41 Best Christmas Cookies To Bake This Winter

It’s not Christmas without cookies! Try these holiday cookie recipes to leave out for Santa.

No holiday trapping brings more joy than Christmas cookies. The delicious, festive treats are the perfect way to end a winter night or to enjoy while watching a yuletide movie.

Christmas homemade gingerbread cookies

Bakers keep Christmas cookies around to serve holiday guests and give gifts. The confections allow folks to display their creativity and Christmas spirit, all while filling their loved ones’ bellies. 

Christmas cookies may seem intimidating for casual bakers. However, this article includes recipes for every baking level. Grab a measuring cup and an apron, and I’ll show you the best Christmas cookies for bakers at every stage.

Christmas cookies help create the perfect Christmas atmosphere. Keep some on hand as a treat for carolers or a gift for friends and family.

Try out some of the best Christmas cookie recipes featured in this article, and be merry!

Final Thoughts

Christmas cookies are my favorite thing to bake during the holiday season, although there’s plenty of other holiday desserts we’d recommend.

Pair these cookies with a holiday coffee drink, a glass of milk, or a holiday themed drink, from Christmas beers to cinnamon flavored cocktails that are perfect for the season.

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