Where to Find the Best Jamaican Food Around Philly

Order all of the oxtail, curry goat, and jerk chicken you can eat at these spots in Philly.

Philadelphia is known for its tasty food, specifically specialties like cheesesteaks and tomato pie, but did you know this city also serves a variety of global cuisines?

delicious jamaican caribbean cuisine served at a table in a restaurant in Philadelphia

That’s right, you can find a restaurant for just about any kind of food here. Personally, I find one of the most amazing cuisines to be Caribbean/Jamaican food.

I know it can be hard to find a spot with traditional dishes of this kind that live up to my expectations, so I’ve put together a list of my favorites so you don’t have to.

Whether you want a basic meal with the classics or something a little more innovative, there’s a spot for you on this list. I’ve also included a couple spots with a few Americanized offerings too, so you can ease into the cuisine. Keep reading to learn a bit about each place!

Best Jamaican Restaurants in Philadelphia

  1. Audrey’s Caribbean Kitchen
  2. Reggae Reggae Vibes
  3. Family Spot Jamaican Restaurant
  4. Island Taste Jamaican Restaurant
  5. Quality Taste Jamaican Restaurant & Jerk Hut
  6. Jamaican D’s Caribbean & American Restaurant
  7. Caribbean Feast Restaurant
  8. Dezzy’s Jamaican Restaurant
  9. Top Taste
  10. Sunday Best
  11. Kingston 11 Jamaican Restaurant

Audrey’s Caribbean Kitchen

7169 Ogontz Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19138
Phone: (215) 224-5000

Though it flies under the radar a bit, Audrey’s Caribbean Kitchen is a must-try spot in Philadelphia. This local restaurant serves up tasty, traditional Caribbean cuisine from morning through night. People love the authentic flavors and friendly service here.

You’ll find all of your favorite Caribbean dishes at Audrey’s Caribbean Kitchen. We recommend the jerk pork, oxtail, or bbq jerk chicken. Be sure to try the mac and cheese or fried plantains on the side!

Reggae Reggae Vibes

517 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone: (267) 457-2970
Visit Website

If you’re not totally ready to dive into a new type of cuisine, Reggae Reggae Vibes will be perfect for you. Serving Caribbean cuisine in addition to American cuisine with Caribbean twists. With spices sourced right from Jamaica, you can bet on the flavors being authentic.

There’s a wide variety of dishes to explore on Reggae Reggae Vibes’ menu, including a few vegetarian options. Be sure to try the Montego Bay oxtails stew, SanSand Beach snapper fish, RRV rasta veggie wrap, or jerk chicken. Don’t forget to some Jamaican rum cake on your way out!

Family Spot Jamaican Restaurant

6722 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19126
Phone: (215) 927-3000
Visit Website

Just like the name suggests, Family Spot Jamaican Restaurant is all about family values and great food. This local restaurant serves traditional Jamaican cuisine made with hand-picked ingredients. With tasty food and large portions, it’s no wonder this spot is popular.

Family Spot Jamaican Restaurant’s menu is nice and simple, making it easy to order from. Try out the curry goat, cow foot M&W, jerk chicken, or escovitched snapper/parrot. Make sure to order candy yams or fry dumplings on the side!

Island Taste Jamaican Restaurant

5518 N 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19120
Phone: (267) 748-2418

Another go-to spot for Jamaican cuisine in Philadelphia is Island Taste Jamaican Restaurant. You’ll find Jamaican favorites at this restaurant, as well as some unique dishes. And with late-night hours, you can even fix your after-drinks cravings.

You can’t really go wrong with anything on Island Taste Jamaican Restaurant’s menu, but if you need some help, we recommend the jerk chicken, spicy chili shrimp, pepper steak, or curry goat. Be sure to get some yams on the side to complete your meal!

Quality Taste Jamaican Restaurant & Jerk Hut

4002 Lancaster Ave #4000, Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: (267) 634-6821

With over 1,400 reviews on Google alone, it’s safe to say that Quality Taste Jamaican Restaurant & Jerk Hut is a well-known restaurant. This casual, counter-serve spot offers Jamaican classics. This spot is less of a sit-down space, so it’s great for take out or a meal on the go.

Enjoy all of the basics at Quality Taste Jamaican Restaurant & Jerk Hut. Be sure to try the fry chicken, curry mango salmon, cow skin soup, or curry shrimp. Don’t forget to order yams or rice and peas on the side!

Jamaican D’s Caribbean & American Restaurant

1265 E Chelten Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19138
Phone: (215) 927-7415

Another highly-reviewed spot for Jamaican cuisine is Jamaican D’s Caribbean & American Restaurant. You’ll find classic Caribbean dishes here as well as some American dishes like wings. With a simple set-up, it’s clear that the food alone is a knock out.

The menu at Jamaican D’s Caribbean & American Restaurant is a bit larger than that of other spots on this list. Try out the beef ribs, jerk chicken, salmon, or curry goat. Make sure to get the collard greens, mac and cheese, or sweet corn potato salad on the side!

Caribbean Feast Restaurant

1338 Rising Sun Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140
Phone: (215) 223-2665
Visit Website

Looking for a Caribbean spot with vegetarian options? We suggest Caribbean Feast Restaurant. This Philly restaurant offers Jamaican dishes galore. With deck seating out front, this is the perfect place to soak up some sun.

Caribbean Feast Restaurant’s menu is quite extensive, so if you can’t decide what to order, We recommend the gourmet oxtail, ultimate feast, curry goat roti, snapper, or veggie pepper steak. Be sure to sip on one of the Jamaican drinks they offer, too!

Dezzy’s Jamaican Restaurant

4945 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19124
Phone: (215) 535-4404
Visit Website

Trying to find a spot that’s open late? Look no further than Dezzy’s Jamaican Restaurant. Serving Jamaican cuisine made from fresh, quality ingredients, it’s no surprise the food is so good. This place is open until 10 p.m. during the week and midnight on Friday and Saturday (they close early on Sundays).

All the classics are on the menu at Dezzy’s Jamaican Restaurant. Be sure to try the red snapper, cow foot, curry chicken, or spicy beef patties. Don’t forget to get plantains or steamed cabbage on the side!

Top Taste

40 N 52nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19139
Phone: (215) 747-1460

If you like laid-back, no-frills restaurant, head over to Top Taste. This local restaurant serves Jamaican meals in a home-style fashion. People love the food and larger portions at this stop.

The menu at Top Taste is simplistic, but it certainly gets the job done. Try out the fried chicken, stew peas, oxtail, pepper steak, or turkey wings. If you’re feeling extra hungry, make sure to order a platter, locals say it’s plenty of food to fill you up plus more!

Sunday Best

41 N 52nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19139
Phone: (215) 476-2660

Open from early morning to late night, Sunday Best will help you fulfill your Jamaican food cravings any time of the day. You’ll find Caribbean food classics at this Philadelphia spot accompanied by tasty sides.

Everything on Sunday Best’s menu is pretty great, but locals have a few favorites. We recommend the oxtail, brown stew chicken, curry chicken, or jerk chicken. Be sure to get the steamed cabbage or rice and beans to complete your meal!

Kingston 11 Jamaican Restaurant

6405 Woodland Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19142
Phone: (215) 596-0216

Last but not least on our list of Jamaican/Caribbean spots in Philly is Kingston 11 Jamaican Restaurant. Much like the other spots on this list, this restaurant serves Jamaican plates with traditional flavors.

Though there are primarily classic dishes on the menu at Kingston 11 Jamaican Restaurant, you’ll also find a few out-of-the-ordinary options too. Be sure to try the honey jerk sticky wings, bourbon salmon, curry shrimp and lobster tail, or curry goat. Don’t forget the seafood mac and cheese or sweet candied yams to compliment your entree!

Final Thoughts

I bet you had no idea that Philadelphia was filled with all of these Jamaican/Caribbean restaurants. Though the cuisine may be unfamiliar to some of our readers, I would definitely recommend giving it a try when you’re feeling adventurous.

Looking for something else tonight? Check out our favorite places to indulge in pasta by clicking here.

Which spot will you visit first? Let us know! Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment and we’ll check it out!

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