Top 9 Knife Holders for a Safe Kitchen

Learn how to store your kitchen knives with these knife blocks and other holders.

High-quality kitchen knives can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Part of that proper care is proper storage.

kitchen knife holder block

You never want to simply toss knives in a drawer any more than toss them into a sink of soapy water. It isn’t safe for you or your knives. You could nick yourself reaching in to grab one. Other knives or utensils could nick your blades.

For your safety and your knives’ safety, you should always store them in a countertop block, on a magnetic strip, or in a drawer holder that can prevent the blades from coming into contact with one another or your fingers.

The best kitchen knife holder is the one that can safely provide ease of access. Below you’ll find nine of my favorite knife holders that I’ve come across, from sleek magnetic countertop blocks to utilitarian options you can hide in a drawer. 

Best Kitchen Knife Holders

I’ve created a list of the best kitchen knife holders – blocks, strips, and drawer organizers – for protecting your knives. 

KitchenDAO Universal Knife Block

If you have a large assortment of knives, finding a knife holder with the number and size of slots you need can be a challenge.

This feature is why I like this universal natural bamboo block. You can fit any type or shape knife with a blade up to 8.6″ into any slot. 

Depending on the size of your knives, you can store up to 16 knives, a pair of kitchen shears, and a sharpening rod.

Parallel slots separate the knife blades, so they don’t touch each other or the edge of the holder, which sometimes happens with traditional knife blocks. 

Holes in the bottom of the block help knives dry in case one gets put away wet. Padding on the base provides stability when pulling a knife from the block.

Material Knife Stand

If you appreciate form as much as function, you’ll love showing off your knives with this holder that acts as a magnetic strip but looks like a block. 

Sustainably grown and harvested wood hides a magnet that can secure up to eight knives securely in place, four on either side of the stand.

No more dulling your blades by sliding your knives into the slits of a traditional block. This easy-to-clean stand is sturdy enough to keep your knives safely stowed.

From white ash to walnut, one of these sleek stands is sure to make a stunning addition to your kitchen.

The only downside to magnetic knife storage is that it can’t display your ceramic knives.

Kuhn Rikon Vision Transparent Storage Block

I like this transparent storage block because it allows you to see the knives, blades, and all. No more pulling out multiple knives to find the one you want.

A flexible insert acts as a separator and holds up to 18 knives with up to 8″ blades. Rubber padding prevents the block from sliding on your countertop.

You can detach both the top insert and the base for easy cleaning.

While this holder might not be as aesthetically pleasing as other options, knife selection doesn’t get any easier than with this block.

Reviewers say not to let this plexiglass block fool you; it is much sturdier than it appears in photos.

Boker 30402 Wood Magnetic Knife Block

Perhaps the most unique knife block of the bunch, this magnetic wood block lets you proudly display up to seven knives.

boker knife block

It comes in a beautiful black or brown and will make any kitchen countertop proud to display it.

Seven magnetic panels allow knives to stick safely to the side of the block as if floating in place waiting for use.

With this slot-less design, you can easily spot the knife you need for any kitchen job.

The Boker company has been making quality knives for more than 145 years, and I’m sure the quality of this block is no exception.

Wüsthof In-Drawer 14-Slot Knife Organizer

If you have limited counter space or prefer to keep your counters clear of clutter, you’ll appreciate this in-drawer option.

This beechwood organizer holds up to 14 knives – six large knives with up to a 10″ blade length and eight smaller steak or paring knives with up to a 5″ blade length.

The slot design is what Wusthof refers to as a “wave” pattern that allows for easier grasping and removal of knives.

Knife blades are completely covered when in the slots to protect against accidental cuts and keep them from dulling.

WÜSTHOF has been family-owned for seven generations and has been creating quality knives, cutting boards, and holders for over 200 years ago. This organizer was crafted with a quality you can trust.

Schmidt Brothers Subway Borough Knife Block

This block really is a beauty. Another magnetic countertop option, the look was designed after classic subway tile.

This freestanding block sandwiches a “tiled” gray wood between acrylic to showcase your cutlery.

At only 3.5″ deep, this space-saving design holds up to 15 knives firmly in place and is uniquely displayed on both sides of the block.

Crafted by the Schmidt Brothers of New York, this block design was the first two-sided magnetic knife block on the market.

Woodsom Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip

Another perfect option for keeping your countertop clear is this magnetic knife strip.

It is magnetic from end to end, so no chance you’ll return a knife only to have it fall to the counter.

It comes in 12 different lengths ranging from 8″ to 36″ inches, or you can order a custom length to accommodate any size space. 

It comes with a mounting kit that allows for easy installation onto drywall or cabinetry. Solid mounting holes in the face of the strip hold it securely in place. 

This strip is best for use with stainless steel knives; high carbon knives may leave a stain over time.

Noble Home & Chef In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block

This bamboo two-story design allows you to store up to 16 knives in a compact space. The deeply carved slots make for easy, efficient retrieval.

Even larger handled knives have room to fit in this small in-drawer option.

The base design is angled, keeping knife points safely down in the block and handles out so they never interfere with the opening of the drawer.

This block fits most standard-size kitchen drawers and comes in two sizes. The smaller block holds up to 12 knives, and the larger size holds up to 16. 

Whichever size you get, the top slots hold steak knives up to 9.25.” The lower slots accommodate larger knives up to 16” long (including the handle).

The slots for the larger knives are spaced so that you can easily grab the knife you need while cooking.

Shenzhen Knives 20-Slot Universal Knife Block

If you have a lot of knives, this block has a lot of slots.

This knife block is not only universal, but it also holds up to 19 knives, allowing you to keep all of your favorite knives within reach.

Two extra slots hold your kitchen scissors and sharpening rod. The horizontal slot design puts less wear on your knife blades, and the wider openings fit everything from large chef knives to smaller steak knives.

The bamboo veneer finish on this block makes it easy to keep clean.

The rubber feet on the bottom prevent the block from sliding on your countertop.

Best Kitchen Knife Holders

  1. KitchenDAO Universal Knife Block
  2. Material Knife Stand
  3. Kuhn Rikon Vision Transparent Storage Block
  4. Boker 30402 Wood Magnetic Knife Block
  5. Wüsthof In-Drawer 14-Slot Knife Organizer
  6. Schmidt Brothers Subway Borough Knife Block
  7. Woodsom Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip
  8. Noble Home & Chef In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block
  9. Shenzhen Knives 20-Slot Universal Knife Block

Final Thoughts

If you’re going to invest in high-quality knives, investing in a good storage solution is as important as knowing how to care for them properly.

Remember that a knife holder should protect your knives from one another while allowing for easy, safe access.

Whether you prefer purpose or aesthetics, the right kitchen knife holder will ensure your knives last as long as possible.

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