Where to Eat Delicious Greek Food in Philadelphia

Chow down on a gyro and some baklava at these places in Philly.

Whether you like Italian food, sushi, brunch, or Mexican food, Philadelphia is the spot for almost any kind of cuisine. In fact, I would argue it’s a great spot for Greek food specifically. And what’s not to love about Greek food? From gyros, to souvlaki, to Greek yogurt, this type of cuisine is full of delicious plates. But, if you don’t know where to go, it can be pretty overwhelming to find a place to eat. Luckily, I’ve put together a list of my favorite Greek restaurants.

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With some fast and casual spots and other classy, sit-down restaurants, there’s a Greek place perfect for every kind of day. There’s also a few restaurants on my list with BYOB policies for when you want to save some money. Keep reading to learn more about each spot!

Best Greek Restaurants in Philadelphia

  1. South Street Souvlaki
  2. Zorba’s Tavern
  3. Estia Restaurant
  4. Moustaki Authentic Gyros
  5. Effie’s Restaurant
  6. Kanella Grill
  7. Olympia Gyro
  8. Yiro Yiro
  9. Kostas Restaurant
  10. Greek Lady

South Street Souvlaki

509 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
Phone: (215) 925-3026
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With award-winning food, South Street Souvlaki is a must-try Greek spot in town. Serving Greek cuisine to the community since 1977, you can count on this restaurant knowing how to serve some delicious food.

Serving a menu with plenty of classic Greek dishes, you may have a hard time deciding what to order. We recommend the dolmades, souvlaki platter, pastitsio, or gyro platter. They even offer some vegan and vegetarian options. Be sure to finish your meal with some baklava!

Zorba’s Tavern

2230 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130
Phone: (215) 978-5990
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Another long-standing restaurant in town is Zorba’s Tavern. This local restaurant serves Greek cuisine in a charming spot. Zorba’s has been in service for 24 years and also has a BYOB policy, so you can save a few bucks.

With a menu full of amazing options including a vegetarian section, everyone will find something to love here. Be sure to try the classic roasted lamb leg, shrimp santorini, chicken souvlaki, or imam baldi. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine!

Estia Restaurant

1405-07 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: (215) 735-7700
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With two banquet rooms and a private dining room, Estia Restaurant is great for regular dining, special occasions, or celebrations small or large. This spot also has a bar and a lounge area – what more could you want?

Estia Restaurant’s menu is pretty large with a wide variety of flavors. Try out the jumbo African prawns, lamb chops, bone-in filet mignon, pasta ala grecca. Make sure to stop by for happy hour from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day of the week!

Moustaki Authentic Gyros

161 N 21st St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: (215) 964-9151
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Looking for a more casual spot? Try out Moustaki Authentic Gyros. This local restaurant serves Greek cuisine, specializing in gyros, pitas, and platters. With authenticity in mind, you can count on the food here being truly traditional.

Moustaki Authentic Gyros serves every Greek dish you can think of, they also offer pizza. We recommend the pork gyro, moustaki bowl, nissi pizza, or chicken souvlaki platter. Be sure to order some dessert after you eat your meal!

Effie’s Restaurant

1127 Pine St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (215) 592-8333
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An additional BYOB that serves Greek cuisine is Effie’s Restaurant. Claiming to be the only truly authentic Greek restaurant in town, you have to try this spot. Modeled after a Taverna you would find in Greece, you’ll feel like you traveled to the country itself.

Effie’s menu is pretty straightforward with plenty of delicious plates to try. Be sure to try the honey glazed salmon, shrimp santorini, Mediterranean pasta, or braised lamb. Don’t forget to bring a bottle or two!

Kanella Grill

1001 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (267) 928-2085
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Perfect for dining or take-out, Kanella Grill is a great spot for any occasion whether you want to go out or relax on the couch. This place serves Greek cuisine, but specializes in kebabs. Reviewers especially appreciate the service at this place.

Offering plenty of dishes including vegan and vegetarian ones, everyone will love Kanella Grill. Try out the spanakopita, lamb shawarma platter, meat on meat platter, or falafel platter. Make sure to try the glaktoboureko!

Olympia Gyro

51 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (215) 629-9775
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Serving Greek cuisine with an American twist, Olympia Gyro is another popular restaurant. Open since 1984, this place has been making locals happy for decades. With large portions and efficient service, this is perfect for grabbing food on the go.

Olympia Gyro’s menu consists of sandwiches, platters, and salads. We recommend the Greek salad with salmon, spanakopita platter, edamame fritter gyro, buffalo chicken souvlaki platter, or souvlaki sandwich. Be sure to have some baklava, of course!

Yiro Yiro

6024 Ridge Ave #118, Philadelphia, PA 19128
Phone: (267) 331-9476
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An additional fast spot to grab some authentic Greek cuisine is Yiro Yiro. Though this spot serves plenty of dishes, the owners were motivated to serve an amazing yiro after realizing the ones offered in Philly weren’t up to their standards.

Yiro Yiro allows its customers to build their own yiro or skewer in addition to other options like salads. Be sure to try the pork belly yiro, pork skewer, nisi salad, or falafel yiro. Don’t forget to check out the Greek yogurt bar for dessert!

Kostas Restaurant

15 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone: (267) 639-2417
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If you’re looking for more of a bar-like spot to grab some Greek cuisine, we recommend Kostas Restaurant. With a bar and restaurant, you’ll have everything you need here. And with TVs, pool tables, and a patio, you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained, too.

With so many options on Kostas’ menu, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the choices. Try out the kefte kebob, moussaka, grilled shrimp, or mixed grille platter for two. Make sure to have some dessert, too like the rice pudding!

Greek Lady

222 S 40th St, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: (215) 382-2600
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Rounding out our list of Greek food spots is Greek Lady. Serving gyros as well as Philadelphia-style hoagies, this is the perfect spot combining the culture of Greece and the city. Established in 1985, this restaurant has been popular for years.

Choose from Greek classics and traditional hoagies at Greek Lady. We recommend the house gyro, Italian hoagie, grilled salmon platter, or green pepper cheese steak. Be sure to sip on a milkshake after you eat!

Final Thoughts

So, the next time you’re craving some delicious Greek food, you won’t have waste an hour searching for the best spot. With this list at your disposal, you’ll know the perfect place in Philly for every occasion – as long as it involves Greek food.

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Which spot are you most excited to try? Let us know! Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you drop us a line and we’ll check it out!

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