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Allentown Brunch Guide: Where to Go This Weekend

Check out our top spots for breakfast and brunch food around the city.

Allentown, Pennsylvania, also called the “Queen City,” is a great place to visit, especially if you want to experience diverse ethnic cuisines in one city that also happens to be brimming with different activities to meet anyone’s interests.

french toast with bacon at allentown pennsylvania brunch spot

Whether you wish to see the impressive art collection at the Art Museum, watch a baseball game in the Coca-Cola Park, or check out the annual Great Allentown Fair, if you happen to stop by at the right time, Allentown has much to offer that will make your trip worthwhile.

Knowing that a tasty brunch can make the rest of the activities throughout the day that much more enjoyable, I embarked on a quest to find the best brunch spots in Allentown.

Best Brunch in Allentown

  1. Union & Finch
  2. Griddle 145
  3. the hamilton kitchen and bar
  4. The Dime Restaurant and Bar
  5. Perkins Restaurant & Bakery
  6. The Shanty on 19th
  7. IHOP

I am happy to say that I’ve enjoyed my time in a number of restaurants, and here are the very best of them!

Union & Finch

1528 Union St, Allentown, PA 18102
Phone: 610-432-1522
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The Union & Finch restaurant is an American dining eatery near the historical Passenger Trolley Stop.

It’s a modern restaurant best known for its brunch selections, and for good reason because they are just as mouth-watering!

The staff is friendly here too. The restaurant was opened in 2014 and has become a local favorite for brunch with their extensive menu of different breakfast foods like their famous Dutch Baby Pancakes or some scrumptious Banana Bread French Toast.

My favorite dishes at Union & Finch include the chicken and waffles platter and the smoked salmon club sandwich made with house-pickled green tomatoes and lemon aioli on rye bread.

Griddle 145

1146 MacArthur Rd, Whitehall, PA 18052
Phone: 610-351-9898
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The Griddle 145 was opened by Shery and Taylor Eisenhard. They focus on “good eats and tasty treats.” Their restaurant is near  Historical Allentown Station, known as Reading Railroad. It is an exciting site to see for sure.

Griddle 145 specializes in a new twist on classic comfort foods, and they have a wide variety of breakfast options that all sound delicious. My favorite item from their menu is their strawberry dream french toast. 

It’s French toast topped with strawberry cream cheese, sliced strawberries, and in-house strawberry sauce.

I was glad I chose to purchase the full portion. It was so good that I would have ordered more had I ordered the short size.

The Hamilton Kitchen and Bar

645 Hamilton St, Allentown, PA 18101
Phone: 610-433-3535
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The Hamilton Kitchen and Bar is a casual-dining restaurant with an extensive drink menu and an even larger brunch menu.

It’s located near Allentown Station as well, so it’s easy to find. Another nearby landmark is the Soldiers and Sailors monument that commemorates soldiers of Lehigh county who fought in the Civil War.

Checking out the restaurant is great because you can sit on their patio for brunch if you’d like. My favorite meal combination was the fried mozzarella with seared scallops. I hadn’t had mozzarella in years, and theirs definitely hit the spot. 

The scallops are served with a shrimp bisque sauce, and they are oh so good. They also have a lovely hummus platter that comes with pita and vegetables you should try.

The Dime Restaurant and Bar

12 N 7th St, Allentown, PA 18101
Phone: 484-273-4010
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The Dime Restaurant and Bar in Allentown is actually an old bank built in the early 1900s. Now it’s a restaurant/bar with food of all kinds, but particularly brunch foods.

The Dime is located on 7th street, downtown near Allentown Station and Bethlehem’s Station as well.

The Dime serves brunch food all day, so this restaurant is perfect for any mealtime. I went for brunch because, you know, I love my eggs benedict.

They have a fabulous eggs benedict platter that comes with ham, bacon, or sausage, depending on your preference. It also comes with breakfast potatoes.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

Multiple locations
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Perkins Restaurant and Bakery serves breakfast and lunch meals as well as sweets! It’s near the saving of the Liberty Bell Marker.

It symbolizes the spirit of freedom and the effort it took to achieve it by soldiers from the Liberty Bell Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

My favorite dish there was the big country sunrise skillet. It came with sausage, bacon, ham, eggs, and potatoes.

It was topped with cheese and sour cream. It was delicious, and if I ever go back, that’s what I’m getting again.

I also got a banana cream pie. It was sweet, creamy, and had a lot of other different textures. The bananas were sliced into the pie instead of blended in, making the taste much better.

The Shanty on 19th

613 N 19th St, Allentown, PA 18104
Phone: 610-841-0150
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The Shanty on 19th in Allentown is a restaurant, bar, and lounge. It’s quite large, so you can always find a place to sit or stand, depending on your preference.

They have live music on Fridays and Saturdays, so it’s great for those nights. They recently changed their hours to 4 pm to midnight from Tuesday to Saturday.

All of the restaurants we visited were in the same area of Allentown, so it’s no surprise that the Shanty on 19th is near the Soldiers and Sailors Monument and the Saving of the Liberty Bell Marker.

While there, I was in the mood for a burger. I went with none other than the shanty burger. It came with cheese, bacon, and mustard aioli on a brioche bun. Of course, I added mushrooms and a fried egg. It was so good that I definitely recommend it.


1511 Lehigh St, Allentown, PA 18103
Phone: 610-797-6113
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IHOP is a familiar option for brunch if you are looking for something simple. IHOP is also near the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

They have a decent amount of options on their menu, but they are very well known for their pancakes. I recommend trying them out. At least get an order of blueberry pancakes!

On my visit to IHOP in Allentown, my go-to was the egg omelet. I built my own omelet with mushrooms, cheese, bacon, and onions. It was so huge that I could only eat half. Not to mention it came with three pancakes and a side of hashbrowns.

Final Thoughts

Allentown, Pennsylvania, is a place everyone should visit at least once. It’s not only beautiful but full of history and culture. Some restaurants like Perkins Restaurant & Bakery were quiet while others like The Dime Restaurant and Bar and the Shanty on 19th were lively and wild in a good way.

If you’re looking for more than just these Allentown brunch spots, check out these other great places to eat!

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment, and we’ll check it out!

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