Canned Wines You Should Try ASAP

If you’re a wine lover, check out these canned wines for your next boozy picnic or outing.

Canned wine consumption is on the rise, with more and more people realizing that the best vintages don’t always come in traditional bottles. In addition, canned wine is much more portable, easy to portion out, and great for people who want to sample several different varieties of wine but don’t want to buy multiple bottles.

Some of the best canned wine brands sell variety packs, which are great for bringing to parties and picnics where people prefer different types of wines. Additionally, canned wines are good for the environment, get cold faster, and are far easier to store.

If you’re not sold on the value and quality of canned wines just yet, this list of the best canned wines might just change your mind. Canned wines are my secret weapon for entertaining, I can fit multiple varieties in the refrigerator, and they’re always cold and delicious whenever I serve them.   

Best Canned Wines

  1. Underwood by Union Wine Company
  2. Babe
  3. House Wine
  4. Sans Wine
  5. McBride Sisters
  6. Old Westminster
  7. Lubanzi
  8. Ah-So
  9. Amble + Chase
  10. Ramona Wine Spritzers
  11. Rosé All Day
  12. ManCan
  13. Nomadica
  14. Lorenza Spritz
  15. Bridge Lane
  16. Chateau Maris
  17. Nomikai

Underwood by Union Wine Company

Union Wine Company celebrates Mother Nature in every bottle and can, and their move to canning some of their most popular wines reflects that commitment to environmentalism. The Underwood Pinot Gris is a crisp, refreshing wine with subtle hints of stone fruit and green apple. You’ll get some spectacular lemongrass on the finish too. It’s a great, drinkable summer wine, check their locator to find it in your area.

If you’d prefer something red, check out their 2017 Underwood Pinot Noir with cranberry, black cherry, and plum notes. It’s got the ideal balance of spice, and each can comes with a generous serving. It’s great for chillier fall days or if you just want a beautiful red wine to round out your day.   


Babe is a fun, boutique wine company featuring whimsically named blends like White Girl Rosé and Tye Dye Rosé. Their flagship product, Babe Rosé, is a delectable bubbly wine that is the perfect thing to sip at your next picnic or serve at a book club.  

Although Babe Rosé is one of my personal favorites,100 Rosé Bubbles is the best thing to come out of Babe. This light, delicious summertime wine has that amazing rose flavor with just 100 calories per can. 

It’s also only 6.9 alcohol by volume, making it a tasty and drinkable option. Although Babe does ship to plenty of states, there are a few restrictions, so make sure you check their website before placing your order or use their wine locator to find it in a store near you. 

House Wine

House Wine’s premier winemaker Hal Landvoigt travels the world for new ideas and incorporates them into his wines. He specializes in exploring new formats, styles, and formulas while making solidly good products year after year. You can sample Hal Landvoigt’s genius in a bottle or can.

Casa Rita is a great canned wine with a touch of lime and agave. You’ll get plenty of citrus too. Pair it with barbeque for a beautifully balanced meal. Another great option is the Rainbow Rosé, a take on the classic rosé with a smooth finish. You can also grab some cans of Red Sangria to take to the beach. 

Sans Wine

Sans Wine Co. uses locally-grown, organic grapes to make their wines. All products from Sans Wine are vegan and additive-free. So if you find that sulfites or additives give you the dreaded next-day wine headaches, Sans Wine is for you. Get their natural wines in light, recyclable cans, perfect for taking to the beach, a picnic, or a sports game.

Try their Riesling, with gorgeous notes of kiwi, orange blossom, and jasmine. It’s tart and refreshing. Their Rosé Bubbles has beautiful notes of grapefruit, Cara Cara orange, and raspberries and is like a celebration in a can.   

McBride Sisters

The McBride Sisters, Robin and Andrea, created their SHE CAN wine collection for busy women on the move. Their wines are tasty, have great packaging, and come in plenty of different varieties. Try the Coastal Berry Dry Rosé Spritzer with hints of ripe berries and plenty of delicious bubbles. Check their locator to find SHE CAN in a store near you.

Additionally, McBride Sisters gives back to the community. Part of their mandate involves helping Black women succeed in the traditionally male and white-dominated space of winemaking. 

The SHE CAN Professional Development Fund helps these women reach their professional goals, and a portion of every SHE CAN wine sale goes towards this fund. Cheers to that!  

Old Westminster

Old Westminster makes wine the old-fashioned way by following family traditions that go back decades. They are dedicated to showcasing the best of Maryland wine culture through their traditional and more unconventional wine offerings. Everything is done by hand, and each wine is lovingly prepared and preserved.

Today, you can get Old Westminster in cans. Try their Seeds & Skins, a beautiful wine with peach and green mango notes. It pairs excellently with white pizza. Their Carbonic is another excellent wine, with a slight aroma of raspberry and blue plum and a deep, raspberry flavor that’s not too overpowering. 


Lubanzi is the brainchild of two former exchange students who ran across a dog on their trip through South Africa. The dog followed the pair for 100 miles and became the inspiration for a winery that celebrates all South Africa has to offer. Lubanzi is deeply rooted in giving back to farming communities and being a good global citizen.

Although they make exceptional bottled wine, their canned wines are exquisite as well. One of my favorites is Chenin Blanc, a beautiful white wine with green apple and apricot notes. You might even pick up a little bit of lychee in there as well.    


It’s undeniable that Ah-So canned wines are beautiful to look at, but what’s inside the package is pretty spectacular as well. Ah-So’s canned wines use only organically farmed and hand-harvested grapes and stay away from additives. As a result, their wines are great-tasting and good for the environment.

Although all of Ah-So’s wines are top-notch, there are a few standouts. Bubbles is a gorgeous sparkling wine with intense stone fruit and honeysuckle notes and a very smooth finish. It’s great for relaxing on a summer’s day. You can also try their traditional red, white, and rosé in cans.   

Amble + Chase

If you’re looking for a great rosé, Amble + Chase’s is one of the best cans of wine I’ve ever tasted. This wine is exactly what a rosé should be; a perfectly blended mix of Cinsault, Syrah, and Grenache and is bursting with delectable fruit flavor. You’ll get peaches in every sip and a gorgeous aroma of cherry blossom and raspberry.

Try their rosé in either a 250ml can or as part of a four-pack. Trust me; you’ll probably want to invest in the four-pack. It’s an exceptional wine that pairs well with just about any dish or occasion.    

Ramona Wine Spritzers

Another great organic option is Ramona Wine Spritzers. Headed up by Jordan Salcito, a sommelier and winemaker, Ramona Wine Spritzers are bringing a touch of sophistication and nuanced flavor to the world of canned wines. With beautiful, minimalist can designs and bright, bold flavors, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on some of these.

The Meyer Lemon Wine Spritz is a true winner forged from Zibibbo grapes and lemon juice. It’s a tart, summery cocktail that’s perfect for backyard barbeques. Their Organic Blood Orange Wine Spritz is equally delicious, combining Zibibbo grapes and blood orange juice for a zesty cocktail. 

Rosé All Day

As the name suggests, Rosé All Day specializes in delicious, refreshing rosés done in the traditional French style. Their rosés are portable, refreshing, and come in generously sized 250ml cans. Like all canned wine, Rosé All Day’s products are eco-friendly and chill quickly, so you can get your fix of cold rosé whenever you want it, just check out their store locator here.

Buy Rosé All Day in four packs or in cases. Each case has 24 cans and is roughly the same as eight bottles of wine. If you’re going to a party and want to bring something other than beer, Rosé All Day is an excellent choice.  


ManCan sells both individual packs and mixed packs of their California wines. Choose between red, white, bubbly white, and rosé wines. Their portions are very generous, too, with each 12.6-ounce can containing the equivalent of half a bottle of wine. 

In addition to the enormous portions, ManCan’s wines are exceptionally tasty. Their California Rosé blend is an inspired mix of Zinfandel and Chardonnay. It’s not overly sweet but hits all of the traditional rosé notes just right and has a soft strawberry taste. Their California White is bright and melony, and their California Red is full of deep pomegranate flavor.  


Nomadica’s mission is to create and promote sustainable wines that help California’s wine community flourish. Their wines are vegan, produced with as little intervention as possible, and made from local grapes. Also, none of their wines have residual sugars in them. 

While Nomadica’s wines’ contents are excellent, the labels are works of art too; produced by local artists.  

Nomadica’s wines are solidly tasty. Their Red Wine Blend is a particular favorite of mine. It’s got a nice body, and plenty of fruity notes, like cherry, strawberry, plum, and cranberry. You’ll get a little bite from the licorice in there too. 

Lorenza Spritz

Lorenza Spritz specializes in making great rosés. Their wines are vegan, gluten-free, and naturally contain low alcohol. That’s means that you can enjoy your rosé on a hot day without having to worry about feeling the effects too much. Their Rosé + Bubbles is a perennial favorite, coming in packs of four 250ml cans.

Rosé + Bubbles has a very interesting flavor profile, including sweet raspberries and watermelon rind. You’ll get a sweet, floral hit of Hibiscus too. It’s a great wine that pairs expertly with plenty of different dishes. Try it with fried chicken or smoked salmon to really bring out the notes. 

Bridge Lane

Bridge Lane is one of Long Island’s premier wineries, specializing in high-quality, sustainably produced dry wines. They specialize in small batches and recently started canning some of their most popular wines. Their canned wines are reasonably priced, completely recyclable, and come in 375ml cans, equivalent to half a bottle.  

Some of my personal favorites include their White Merlot and Dry Rosé. Both of these wines are flavorful and dry without being too bitter in the end. I find that sometimes rosés can be a little bit too sweet, but Bridge Lane strikes that perfect balance. 

Chateau Maris

Chateau Maris is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by whatever means possible. They incorporate biodynamic winemaking techniques into their grape harvesting and have a true passion for sustainability. It stands to reason that they also have some of the best canned wines on the planet.

Their Languedoc wine is bright, fruity, and fresh with strong notes of Passionfruit and Melon. It’s a headier rosé wine at 13 percent alcohol by volume, but it’s great for enjoying along with a meal or splitting with a friend. It also happens to be one of my favorites. I like to pair the Languedoc with grilled chicken or a creamy pasta dish.  


Nomikai’s founders decided to get into the winemaking business after a long hike through the desert had them thirsting for some cold wine. Nomikai specializes in making premier wine into a portable commodity, allowing you to tuck a can or two into your backpack to enjoy after a long trek. 

Nomikai’s red wines genuinely shine. Their California Red is a beautiful, bright red with stone fruit flavoring and a spicy endnote. It’s just dry enough to be layered and complex, and the finish is smooth. Unlike some more robust reds, you can drink Nomikai’s California Red during any time of the year because it strikes the right balance between bold and light.

Final Thoughts

Canned wine is rapidly becoming more popular, thanks to the diverse variety of canned wines on the market and the high quality of the products. Smart consumers know that canned wines are produced the same way that bottled ones are and that canning wine is an exceptional way to showcase bright, bold flavors. 

If you love rose, light white wines, or hearty red blends, make sure that you check out one of the phenomenal canned wines on our list. There’s something for every budget and price point, and you’ll be doing something great for the environment as well.

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