Top 10 Cocktail Shakers for Making Drinks

Making quality cocktails starts with the right tools

Whether you prefer strong drinks like Manhattans or you need sweeter drinks like Margarita, one tool is required to make the drinks smooth — a cocktail shaker.

cocktail shaker and mixology tools

In the same way with coffee, how you prepare your cocktail plays a big part in how smooth and enjoyable your drink tastes. You’ve probably been making cocktails at home, so maybe you are looking to upgrade the gear. That’s why we are here to help.

After spending hours analyzing different cocktail shakers in the market, a few stood out.

Here are the best cocktail shakers we encountered during our research.

The Best Cocktail Shakers and Kits

  1. Cocktail Kingdom
  2. Cresimo
  3. Mixology World
  4. Nuvantee
  5. Barvivo
  6. OXO
  7. VonShef
  8. Snowfox
  9. Crafthouse by Fortessa

Cocktail Kingdom® Essential Cocktail Set - Stainless Steel

Cocktail Kingdom® Essential Cocktail Set - Stainless Steel


Made by the respected brand in the cocktail equipment industry, Cocktail Kingdom, this tin set is a tool you can easily find in the world’s best cocktail bars.

The Cocktail Kingdom sets the standards for cocktail sets and makes durable tools with impeccable designs for bar owners. The Koriko Shaking Tin Set is an example of what they can do.

This cocktail shaker has a thoughtful design and is durable. It has received raving reviews, with users praising it for bringing out the best in each cocktail flavor.

The two tins fit together and do not leak when shaking, thanks to their quality seal. They are made from weighted stainless steel and come in a sleek rose gold color.

The smaller tin holds 18 ounces, while the bigger one holds 28 ounces. You will have to purchase the strainer separately.


  • They are durable
  • It doesn’t leak thanks to the tight seal
  • Easy to grip
  • It’s dishwasher safe hence easy to clean
  • The seal is well fitted and does not come out


  • Not easy for beginners to use

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Cresimo 24oz Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

Cresimo 24oz Cocktail Shaker Bar Set


Are you looking for a larger cocktail shaker that will help you prepare a cocktail for two? Then this shaker bar set from Cresimo is worth consideration. With an ergonomic design, this 24 Oz shaker doesn’t leak.

It is uniquely designed from high-quality double-walled stainless steel to keep the outside condensation-free while the drink remains cold inside. 

What’s more? It comes with an inbuilt strainer together with a quality seal.

One outstanding feature of this shaker is its twist-to-lock function, which solves the leakage problem that most cobbler shakers have.

The shaker is easy to use and is excellent for making all types of cocktail recipes.


  • It has a spout cover
  • The shaker is built solid
  • It is well-balanced for firm hard gripping
  • It’s dishwasher safe


  • It gets cold on the outside when preparing a cocktail with ice

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5 Piece Mixology Bartender Kit

5 Pcs Mixology Bartender Kit - Cocktail Shaker Set with Recipes for Martini Mimosa - Home Bar Tool Kit & Accessories - Bar Accessories Shakers Bartending Drink Mixer

This 24 Oz cocktail shaker by the Mixology World allows you to mix your favorite drinks for great-tasting cocktails. This bar set is made from premium 18/8 stainless steel making it durable and rust-free.

The whole kit includes an ice tong, mixing bar spoon, muddler, and measuring jigger. It is easy to use, making it great for home and commercial use.

You can easily make a variety of liquor and spirits with this martini shaker which weighs 14.1 ounces.


  • Backed by a five-year warranty
  • Made using premium stainless steel, making it resistant to corrosion
  • Beautiful finish
  • Mixology World includes a recipe guide


  • It’s pricey compared to its competitors
  • The measuring jigger is relatively small

Nuvantee Cocktail Shaker Set

Nuvantee Cocktail Shaker Set,24 oz Martini & Drink Mixer w/ Built in Strainer, Measuring Jigger, Home Bartending Kit, Stainless Steel Martini Shaker

If you would like to get an easy-to-use cocktail shaker for making different cocktails at home, this set by Nuvantee fits the bill.

The shaker is made from high-quality stainless steel, making it durable and rust-resistant. It measures 7.6 by 3.6 by 3.6 inches and weighs 15.8 ounces.

With this 24-ounce shaker, you can make different cocktail flavors by mixing brandy, whiskey, scotch, etc.

This cocktail shaker set comes with an inbuilt strainer and a 1.5 Oz jigger to help in measuring drinks.

A shaker cap is also included to keep dirt away. 


  • It is dishwasher-safe
  • The set is rust-free thanks to its durable stainless steel
  • Offer great value for the money thanks to the accessories included
  • It is versatile


  • Be careful while removing the lid to avoid spills, as it often comes off easily

Barvivo Professional Cocktail Shaker Set

Professional Cocktail Shaker Set w/ a Double Jigger & 2 Liquor Pourers by BARVIVO - 24oz Martini Mixer Made of Brushed Stainless Steel Perfect for Mixing Margarita, Manhattan & Other Drinks at...

Barvivo is known to make unique professional units in the cocktail equipment industry. They have managed to create a name as a brand that values quality and excellence.

This professional cocktail shaker set is an example of what they can do. Designed for both amateurs and professional bartenders, this shaker set can help you make cocktails with exceptional taste and smoothness.

With its food-grade and leak-proof construction to guarantee safety and spill-free experience, this bar set is excellent for home and commercial usage.

All the items included in this martini shaker are made from stainless steel to guarantee durability and a longer lifespan.

Some of the accessories you will find in this set include a jigger, recipe book, speed spouts, and a cobbler shaker.


  • It comes with a built-in strainer
  • It is excellent for both amateurs and professional bartenders
  • It is insulated


  • The strainer tends to clog easily
  • It is quite pricey

OXO Steel Cocktail Shaker

OXO Steel Single Wall Cocktail Shaker

OXO is another famous company that values its customers. Their product continues to appeal to many people, and is proven by the many positive reviews they have.

One of their latest products is the OXO Cocktail Shake, which is among the best stainless steel shakers.

This martini shaker is made to help you prepare different cocktail flavors with comfort and ease.

The shaker features sleek lines, stainless steel construction, and has soft curves. This combination, coupled with its great functionality, makes it the best cocktail shaker in its category.

This cocktail shaker comes with an inbuilt strainer and a jigger. It also has a double-walled interior for insulation. You also get plenty of valuable accessories to help make your mixing more enjoyable.

The shaker ergonomic design and soft-grip outer cover make handling it easier, while the double-wall insulation prevents condensation while you create your cocktails.


  • It has an attractive design
  • It comes with an inbuilt filter
  • Double-wall insulation to prevent condensation
  • Offers good value for money thanks to the variety of accessories included


  • There were complaints of the lid being too stiff and sometimes getting stuck
  • It tends to leak after a while 

VonShef Parisian Cocktail Shaker Set

VonShef Parisian Cocktail Shaker Barware Set in Gift Box with Recipe Guide, Cocktail Strainers, Twisted Bar Spoon, Jigger, Muddler and Pourers, 9 Piece Set, 17oz (Black)

VonShef’s way of making its mark in the already competitive cocktail niche includes modern technology in its products. One such great product that reflects this move is the VonShef Parisian Cocktail Shaker Set.

This unique shaker set with a copper finish comes in attractive packaging, making it a perfect gift to any beginner or professional bartender. This stainless steel shaker is the type of set you’d typically see a professional bartender using.

It comes with a complete set of accessories, including a bar spoon, julep strainer, Hawthorne strainer, a jigger, a recipe book, and bottle pouches.

With 17 Oz capacity and robust stainless steel construction, you can mix all types of cocktail flavors with the confidence that it will come out smooth and perfect.


  • Offers excellent value for the money thanks to the complete set of accessories included
  • It is durable thanks to the stainless steel construction
  • The shaker looks classy
  • It has a water-tight seal


  • Challenging to use for people who are used to cobbler shakers

SNOWFOX Elegance Collection Cocktail Shaker

SNOWFOX Elegance Collection Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker, Olive Grey

This cocktail shaker by SNOWFOX is not only high quality but also classy, thanks to its impressive design. If you want a cocktail shaker that’s perfect for party drinks, this one fits the bill.

Made with rust-free stainless steel for durability, this shaker is double-walled to offer better insulation. The inner wall keeps the drink cool, while the vacuum insulation prevents the ice from melting.

It has a built-in strainer and removable cap, making it perfect for both amateur and professional bartenders.

Another feature that makes the SNOWFOX cocktail shaker stand out is its air and leak-proof construction that helps prevent spillage.


  • Has built-in strainer
  • It is leak-proof and airtight to prevent spills
  • Stainless steel construction makes it durable
  • It is classy


  • It is a little bit bulky
  • Quite pricey

Crafthouse by Fortessa Barware/Bar Tools

Crafthouse by Fortessa Professional Barware Tools by Charles Joly,Double Old Fashioned/DOF Set of 2, Mixing Glass, Julep Strainer, Bar Spoon, 5 Piece, Silver

Designed by Charles Joly, a renowned bartender, this cocktail set from Crafthouse by Fortessa can take your bartending skills to a whole new level.

Coming in a four-piece set, you get everything you need to make different flavors of cocktails. Accessories you get include a 2-ounce jigger, Hawthorne strainer, two-piece Boston shaker, and muddler.

The 15-ounce shaker, jigger, and strainer are dishwasher safe and are made of stainless steel, while the muddler is recommended to wash by hand as it is made of rich black walnut.


  • It is durable
  • This set has dishwasher-safe parts
  • It comes in an attractive package making it a perfect gift set


  • Not all parts are dishwasher safe


We hope you have found the perfect shaker for your needs among the ten best cocktail shakers we have reviewed.

Any of the cocktail shakers in this guide will offer good value for the money and will definitely take your cocktail mixes to a whole new level.

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