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Bradenton Restaurants You Should Be Dining At This Week

Enjoy amazing food at our favorite spots around the city.

Just south of the Tampa Bay Area is a lesser-known gem nestled into Florida’s Gulf Coast called Bradenton.

chicken breast stuff with mushrooms at a restaurant in Bradenton

This little slice of paradise is best known for shopping malls and absolutely gorgeous beaches, but that’s not all this wonderful city has to offer. 

What I really enjoy about spending time here in Bradenton is the restaurant scene, particularly when I’m looking for places to get brunch.

The restaurants here know quality food and that’s all they serve, if you know where to go, that is. 

If you don’t know where to go, then you’re in luck because I went ahead and scouted out the city for the best brunch restaurants Bradenton has to offer so that you don’t have to waste any time and you can get straight to the mimosas. 

Best Restaurants in Bradenton

  1. Sage Biscuit Cafe
  2. O’bricks Irish Pub & Martini Bar
  3. Château 13
  4. PIER 22 Restaurant, Patio & Catering
  5. Ortygia
  6. Danny’s Pizzeria
  7. Restaurant Edelweiss
  8. Fav’s Italian Cucina
  9. Michael John’s Restaurant (MJ’s)
  10. Anna Maria Oyster Bar
  11. Oak & Stone – Downtown Bradenton
  12. Mattison’s Riverwalk Grille Bradenton
  13. Jennings Downtown Provisions
  14. Tide Tables Restaurant and Marina
  15. Star Fish Company

Right down below, you’ll find all of my favorite brunch spots ranked on a list for your convenience, so go check them out and find your new favorite brunch restaurant. 

Sage Biscuit Cafe

Multiple Locations
Visit Website

Coming away with the number-one spot on my list is none other than Sage Biscuit Cafe. This place is out-of-this-world good and once you come here and try their brunch menu, you’ll not want to eat brunch anywhere else. 

My favorite thing to order from Sage Biscuit Cafe is, by far, their corned beef hash. This comforting dish is an incredible way to start your day. 

Sage Biscuit Cafe has multiple convenient locations around Bradenton, so you’re never too far from a delicious meal, but the location I frequent the most is in Downtown Bradenton inside the Bradenton Financial Center. 

O’bricks Irish Pub & Martini Bar

427 12th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205
Phone: 941-896-8860
Visit Website

Up next, we have a spectacular Bradenton restaurant that’s made our lists before for their amazing brunch called O’bricks Irish Pub & Martini Bar.

You can find this place located on 12th Street West, right in the heart of Downtown Bradenton where all the action is. 

I usually like to come here for dinner, however, because they have an incredible dish of lobster mac and cheese that’s just out of this world, but there are so many other delicious options that it’s always a hard choice. 

Of course, the martini selection here is a whole reason on its own to visit O’bricks, so be sure to check that out too.

Château 13

535 13th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205
Phone: 941-226-0110
Visit Website

Chateau 13 is up next and I really think you’re going to love this place just as much as I did when I had the pleasure of paying them a visit.

Chateau 13 is another Downtown Bradenton favorite of mine and you can find them off of 13th Street West near the Manatee County Courthouse and Connect Bradenton. 

When you get there, I suggest trying their Prince Edward Island mussels and a cocktail to get you started.

After that, I think you should try the Kurobuta Pork Tenderloin Roulade. There are very few restaurants I’ve been to that have perfected a roulade in such a way that Chateau 13 has. 

PIER 22 Restaurant, Patio & Catering

1200 1st Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34205
Phone: 941-748-8087
Visit Website

If you’re looking for an amazing meal in Bradenton at a restaurant with waterfront views, then look no further than PIER 22 Restaurant, Patio, & Catering. 

This place is situated right at the end of a long dock in the center of a busy marina, so you get a beautiful view of all the boats passing by as you eat. 

Of course, at a waterfront restaurant like this, I recommend seafood the most, but the menu here has many other satisfying options.

Be sure to check out PIER 22 over off of 1st Avenue in Downtown Bradenton, right around the corner from The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature.


1418 13th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205
Phone: 941-741-8646
Visit Website

Just west of LECOM Park baseball stadium on 13th Street West is a wonderful place that everyone needs to try for an unbeatable dinner of delicious Italian food during their time in Bradenton. 

I absolutely love coming to this place because it reminds me of my Italian mother’s cooking.

Everything here tastes so homemade and fresh that I seriously thought my mom was back there in the kitchen once I tasted the food. 

The menu here is small, but that just means they are able to put more care and attention into every dish, so don’t worry. 

Danny’s Pizzeria

7220 Manatee Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34209
Phone: 941-795-1111
Visit Website

Danny’s Pizzeria is up next and I’m always happy to bring this one up when people ask me where to get pizza in Bradenton.

I simply love Danny’s Pizzeria because they serve traditional New York-style pies, or you can just come in and grab a slice of pizza if you’re not hungry for a whole pie.

My favorite pizza that I usually order from Danny’s is the chicken parmigiana. It comes with strips of chicken cutlets in marinara, topped with mozzarella. 

Check out DAnny’s Pizzeria off of Manatee Avenue West in the Beachway Plaza shopping mall, just past The Fresh Market and right before the Palma Sola Causeway Park.

Restaurant Edelweiss

611 Manatee Ave E, Bradenton, FL 34208
Phone: 941-748-3838
Visit Website

Now, it’s time for some delicious and authentic German cuisine. Restaurant Edelweiss is the ultimate spot for traditional German food when you’re in Bradenton, there’s just none other like it if you ask me. 

Whenever I want a reuben sandwich, this is usually my go-to dining destination, but that’s just one of the many incredible menu items they offer.

They have a wide variety of schnitzels and other German specialties like sauerbraten and an unbelievably tasty pork shoulder horseradish roast. 

No matter what you choose, however, be sure to pair it with one of their refreshing imported German beers. 

Fav’s Italian Cucina

419 12th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205
Phone: 941-708-3287
Visit Website

This next place is called Fav’s Italian Cucina and it’s one of my favorite places to eat in Bradenton, by far.

I usually come to Fav’s for dinner, but it’s an incredible lunch spot to visit as well if you’re in the area. If you’re not, don’t be afraid to make the journey because it is well worth it. 

I really enjoy the meatball sub from Fav’s, but that’s just my favorite sandwich. When it comes to entrees, the three cheese manicotti is always an amazing choice and so is the gnocchi. 

Look for Fav’s off of 12th Street West, right around the corner from the Hampton Inn & Suites Bradenton Downtown Historic District.

Michael John’s Restaurant (MJ’s)

1040 Carlton Arms Blvd, Bradenton, FL 34208
Phone: 941-747-8032
Visit Website

Michael John’s Restaurant, otherwise known as MJ’s, is the next place I want to talk about on my list of Bradenton restaurants I think everyone needs to visit.

This restaurant is a low-key French-American steakhouse that doesn’t get the popularity it deserves, in my opinion. 

Regardless, this little hidden gem is pretty much guaranteed to satisfy you if you’re looking for a nice, juicy steak.

I always go for their 12-ounce Prime Delmonico ribeye that comes topped with caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, and a delectable demi-glace. All their steaks are aged in-house as well for the utmost tenderness when you cut into it. 

Anna Maria Oyster Bar

Multiple Locations
Visit Website

Up next, we have Anna Maria Oyster Bar, a place that I seriously love to eat at whenever I’m in town.

There are several convenient locations around Bradenton where you’ll find Anna Maria Oyster Bar, so you’re never far away from some fresh oysters and other amazing food. 

My favorite location to visit is Anna Maria on Bradenton Beach, right on the Bradenton Historic Street Pier. Dining here provides some of the nicest waterfront views in the whole city, if you ask me. 

I recommend oysters, of course, when you come to Anna Maria, but be sure to look over their whole menu because there are lots of other tasty options you don’t want to miss.  

Oak & Stone – Downtown Bradenton

102 Old Main St, Bradenton, FL 34205
Phone: 941-357-4306
Visit Website

Oak & Stone is the next place I want to talk about, and for good reason as you’ll soon see. This place is a downtown dining destination that you do not want to pass on, trust me. 

I always come here for dinner when I have the chance because of the gorgeous view of Downtown Bradenton that you get right from your table.

Oak & Stone is also a fantastic place to come for brunch when you’re in Bradenton because they have $15 bottomless bloody Marys and mimosas for a boozy brunch that you’ll want to hit every weekend.  

Mattison’s Riverwalk Grille Bradenton

101 Riverfront Blvd Ste 120, Bradenton, FL 34205
Phone: 941-896-9660
Visit Website

Mattison’s Riverwalk Grille is the next place I want to mention when it comes to great places to eat in the city.

This restaurant is located right near the Bradenton Skatepark and the Courtyard by Marriott Bradenton Sarasota/Riverfront hotel. 

The menu here at Mattison’s is enormous, so there’s bound to be something for everyone, but my favorite dishes from here are probably the clam chowder, the High Plains bison poutine, and the Niman Ranch reuben sandwich.

Those are just a few of the delectable options here, there are so many more to choose from. 

Jennings Downtown Provisions

417 12th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205
Phone: 941-896-5450

Another downtown favorite of mine is called Jennings Downtown Provisions. This palace is a must-visit for anyone in the area because of the high-quality food and fun, casual atmosphere that’s perfect for a relaxing lunch or dinner with some drinks. 

The food here is pretty standard bar fare, but it’s all so tasty. The craft beer selection here at Jennings really leaves little to be desired, so if you’re a beer enthusiast, then this is the place for you. 

Check out Jennings Downtown Provisions off of 12th Street West where the Downtown Bradenton Public Market is located. 

Tide Tables Restaurant and Marina

12507 Cortez Rd W, Bradenton, FL 34210
Phone: 941-567-6206
Visit Website

Up next is another waterfront restaurant called Tide Tables Restaurant and Marina that I recommend to anyone looking for delicious food with amazingly picturesque waterfront views while they eat. 

Seafood is the specialty here, of course, and I highly recommend trying either the fresh gulf grouper or the fresh mahi-mahi.

Those two dishes are my favorites, but there are other great options like shrimp po’boy, scallops, and burgers as well. 

Check out Tide Tables off of Cortez Road just before the Cortez Bridge, right enar Annie’s Bait & Tackle bait shop. Be sure to stop into Tide Tables when you want fresh seafood in Bradenton. 

Star Fish Company

12306 46th Ave W, Cortez, FL 34215
Phone: 941-794-1243
Visit Website

Last, but not least, is Star Fish Company. Not only is this one of my all-time favorite seafood spots in Bradenton, but they are also a seafood wholesaler, so you can buy fresh fish and shellfish by the pound to take home with you and cook yourself. 

This place is a dockside hangout spot that will have you wanting to relax all day with a tropical drink in hand.

They have plenty of outdoor seating at umbrella-covered picnic tables where you can sit and watch the water while enjoying good food and drinks. Don’t forget to grab some fish to take home with you! 

Final Thoughts

Bradenton is really no slouch when it comes to its restaurant scene, as you can see. Hopefully, this guide will shed some light the next time you’re trying to decide where to eat in the city, so go ahead and start checking off the restaurants I’ve listed above and find your new favorite restaurant!

If you’re not seeing anything you like here, you should check out my favorite Bradenton brunch spots.
Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment and we’ll check it out!

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