Top 9 Gold Rums To Try

Add these top-rated gold rum brands to your liquor cabinet

Were you looking for the best gold rums out there? Well, look no further. I did the hard part for you and found the best gold rums available; then, I put them on this convenient list to make things exceptionally easy. No need to thank me.

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There are a few different kinds of rum that you’ve likely heard of before. Black rum, spiced, light, and gold rum are the primary types out there. If you find yourself wondering what gold rum is, never fear: we can answer that question as well.

Gold rum might also be known as amber rum. It’s essentially a little darker than light rum and a little lighter than black rum. It has an amber color – hence the name – and is a little sweeter to taste. The flavor is known as rich and sometimes buttery.

Best Gold Rums

Few things in life are better than a nice, smooth bottle of rum. So let’s look at the best gold rums available. 

Gosling’s Gold Bermuda Rum

One of the most popular and versatile gold rums that you can find is Gosling’s Gold Bermuda Rum.

Gosling’s is an award-winning rum that functions well on its own or in your favorite rum cocktail.

Gosling’s Gold Bermuda Rum has an intense butterscotch aroma that hints at floral and vanilla notes. Its rich caramel flavor mingles with spices and an initial sweetness that’s a marvel to behold.

Gosling’s is an old rum company dating back to 1806. Since then, the company has been winning awards and making waves in the rum business.

They take great pride in their long tradition of making fabulous rums from the shores of Bermuda. 

Bacardi Gold Rum

A few names out there seem to be synonymous with good rum. Bacardí is one of those names.

Known for producing the most decadent flavors and the best complexions, Bacardí has delivered excellence for years.

The Bacardí Gold Rum rests and ages in toasted oak barrels. Utilizing a top-secret blend of charcoals, this rum comes carefully constructed to have an incredibly mellow character that no other rum can emulate. 

Great for cocktails or simply sipping on its own, Bacardí Gold Rum has soft notes of oak, dry vanilla, ginger root, and toasted almond.

The finish comes off-dry and a little sweet, making this one of the more exciting rums available. 

Neptune Gold Rum

Neptune Rum is the winner of the Global Luxury Masters Spirit Business Award for 2021.

In fact, Neptune Rum has been winning awards longer than any other rum company out there. It’s just part of their tradition of greatness. 

Neptune’s Barbados Gold Rum itself has over 70 global awards, and those numbers keep going up. Distilled in Barbados in American bourbon oak barrels, there’s nothing like sipping on some Barbados Gold.

The rum comes only from natural, sustainable ingredients for a smooth drink with hints of chocolate, vanilla, peppercorn, coconut husk, and apricot.

Nothing about this rum is overwhelming, making it great for cocktails and mixers.

Don Q Gold Rum

Don Q Gold Rum has a velvety texture with hints of vanilla, tasting more like rum than most other rums on the market today.

It’s highly mixable and great for your favorite rum cocktails. It’s also smooth and pleasant on its own.

Don Q Gold Rum is one of the classic rums. The blend from Don Q comes from various rums aged between one and a half to five years.

The tried and true recipe focuses on tasting the way the original rum tastes like rum. 

Don Q prides itself on an effective carbon filtration system. The filtration removes all imperfections from the rum, creating something as close to perfection as humans can manage.

Tortuga Gold Rum

Tortuga Wine and Spirits has been in operation since 1984 when a pilot and his wife started distilling rum in the Cayman Islands.

The first duty-free store opened in 1987, and Tortuga Wine and Spirits has been bringing joy to consumers worldwide.

Tortuga Gold Rum exemplifies the hard work and dedication of the founder, Captain Robert Hamaty, and his wife, Carlene. The two worked tirelessly to create a business that makes some of the finest rums available.

Tortuga Gold Rum hits the mark. With strong hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, this rum has all the personality you could want in a rum.

I love the molasses-like flavor that seems to mingle with dried fruit and spice.

Atlantico Reserva

Made in the heart of the Dominican Republic, where rum should come from, you’ll find great pleasure in Atlantico Reserva.

A Solera-style rum combines different kinds of aged rum to create a true masterpiece of flavor and tropical feels.

The secret to the great taste of Atlantico Reserva is the combined flavors of cane juice and molasses. Both are used in the distillation process, resulting in something that’s almost too wonderful to describe.

I highly recommend bringing the Atlantic Reserva into your rum collection.

Whether you like rum neat, on the rocks, or mixed in something, you’ll enjoy the flavor offered by this delicious gold rum.

Tanduay Gold Asian Rum

If you’re looking for something that continues to win awards for being one of the best rums out there, then look no further than Tanduay Gold Asian Rum.

Receiving seven Monde Selection International medals, Tanduay Gold Asian Rum is a winner for sure.

Created in the Philippines, Tanduay is an elegant and smooth rum that brings some natural and expressive flavors to the forefront.

There’s more to this gold rum than initially meets the eye. Beyond the nutmeg and coconut, there’s a unique twist of honey and orange peel.

I could go on for days about the flavor of this rum. One minute you’re tasting almonds and caramel; the next, you realize it’s all toasted oak and vanilla.

The great thing about this rum is that it will never stop surprising you.

J. Wray Gold Rum

J. Wray is a premier rum distiller and blender based in Jamaica that has been in operation since 1825. The business ran under J. Wray and his nephew for years before his nephew expanded in the 1880s.

An authentic Jamaican rum, J. Wray Gold Rum is a delightfully medium-bodied rum that pairs well with most cocktails and even holds up on its own.

There’s a highly unique blend of smooth, rich flavors that don’t overpower the hints of spices. 

I love how mellow this rum is. It isn’t too expensive, but it doesn’t taste like cheap rum. There’s a lovely caramel richness to it that makes it softer than other rums out there.

It’s versatile and fun, no matter how you like your rum.

Rhum J.M Gold Rum

Created by Jean-Marie Martin in 1845, Rhum J.M came into being when Martin purchased a 400-acre sugar factory.

After converting the factory to a distillery, some of the finest rums in the world started coming from Rhum J.M. 

In 2016, the brand became a no-waste distillery. Using sustainable ingredients and methods, the company produces some of the best rums you can find. 

The Gold Rum from Rhum J.M is a little intense, spicy, and aged in toasted oak and ex-bourbon barrels. It’s a versatile rum that you can put in just about anything. 

Enjoy the honey and sugarcane notes, mixed with a slight spice and touch of vanilla. There’s an excellent selection of winter spices and a touch of toasted oak that lingers nicely. 

Best Gold Rums

  1. Gosling’s Gold Bermuda Rum
  2. Bacardi Gold Rum
  3. Neptune Gold Rum
  4. Don Q Gold Rum
  5. Tortuga Gold Rum
  6. Atlantico Reserva
  7. Tanduay Gold Asian Rum
  8. J. Wray Gold Rum
  9. Rhum J.M Gold Rum

Final Thoughts

The best gold rums out there come from all around the Caribbean, presenting an excellent opportunity to try something different for cocktail night.

No matter what you usually prefer to drink, I highly suggest grabbing a bottle of rum and mixing it up a little.

Check out our favorite rum cocktails to mix up with your next bottle!

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