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Dallas Breweries Guide: Where to Drink Craft Beer Around the City

Our favorite spots to enjoy craft beer around the city.

Dallas is one of the most visited cities in Texas. With sprawling cityscapes, museums, outdoor activities, and delicious food to try, it’s no wonder people are heading to the Lone Star State.

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If you love craft beer, then you’ll love Dallas. Texas is home to around 100 breweries; 60 are in Dallas. Craft beer brewers are making Dallas their home, ready to share their creations with locals and visitors.

There’s something charming about a craft brewery. Whether you’re taking a tour of the facility or you’re just there to hang out, breweries are always fun to visit with friends.

Dallas is an absolutely hotspot for breweries, too, so if that’s something that interests you, you’re in the right place.

Best Breweries in Dallas

  1. Texas Ale Project
  2. Peticolas Brewing Company
  3. Oak Highlands Brewery
  4. Four Corners Brewing Company
  5. Outfit Brewery
  6. Deep Ellum Brewing Company
  7. White Rock Alehouse & Brewery
  8. On Rotation
  9. Manhattan Project Beer Co.
  10. Celestial Beerworks
  11. Trinity Cider
  12. Westlake Brewing Company
  13. Pegasus City Brewery
  14. Steam Theory Brewing Company
  15. Oak Cliff Brewing Co
  16. Craft and Growler
  17. Strangeways

Trying every single brewery can seem a little overwhelming, so I’ve narrowed down the list to ones you simply have to try. Here are some of the best breweries in Dallas.

Texas Ale Project

1001 N Riverfront Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: 214-965-0606
Visit Website

The Texas Ale Project is less than two miles from The Dallas World Aquarium on North Riverfront Boulevard.

The brewery is in a large gray building with large windows, outdoor seating, concrete floors, and views of the brewing process. The brewery is lively, casual, and ambiance traditional American brewery.

This Texas microbrewery features five beers that they have throughout the year, plus hard seltzers, limited release beers, and seasonal creations.

They have a variety of craft beers like IPAs, amber ales, and more. I decided to sample all five of their mainstay creations, but I have to say that my favorite is their 100 Million Angels Singing double IPA.

Peticolas Brewing Company

1301 Pace St, Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: 214-234-7600
Visit Website

Five minutes from Trammell Crow Park and the Trinity River is Peticolas Brewing Company. This brewery sits in a converted warehouse that’s three stories high.

Michael Peticolas started his brewery as a one-person show, brewing 800 barrels annually by himself. Now, this sprawling brewery is a large-scale production.

Peticolas Brewing Company has over 15 beers on taps at any given time. They have their mainstays and limited releases. Most of their limited releases return at one point or another.

They have various types of beer, so even those who aren’t beer fans will find something they enjoy. I loved their Worth the Wait imperial stout.

Oak Highlands Brewery

10484 Brockwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75238
Phone: 469-802-9455
Visit Website

In the Lake Highlands neighborhood of northwest Dallas sits Oak Highlands Brewery. The inside of the brewery is resemblant to many breweries in the country.

It’s modern, industrial, and welcoming. Oak Highland Brewery features a wall-to-wall painting of the Texas flag and has plenty of seating in their 3,000 square feet space.

Oak Highland Brewery has roughly 25 beers on tap at a time. The staff are really knowledgeable about their beer and can help you find something you love.

They offer IPAs, pale ales, and more. First, I tried their What Limes with Cucumber Gose. While It was tasty and I could’ve drunk it all night, I tried the Guava Good next, and it was fabulous.

Four Corners Brewing Company

1311 S Ervay St, Dallas, TX 75215
Phone: 123-456-7890
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Not even a mile from downtown Dallas is Four Corners Brewing Company. The brewery is in an urban area, and you’ll know you’ve arrived when you see vibrant murals on the exterior walls.

The inside is lively, with people sharing their love of beer and touring the facility. I loved the brick walls and twinkly lights above.

Four Corners has five year-round beers that you have to try while you’re here. I tried a one-ounce sample of all five.

They feature an IPA, lager, honey-rye golden ale, red ale, and Saison. I loved their Local Buzz honey-rye. Be sure to check out their limited releases while you’re in town. I loved the Queen Bee Grapefruit Saison.

Outfit Brewery

7135 John W. Carpenter Fwy, Dallas, TX 75247
Phone: 469-909-8240
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Outfit Brewery is seven minutes from Dallas Love Field Airport on John W. Carpenter Freeway. This beautiful brewery features white and cream brick on the outside and a rustic-chic interior and outdoor patio area.

This family-owned brewery opened in 2018 and has quickly become a place locals grab a drink and bite to eat after a long day.

This brewery has everything from light ales to hoppy beers and everything in between. If you’ve never had any of their beers before, ordering a flight of four is an excellent option so you can try multiple.

I opted for a flight of their Milky McStoutFace milk stout, Stampede light lager, Gene IPA, and Hoppy Longstockings West Coast IPA. The beer and atmosphere were terrific.

Deep Ellum Brewing Company

2823 St Louis St, Dallas, TX 75226
Phone: 214-888-3322
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Deep Ellum Brewing Company is the largest brewery in Dallas. It’s only about a mile from downtown and is the perfect urban brewery.

The exterior looks a little worn down with gray walls and vibrant murals on the sides, but when you enter, the atmosphere is lively, there’s plenty of space, and there are almost always events going on.

I couldn’t go to Dallas without visiting their largest craft brewery. That being said, I couldn’t sample every single one of their beers, even though I wanted to.

I relied on what other patrons and staff suggested. Their most popular beers are their Dallas Blonde Ale and the Deep Ellum IPA. Both were delicious and worth trying.

White Rock Alehouse & Brewery

7331 Gaston Ave #100, Dallas, TX 75214
Phone: 214-989-7570
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Right near the walking trails at White Rock is White Rock Alehouse and Brewery. The brewery features a traditional alehouse with plenty of seating and an outdoor beer garden.

The owners are Dallas residents who wanted to have a space where people could come eat, drink, and have a great time.

White Rock serves nine beers year-round, but they release seasonal creations too. Their IPO New England Style IPA is award-winning, so I had to give it a try.

It was the perfect hoppy beer, and even if you’re not an IPA drinker, you should try it. Most of their beers are hoppy, but they have an excellent blonde ale and pilsner.

On Rotation Brewery & Kitchen

7701 Lemmon Ave Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75209
Phone: 972-850-9279
Visit Website

On Rotation Brewery and Kitchen is outside of the Dallas Love Field Airport. It’s a large gray building perfect for grabbing a bite to eat and beer when you land or whenever you want.

While most of the brewery is neutral in color, they use teal and yellow accents to brighten up the space.

When I arrived, I saw a small artificial turf area with a picnic table and knew that was where I wanted to sit.

On Rotation is a small-batch brewery, so their selection is limited but worth trying. They also have beers from other local breweries.

I loved their Belgian Holiday, which is a fruitcake Belgian Dunkel. You can’t go wrong with their beer cheese queso as a snack.

Manhattan Project Beer Co.

2215 Sulphur St, Dallas, TX 75208
Phone: 469-678-8870
Visit Website

You’ll find the Manhattan Project Beer Co. three minutes from Trinity Overlook Park. The Manhattan Project Beer Company is a small-batch brewery set in a modern building.

It features light concrete walls, faux cow skin rugs, and black accents. The staff is friendly, and you’ll feel welcomed the second you walk inside.

The brewers at this brewery make an exceptional effort to brew their beers. If they don’t believe it’s delicious, they won’t release it to the public.

They offer unique brews that incorporate fruit flavors and other ingredients to create world-class beer. It would be an understatement to say I’m obsessed with their Pina Colada IPA.

Celestial Beerworks

2530 Butler St, Dallas, TX 75235
Phone: 972-707-0523
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Celestial Beerworks is down the street from Parkland Hospital on Butler Street. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see a beautiful mutual on the side of the building.

The inside features bright white walls, light wood furniture, and plenty of natural lighting. I love the black and white mural on the inside with angels, crowns, and more.

Their taproom offers 16 beers from Celestial Beerworks and occasionally some kegs from other local breweries.

There are several IPAs on the menu and stouts, pilsners, and sour ales. Their sour ales sounded refreshing, so I tried their Coconut Cream Tropic and the Berry Rocket.

Trinity Cider

2656 Main #120, Dallas, TX 75226
Phone: 469-708-5444
Visit Website

Trinity Cider is within walking distance of downtown Dallas on Main. The brewery has a warehouse aesthetic with brick walls, modern touches, and lights strung from one end to the other. It’s a popular place for locals and visitors to hang out during the day or after exploring downtown.

Trinity Cider is unique because they’re a brewery that only brews cider. That’s right, no IPAs, blonde ales, or stouts here.

Their ciders are unique, and even people who don’t typically order ciders enjoy them. I ordered a flight and tried their CideBoob watermelon, Mother Smuckers pb&j, Unholy Ghost spicy pepper, and Grow a Pair ginger pear.

Westlake Brewing Company

2816 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226
Phone: 877-994-2337
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You’ll find Westlake Brewing Company down the street from Deep Ellum on Commerce Street. The owner spent over 20 years creating craft beer in his garage before venturing into the Dallas craft beer scene. You can tell he and the rest of his staff care about the beer they serve and the people they share it with.

Westlake has a small selection of delicious beers for you to try. My favorite was their award-winning Peter’s Porter.

It went perfectly with their bacon, bleu, and barbeque flatbread. If you want a beer that could be dessert all on its own, their Toffee Sweets beer is divine and will satisfy that sweet tooth.

Pegasus City Brewery

Multiple locations
Visit Website

There are two Pegasus City Brewery locations in Dallas. One of them is downtown, less than half a mile from Main Street Garden Park.

The original location is in the Design District. Both offer patrons a modern and welcoming atmosphere.

The one in the Design District is lovely because it’s a small taproom and you can see where it all started.

Pegasus City Brewery has five core beers and several seasonal and limited release options. The five core beers include ales, porters, and a tripel.

The bartender told me that their core, Texikaner black lager, was their favorite. It was delicious. I was able to try the High Point porch ale too, which was perfect.

Steam Theory Brewing Company

340 Singleton Blvd #100, Dallas, TX 75212
Phone: 972-803-4334
Visit Website

Steam Theory Brewing Company is a minute away from the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. You’re in the right place if you see a large apartment building.

The brewery sits on the ground level of the building. The spacious brewery features a steampunk vibe and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

People love Steam Theory because not only do they serve delicious craft beer, but they have a full-service kitchen.

Their lunch special was fabulous because you get a sandwich or burger with a side and a beer for a set price. Their flight offers six options, not four like other breweries if you want to sample several.

Oak Cliff Brewing Co

1300 S Polk St #222, Dallas, TX 75224
Phone: 123-456-7890
Visit Website

Oak Cliff Brewing Company is a little off the beaten path, south of the Design District on South Polk Street.

Like many other breweries, Oak Cliff features a chic industrial design with long picnic tables, concrete flooring, and murals throughout the space.

The beer menu at Oak Cliff features Hefeweizens, lagers, and IPAs. Their selection is smaller than some of the other larger breweries in Dallas, but you can sense the brewers’ passion for their beers.

My favorite was their Lee Hazy Oswald IPA, but their lager is crispy and tasty if you like more traditional beers.

Craft and Growler

3601 Parry Ave, Dallas, TX 75226
Phone: 214-821-1122
Visit Website

Across the street from Fair Park on Parry Avenue is Craft and Growler. This is more than just a brewery.

It’s Dallas’ original craft beer bar, and they have recently started brewing their own selection to serve patrons. The space is extensive, and you can sit on keg barrel bar stools or the large wooden picnic tables.

You can order craft beer from several local breweries at Craft and Growler, but you may want to sample some of their creations since you’re there.

Their products are listed under the name 4Elements. The Solar Eclipse golden milk stout was rich, and the Noble Latte brown ale was excellent.


2429 N Fitzhugh Ave, Dallas, TX 75204
Phone: 214-823-7800
Visit Website

Strangeways is on North Fitzhugh Avenue, near Uptown. The outside looks like a worn-down, brick building, but don’t let that turn you away.

This welcoming brewery is stunning inside, with booths, a full bar, and a full-service kitchen. The atmosphere is warm, and they’re open late if you want a bite to eat and a beer.

They have dozens of beers on tap ready for you to try. Most people order a flight of five to sample since they have such a large selection. They have plenty of sour beers, IPAs, porters, stouts, and everything in between.

Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer an IPA, lager, a sour beer, or something else, you’ll find a brewery in Dallas that’ll be your new favorite.

Between brewery hopping, why not grab a bite to eat somewhere? Like there are several fantastic breweries, there are unique places to eat in the city. Check out some of the greatest restaurants Dallas has to offer.

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment, and we’ll check it out!

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