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San Antonio Breweries to Visit This Weekend

Our favorite places to go in the city for locally-brewed, hand-crafted beers.

As one of the largest cities in Texas, San Antonio has more than enough to offer visitors. Several museums like the San Antonio Museum of Art, The Alamo Fort and Museum, and more. You can’t forget about Seaworld San Antonio either.

friends drinking beer at san antonio breweries

One of the best attractions in the city is the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk has several stores and restaurants that locals and visitors love spending time at.

Besides the culture of San Antonio, the food scene is another major attraction. There’s a little bit of everything and plenty of unique places to eat.

Best Breweries in San Antonio

  1. Freetail Brewing Co.
  2. Alamo Beer Company
  3. Back Unturned Brewing Co.
  4. Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling
  5. Roadmap Brewing Co.
  6. Blue Star Brewing Company
  7. Busted Sandal Brewing Company
  8. Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery
  9. Kuenstler Brewing
  10. Pabst Brewing Co.
  11. Dos Sirenos Brewing
  12. Vista Brewing San Antonio
  13. Longtab Brewing Company
  14. Second Pitch Beer Company
  15. Mad Pecker Brewing Co.
  16. Weathered Souls Brewing Co.

While you may be thinking of visiting San Antonio for attractions like Seaworld and the River Walk, but did you know they have a booming brewery scene? As you explore the city, you may want to add a few of the best breweries in San Antonio to your itinerary.

Freetail Brewing Co.

Multiple locations
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If you want to visit Freetail Brewing Company, you have two locations to choose from. One is near downtown on South Presa Street, and the second is in north San Antonio on North Loop 1604.

The Presa Street location is large and industrial, with chalkboards and murals throughout the building.

Freetail Brewing offers several mainstay and seasonal beers. Seven core beers are all genuinely unique. I had to try their Pickles Gose, and it was different but in the best way.

There are seasonal beers that come out often, but if you only try one beer here, you have to try the San Antonio Pale Ale.

Alamo Beer Company

202 Lamar St, San Antonio, TX 78202
Phone: 210-872-5589
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The Alamo Beer Company is on Lamar Street in downtown San Antonio. The brewery is large and offers plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

The atmosphere is laid-back, and you’ll often see people playing cornhole and other games while sipping their beer.

Their taproom menu features plenty of Alamo Beer Company creations, including ciders and other drinks from local breweries.

Whenever you go, you’ll want to check their limited series drafts to sample beers they may not create again. The Downtown Bowie Brown Ale and their amber lager were my top two beers.

Back Unturned Brewing Co.

516 Brooklyn Ave, San Antonio, TX 78215
Phone: 210-257-0022
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Back Unturned Brewing Company is right near the San Antonio River on Brooklyn Avenue. This brewery is the dream of the owner and strives to encourage other people not to give up on their dreams. This brewery and taproom feature an unpretentious vibe with a full-service kitchen in the back.

You’ll find 12 beers regularly on tap at this brewery. The beers range from lagers, dark beers, IPAs, and everything in between.

Their most popular beers are their Nightmare Juice IPA, Riverwalk Pale Ale, and the Hawaiian 210 sour. If you aren’t sure what to order, you can ask the staff to sample a beer first.

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

4834 Whirlwind Dr, San Antonio, TX 78217
Phone: 210-339-2282
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In northeast San Antonio on Whirlwind Drive is Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling. The building is industrial and has your typical casual brewery vibe.

This award-winning brewstillery features delicious beer and whiskey. If you pop in on a Saturday, you can take a free tour of the property before tasting their creations.

Ranger Creek offers core beers, and they brew small batches too. They have several brown and imperial stouts, lagers, and limited releases of flavors they don’t usually experiment with.

If you love a good stout beer, you’ll fall in love with their strawberry milk stout. It’s delightful and could be your dessert.

Roadmap Brewing Co.

723 N Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78215
Phone: 210-254-9962
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You’ll find Roadmap Brewing Company downtown on North Alamo Street. The brewery is spacious, has plenty of wooden tables, high ceilings, and an unmatched atmosphere.

There’s a bar where you can order your drinks or sit, and their merchandise selection is worth looking into.

Roadmap Brewing offers 16 beers on tap for you to try. There are light beers, dark, and small-batch beers that you can only try in their taproom.

Ordering a flight of beer here is common. I ordered a flight because I wanted to sample some beer, but it comes on a wooden plate shaped like Texas. I highly recommend their Minivan Dad Double IPA.

Blue Star Brewing Company

1414 S Alamo St #105, San Antonio, TX 78210
Phone: 210-212-5506
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Blue Star Brewing Company sits in the Blue Star Arts Complex near the San Antonio River. This has been one of the most popular breweries in town since opening in 1996.

The exterior is brick, and parts look weathered. When you walk inside, you’re surrounded by brick walls filled with unique artwork and a view of where the brewing happens.

You can choose from 14 delicious craft beers. There’s a beer for everyone here, and you can order a flight if you prefer to sample several rather than just wing it and order a beer.

Arguably their most popular brew is their Texican Lager. It’s light and the perfect beer to pair with almost any meal.

Busted Sandal Brewing Company

7114 Oaklawn Dr, San Antonio, TX 78229
Phone: 210-474-0330
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Busted Sandal Brewing Company is on Oaklawn Drive in the Oak Hills neighborhood of northwest San Antonio.

The idea behind the now popular brewery came from two beer-loving friends playing darts. Decades later, after creating homebrew, Busted Sandal was born.

The atmosphere is the kind of place you want to be with friends, but you may make some new ones if you come alone.

There are five year-round beers. There’s a porter, Hefeweizen, IPA, a light ale, and a Mexican lager.

They all sounded delicious, but if you’re only able to try one beer here, you need to try their Jeffeweizen beer. This Hefeweizen beer is named after their head brewer, Jeff.

Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery

136 E Grayson St #120, San Antonio, TX 78215
Phone: 210-455-5701
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In the heart of San Antonio on East Grayson Street is Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery. This large restaurant also brews its own beer.

The restaurant is stunning, with tables outside under the trees and a chic industrial interior. Something unique about this brewery and restaurant is a bar that faces the open kitchen.

The beer at Southerleigh is limited, but there’s a beer that will pair well with any dish on their food menu.

If you love lagers, you’ll love their Gold Export Lager. They also have several local ciders and hard seltzers in cans to choose from.

Kuenstler Brewing

302 E Lachapelle, San Antonio, TX 78204
Phone: 210-688-4519
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You’ll find Kuenstler Brewing on East Lachapelle in the Lonestar neighborhood of San Antonio. This brewery is the perfect combination of German and Texas fare.

The atmosphere is laid-back and the ideal place to share a great meal and drinks with friends. My favorite part of the brewery is their outdoor patio, where you can drink while breathing fresh air.

Kuenstler Brewing has over 15 craft beers on tap for you to try. They have a variety of beers, from pale ales to lagers to other creations.

I decided to give the Cashmere Hefeweizen beer. It had notes of banana, citrus, guava, and more. It was absolutely delicious. Be sure to check out their food menu for the perfect brewery snacks.

Pabst Brewing Co.

110 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205
Phone: 800-947-2278
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Pabst Brewing Company is less than a mile from the start of the San Antonio Riverwalk. This is a large-scale brewing company specializing in Pabst Blue Ribbon and 50 other popular beer brands. As with most breweries, the space is casual and very welcoming.

If you’re planning on stopping by Pabst Brewing Company, you can’t leave there without having a Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Even though it is a typical domestic beer, there’s something about ordering it from the brewery.

Dos Sirenos Brewing

231 E Cevallos St, San Antonio, TX 78204
Phone: 210-442-8138
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About a mile and a half from Hemisfair Park on East Cevallos Street is Dos Sirenos Brewing. The building is hard to miss because it’s bright blue and features two mermen on the front, which is also the company’s logo.

The interior is illuminated with natural lighting, and their beers are written on a chalkboard by the bar.

Dos Sirenos Brewing has a large selection of craft beer for you to choose from. They have everything from farmhouse ales to porters and even a few hoppier options.

Most people enjoy sampling a few before ordering, but I went with my bartender’s favorite, Estate West Hop Pale Ale. It was perfectly hoppy and crisp.

Vista Brewing San Antonio

1333 Buena Vista St STE 107, San Antonio, TX 78207
Phone: 512-766-1842
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Vista Brewing is about two miles west of downtown San Antonio. The brewery is in a beautiful, brick warehouse that houses their brewery and taproom.

They also have a casual outdoor area with plenty of seating and cornhole boards. You can tell how passionate all the staff is about the beer they serve.

All the beers at Vista Brewing use water from their property to create authentic Texan beer. They use European brewing techniques and Texas ingredients to perfect their craft.

As with other breweries, they have a variety of options. They have several barrel-aged beers, and my favorites were their Treaty, bourbon barrel-aged oatmeal stout, and barrel-aged Little Saison.

Longtab Brewing Company

4700 Timco W Suite 105, San Antonio, TX 78238
Phone: 210-947-4766
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Northwest of downtown, minutes from the San Antonio Aquarium, is Longtab Brewing Company. This brewing company pays homage to the United States military personnel and veterans, but anyone can drink here. The interior is military green and has American Flags and military memorabilia throughout.

Longtab Brewing has beers that are almost always on their menu, and they have what they call historical beers that make an appearance only once or return randomly.

While they have various types of beer, lagers are where they shine. I loved their JFK lager, and their food menu was impressive too.

Second Pitch Beer Company

11935 Starcrest Dr, San Antonio, TX 78247
Phone: 210-474-0234
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Second Pitch Beer Company is three miles from McAllister Park. This family-owned brewery is modern, with metal and concrete accents when you walk in.

Along their brick wall, there’s a colorful mural featuring a monkey which is part of the company’s logo. The atmosphere was laid-back, and everyone was friendly.

The beers at Second Pitch include lagers, dark ales, blondes, and more. If you’re anything like me, you probably have a hard time deciding what beers to try at a brewery. I decided to order a flight of four beers.

I chose the Ironside Baltic Porter, Not My First Rodeo Hazy IPA, Brave Noise Pale Ale, and Hometown Lager. They were all fabulous.

Mad Pecker Brewing Co.

6025 Tezel Rd #122, San Antonio, TX 78250
Phone: 210-562-3059
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You’ll find Mad Pecker Brewing Company on Tezel Road, about three and a half miles from Seaworld San Antonio.

This small-batch brewing company looks more like a traditional dive bar inside than a brewery, but that’s not a bad thing.

The walls are red, there are several brewery stickers on the bar, and the vibe is lively but casual.

As a small-batch brewery, the selection is smaller compared to the larger breweries in San Antonio. That means you can sample almost all of their beers or all. I’m not judging.

They do produce seasonal creations but have three mainstays. I tasted them all, but my favorite was their Bitter Soul.

Weathered Souls Brewing Co.

606 Embassy Oaks #500, San Antonio, TX 78216
Phone: 210-274-6824
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You’ll find Weathered Souls Brewing Company a little less than five miles north of San Antonio International Airport.

The building is large and dark on the outside, and the inside has light walls and high ceilings with twinkly lights. You can tell that people love coming here, and many consider it their neighborhood bar.

Weathered Souls has four core beers that are on draft throughout the year. They’ve also started experimenting with hard seltzers and unique flavors.

I had to try the Dale Shine lager, one of their core beers. It was light and crispy, just like they advertised. They also have an impressive selection of fruit sours.

Final Thoughts

San Antonio is filled with wonderful and unique craft breweries. Some specialize in IPAs, some lagers, and everything in between.

While you’re in San Antonio sampling the best beers the city has to offer, why not check out the food scene? Here’s a list of the top-rated restaurants in San Antonio.

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment, and we’ll check it out!

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