The Top 10 Mall Food Court Restaurants

If you ask any child what their favorite thing about going to the mall is, you can almost guarantee that the answer will be “the food”. This sentiment is something that often carries through into adulthood, because there really is nothing like food that was bought at the mall food court. 

There’s no denying that some food court restaurants aren’t the best. But there is something about them that feels like home. In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at the top 10 classic mall food court restaurants, and ranking them from worst to best. So let’s jump in. 

Best Mall Food Court Restaurants

10. Sbarro 

If you love pizza, then there is a good chance that you have tried Sbarro. Their pizza is far from the best, yet people keep going back for more. Pizza at Sbarro isn’t necessarily bad, but you get what you are paying for, and Sbarro is cheap, so the food isn’t incredible. But it is a blast from the past, and the perfect choice if you fancy good old greasy food.  

9. Charley’s 

For all American food, and the best Philly cheese steak, Charley’s is the place to be. Their food isn’t the most authentic, so if you are from Philadelphia, you might want to give Charley’s a hard miss. But we think their food is great. Not only do they serve a killer cheese steak, but they also have the best cheese fries, which is why they make it to number 9 on this list. 

8. Taco Bell 

For yummy Mexican food, Taco Bell is great. Taco Bell is a staple across America, and it is so good that restaurants are popping up in other areas of the world too.

From their cheesy Gordita crunch, to their cheese roll ups, there are lots of cheesy options to choose from if you’re into that kind of thing. They also have a wide range of burritos, wraps, and, of course, tacos available. So, if you fancy good food at the mall, then Taco Bell is a safe bet. 

7. Panda Express

When you think of Chinese take out, your mind will automatically jump to Panda Express, and that is why this has made it to number 7 on the list. Chinese food is the perfect thing to snack on in the middle of a shopping trip, which is why Panda Express is so great.

Whether you like chow mein, fried rice, or chicken, there is something on the Panda Express menu for everyone. So while it isn’t the best Chinese food in the country, it’s a great meal for a shopping trip. 

6. Dairy Queen

Picture a hot summer day at the shopping mall. You’ve spent the morning perusing the shops, and now you need a break. The first place that you’ll go on a boiling hot day is always Dairy Queen.

Their blizzards, aka. The creamiest and thickest milkshake you could ever think of, are the perfect treat to cool you down. With a variety of toppings and flavors available, Dairy Queen will definitely have you coming back for more. 

5. Jamba Juice 

Dairy Queen is great for a hot day, but their blizzards aren’t the healthiest option. If you fancy a healthier choice, then you should instead pop to Jamba Juice. Jamba offers a wide range of smoothies, all of which are packed with carbohydrates and fruit to offer a healthy treat.

These smoothies will not only cool you down, but they will also give you the energy to keep on shopping. But remember, smoothies are usually high in sugar, so you might not want to visit here too often. 

4. Chipotle

Taco Bell is a great choice if you want Mexican food, but if you want something even better, you should visit Chipotle. They have a wide range of options on your menu, most of which you can customize yourself.

So if you are a fussier eater, and don’t fancy the pre-designed food at Taco Bell, you should instead opt for Mexican food from Chipotle. Their dips are to die for, and their burrito bowls are the best. But they have just missed out on a top 3 spot on this list. 

3. Chick-fil-A

From a moral perspective, Chick-fil-A has a questionable reputation. But there is no denying that their chicken is insane. Chick-fil-A is slightly more expensive than some of the other options we looked at earlier, but they are still within the ‘budget’ range for mall food court restaurants.

If anything, this slight increase in price is what makes them so great because you get much better value for your money. Their milkshakes are incredible, and their frozen lemonade is even better, which is why they made it into the top 3.  

2. Cinnabon 

For a timeless treat, Cinnabon is the place to go. Their cinnamon swirls are unbeatable, and the consistency across all the different Cinnabon restaurants is insane.

If you love cinnamon, then Cinnabon is the perfect place for you because they have such a huge variety of different cinnamon treats.

All of which go perfectly with any of the many cool beverages that Cinnabon offers. So there really is no question as to why this delightful food chain has come 2nd when it comes to the best mall food court restaurants. 

1. Auntie Anne’s 

Finally, in the top spot, we have Auntie Anne’s. There is nothing quite more American than a pretzel, and Auntie Anne’s makes the best. Auntie Anne’s is such a staple at the mall, that pretzels and the mall now go hand in hand together.

It is pretty much criminal to visit the mall without getting one. Now, there are quite a few mall food court restaurants that offer pretzels, but none are quite as good as Auntie Anne’s, which is why we’ve ranked this option as the best. 


In short, this has been a complete ranking of the top 10 mall food court restaurants. Our favorite is, without a doubt, Auntie Anne’s. But, if you don’t fancy a pretzel, there are lots of other great restaurants to choose from. 

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