breast.


625 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-265-8123
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Only a few feet from Jackson Square and The Cabildo in the French Quarter is Sylvain. The restaurant is in a former carriage house and features a beautiful patio. Sylvain has dark wood and black features on the walls, flowers on the tables, and modern artwork.

Sylvain is a gastropub that serves classic American fare. Many of the dishes are Southern-inspired and resemble all there is to love about New Orleans.

If you’re looking for a snack to eat while you try their unique cocktails, their cast iron cornbread is delightful. I wasn’t sure what to order, so I went with their classic burger, and it was simple yet delicious.

Willa Jean

611 O’Keefe Ave, New Orleans, LA 70113
Phone: 504-509-7334
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You’ll find Willa Jean less than a mile from Club XLIV on O’Keefe Avenue. Will Jean is a rustic-chic restaurant with worn brick walls, concrete flooring, and bright white tables.

The bar is long and offers ample seating if you don’t want to sit at a standard table. The restaurant is lively throughout the day, but lunch is bustling.

Willa Jean is a Southern restaurant and bakery. They have a full menu with Southern dishes, coffees, teas, baked goods, and cocktails.

Everything looked delicious on their menu, but I can’t go to a Southern restaurant for brunch and not order biscuits and gravy.

It was rich and delicious. One of the best things on their menu is their milk and cookies. You get a cup of milk, a chocolate chip cookie, and a spoonful of edible cookie dough.

Willie Mae’s Scotch House

2401 St Ann St, New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone: 504-822-9503
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For some of the best Southern cuisine in New Orleans, you need to head to Willi Mae’s Scotch House. This casual and humble restaurant is near the Seventh Ward on St. Ann Street.

The restaurant is on the corner and is white and green on the outside. Since 1957, this has been a popular place for locals and visitors.

Willie Mae’s is known for its fried chicken, catfish, and Southern side dishes. Since I’d never been there before, people told me that I had to try the Willie Mae chicken sandwich. It came with homemade pickles, slaw, and honey.

It was one of the best I’ve ever had. Their mac and cheese was decadent and the perfect side to my sandwich.

Saffron Nola

4128 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: 504-323-2626
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If you’re on the hunt for authentic Indian food in New Orleans, Saffron Nola is the place for you. Saffron Nola is on Magazine Street in the Touro neighborhood.

The restaurant is warm with dim lighting, warm earth tones, red velvet chairs, and friendly staff.

Saffron Nola has authentic Indian food that’s served in an elegant space. Their menu has all the flavors you’d find at another Indian restaurant and an abundance of seafood options due to being on the Gulf Coast. The nariyal Gulf was spicy and delicious. Don’t forget to order some naan with your meal.

Casamento’s Restaurant

4330 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: 504-895-9761
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Casamento’s Restaurant is only a few feet down the street from Saffron Nola. The building is relatively small, white, and has a sign that says oysters under the restaurant’s name. The interior is stunning with white tiles, light blue accents, and a cash-only joint.

Casamento’s has been serving delicious oysters and other seafood dishes since opening in 1919. For a starter, you can’t go wrong with their charbroiled oysters or their warm oyster stew.

The softshell crab dinner was delightful. You get a fried crab, French fries, slaw, and a pickle. If you have room for dessert, their cheesecake is the way to go.


209 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-525-2021
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Galatoire’s is on one of the most famous streets in the United States, Bourbon Street. This fine-dining restaurant is the perfect spot for date night, celebrating a milestone, or treating yourself. The servers are in white coats with black bow ties, and there is a dress code for guests.

The cuisine at Galatoire’s is elegant French and Creole. The menu features oysters, seafood, chicken dishes, gumbo, and more.

Their duck and andouille gumbo is one of the best ways to start your meal. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but I loved the shrimp creole with rice.

Batture Bistro and Bar

111 Iberville St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-699-8021
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Batture Bistro and Bar is minutes away from the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas on Iberville Street. You’ll find the restaurant inside of the One11 Hotel.

The space is vibrant, with shades of green and gold throughout the restaurant. My favorite thing about this restaurant is the oversized, comfy couch in the center of the space.

They serve brunch, small plates, and cocktails at this bar and restaurant. I stopped in for brunch and was not disappointed.

They have plenty of sweet and savory options. I loved the bananas foster Belgian waffles. Their deviled eggs were fantastic too.


529 Bienville St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-529-8811
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Irene’s is around the corner from the House of Blues New Orleans on Bienville Street. Irene’s is an elegant space that’s usually bustling.

The atmosphere is lively, sophisticated but also very welcoming. People love dining here and hanging around near the piano bar, listening to music.

Irene’s serves Italian cuisine. They have all your favorite Italian dishes like chicken parmesan, meatballs, oysters, garlic bread, and more.

I ordered a caesar salad and their lasagna bolognese. Everything was delicious and made perfectly. Their wine list is impressive, and there’s something to pair with all their menu items.

Bywater American Bistro

2900 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70117
Phone: 504-605-3827
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Bywater American Bistro is on Chartres Street, right near Crescent Park. You’ll know you’ve found the right place when you see a large brick building with plenty of greenery on the outside. The traditional brick extends to many restaurants’ walls, relaxing the vibe.

The cuisine at Bywater American Bistro is classic American, where the chefs utilize fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Since they strive to use only fresh and local ingredients, the menu is changing based on availability. My favorite dish was the cavatelli pasta with pork belly, shrimp, and clams.


301 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-299-9777
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August is a French restaurant in the heart of New Orleans on Tchoupitoulas Street. Several flags fly from the restaurant’s second floor, and the interior is stunning.

It features elegant and original architecture with hardwood floors, antique mirrors, and columns.

The cuisine here is contemporary Louisiana fare. This style combines French, Creole, and American cuisine into one unique menu.

The menu is limited and broken down into courses. I started with the red shrimp salad, then had the poached lobster tail, the scallop almandine, and the warm chocolate souffle to finish my meal.


611 O’Keefe Ave, New Orleans, LA 70113
Phone: 504-518-6345
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You’ll find Maypop less than a mile from Lafayette Square. The restaurant is contemporary, with shades of blue, hanging plants, and large paintings hanging from the walls.

The atmosphere is friendly, and the staff makes you feel immediately welcome when you walk in.

The cuisine at Maypop is genuinely unique. They feature a combination of American and Southern Asian cuisine.

The menu includes cured meats, traditional Asian plates, and pasta dishes. Their most popular dishes are their roasted bone marrow and Gulf shrimp ravioli.

Restaurant R’evolution

777 Bienville St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-553-2277
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Restaurant R’evolution is steps away from Galatoire’s on Bienville Street. Restaurant R’evolution is a luxurious spot within a hotel.

The decor is glamorous, colorful, and you’ll feel like the most important person in the room when you dine here. One of the best parts of this joint is their 10,000 bottle wine cellar.

The cuisine is upscale Creole fare. There are plenty of seafood options, a raw bar, cured meats, house-made kinds of pasta, and more on the menu.

Everything looked fabulous on the menu, but I noticed that certain dishes were marked as “our choice,” so I used that to guide me. The duck confit ravioli was worth it.


333 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-378-2840
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Across the street from the Intercontinental Hotel on St. Charles Avenue is Luke. The restaurant has simple decor featuring white and dark brown accents and modern chandeliers hanging overhead. The atmosphere is friendly yet sophisticated.

The menu at Luke features a combination of German and French cuisine. They also have plenty of French wine and German beers to sip on while you enjoy your meal.

They’re open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that you can eat here at almost any time of the day. The pork schnitzel and baked jalapeno cheese grits were my favorite dishes.

Oceana Grill

739 Conti St, New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: 504-525-6002
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Less than a mile from The Pharmacy Museum is Oceana Grill. This laid-back restaurant features blue walls, a casual atmosphere, and a lovely patio with beautiful flowers and greenery. The place almost resembles a classic diner because they’re open for every meal of the day.

Oceana Grill has a little bit of everything on the menu. They have seafood, classic diner food, burgers, french toast, omelets, and so much more.

I popped in for lunch, so I ordered from that menu rather than their breakfast. The fried Louisiana oyster po’boy was crispy and delicious.

Jamila’s Cafe

7808 Maple St, New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone: 504-866-4366
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Jamila’s Cafe is on Maple Street in the Uptown/Carrollton neighborhood. The restaurant has wood floors, all wood-paneled walls, and white tablecloths on the tables.

People love this restaurant because, on the weekends, you can dine while professional belly dancers perform for you.

This restaurant serves the perfect combination of Creole and Mediterranean dishes. Jamila’s Cafe serves seafood, poultry, other meats, and several vegetarian dishes.

My friend and I decided to share the Mediterranean shrimp and couscous with chicken. Both were exceptional. I couldn’t eat dessert, but I heard the creme brulee is to die for.

Barrow’s Catfish

8300 Earhart Blvd Suite 103, New Orleans, LA 70118
Phone: 504-265-8995
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You’ll find Barrow’s Catfish on Earhart Boulevard north of Uptown. Barrow’s Catfish looks unassuming from the outside, but many of the best restaurants do.

This small brick restaurant has plenty of character and some of the best food in New Orleans. The inside is casual but more sophisticated looking than the outside leads on.

Barrow’s serves plenty of seafood dishes and Southern cuisine. People rave about their seafood gumbo and their fried catfish platters.

I went with a classic, two-piece catfish platter that came with some of the best potato salad I’ve had.

Domilise’s Po-Boy & Bar

5240 Annunciation St, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: 504-899-9126
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In West Riverside on Annunciation Street is Domilise’s Po-Boy and Bar. The restaurant is housed in a weathered yellow building and has been around since 1924 when Miss Dot started sharing her sandwiches with the people of New Orleans.

The atmosphere feels like you’ve walked into your grandmother’s home: warm and comforting.

Domilise’s is a counter service restaurant with plenty of po’boys and draft beer for you to enjoy. The sandwiches range from chicken, meatball, shrimp, and more.

I went with their cheeseburger po’boy, and it was everything I thought it would be. They have cupcakes for dessert, which are scrumptious.

Gautreau’s Restaurant

1728 Soniat St, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: 504-899-7397
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Gautreau’s Restaurant is about a mile from Loyola University. This secluded restaurant features lush greenery and an elegant setting perfect for a lovely evening in the town. The building that Gautreau’s is currently in used to be a pharmacy.

When you dine at Gautreau’s, you can expect to see a menu filled with American and French cuisine.

Some notable menu items are their maple-glazed pork belly, filet mignon, the Moroccan braised lamb neck, and the beef tartare.

I went with the lamb neck, and it was juicy and tender. The caramelized banana split was the perfect way to end my meal.

Charlie’s Steak House

4510 Dryades St, New Orleans, LA 70115
Phone: 504-895-9323
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For a delicious steak, you need to head to Charlie’s Steak House. This joint is on Dryades Street near Samuel Square. Charlie’s is in a brick building and has been open since 1932.

The inside feels like a traditional American steakhouse with warm lighting, a wine wall, and knowledgeable staff.

Their steaks are the stars of the show here, but they have plenty of other non-steak dishes if you’re interested in something else.

The center cut NY strip was my favorite cut, and for my sides, I tried their potatoes au gratin and sauteed mushrooms.

Final Thoughts

As you eat your way through New Orleans, you’ll find a variety of cultures ready to share their cuisine with you.

From Creole, traditional American cuisine, Italian, and more, you won’t go hungry when you visit the Big Easy.

Best Restaurants in New Orleans

  1. GW Fins
  2. Coquette
  3. Herbsaint
  4. Commander’s Palace
  5. Dooky Chase Restaurant
  6. Atchafalaya
  7. LUVI Restaurant
  8. Paladar 511
  9. Compère Lapin
  10. La Petite Grocery
  11. Pêche Seafood Grill
  12. Tan Dinh
  13. Toups Meatery
  14. Brigtsen’s Restaurant
  15. Doris Metropolitan New Orleans
  16. Gabrielle Restaurant
  17. Parkway Bakery & Tavern
  18. Brennan’s
  19. Cochon Restaurant
  20. Gris-Gris
  21. Mais Arepas
  22. Arnaud’s
  23. Sylvain
  24. Willa Jean
  25. Willie Mae’s Scotch House
  26. Saffron Nola
  27. Casamento’s Restaurant
  28. Galatoire’s
  29. Batture Bistro and Bar
  30. Irene’s
  31. Bywater American Bistro
  32. August
  33. Maypop
  34. Restaurant R’evolution
  35. Luke
  36. Oceana Grill
  37. Jamila’s Cafe
  38. Barrow’s Catfish
  39. Domilise’s Po-Boy & Bar
  40. Gautreau’s Restaurant
  41. Charlie’s Steak House

When you’re ready to hit some of the top steakhouses in New Orleans, be sure to check out this list.

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment, and we’ll check it out!

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