10 Beer Glasses Every Beer Drinker Will Love

We’ve ranked the top glasses for enjoying craft beer.

Although people have been enjoying this ages-old drink for probably longer than we know, the way people have enjoyed it has changed through the ages. In some eras, who you were dictated what you drank, and in different eras, beer was considered safer and more sanitary to drink than water.

Today, we have a much better understanding of this classic beverage, and we have a variety of methods at our disposal for enjoying it to its fullest. It’s no secret that different types of glasses enhance the taste of certain beverages. It’s why we use wine glasses for wine and various types of cocktail glasses for their respective drinks.

Whether you shop at the supermarket or brew at home, the sheer number of types of beer out there will make your head spin. And just like with other drinks, each is best enhanced with a particular kind of glass.

different types of beer glasses with different types of beer

So, to help you figure out the best beer glass for your preferred version of the beverage, we’ve reviewed the best beer glasses on the market, and today, we’re diving into a full review of each. If you’re working on building up a registry, seeking to stock up cabinets in your first actual apartment, or simply looking to treat yourself or a friend, then keep reading!

For the Classicist

English Pub Beer Glass 20 OZ Clear 4 piece Set I Easy Stacking in the cupboard I Dishwasher safe plus great for drinking with friends and loved ones I Freezer compatible

Even if your tastes are wide and varied, you’re going to need one set of good, reliable, classic pint glasses when you don’t want to think more about what you’re drinking and less about what you’re going to drink it in.

This set of 20-ounce English pub pint glasses is perfect for the purist. Even if any old glass (or even solo cup) will do, these are much more refined, mature, and durable. 

The classic shape of these beer glasses is standard for English pubs, as the bulge at the top of the glass helps prevent the top from chipping with use. Lovers of ale, either American or British, will find that these glasses enhance the flavor and experience of their favorite drink.

For Oktoberfest!

Spiegelau - Tulip Classics Beer Glasses – (Set of 4, 15.5 oz.)

Is it just me, or do we all have that one person in our lives who sings the praises of German-made ale above all others? For that person (even if that person is you), the perfect option is these classic tulip beer glasses.

They have that sophisticated, visual European flair that will make any ale feel a little fancier. But practically, their shape helps better preserve the complex aromas and flavor profiles that usually accompany German, Belgian, and even Irish ales. 

With these glasses, you can enjoy the flavor and aroma of your beverage before you ever taste it without sacrificing that lovely, foamy head layer. And if you’re looking to blow the roof off your Oktoberfest celebration this year, keep reading for our recommendation of the best modern stein glass!

For Pilsner Enthusiasts

Libbey Catalina Footed Pilsner Beer Glass - 14 oz

The crisp flavor and light quality of this brew have made it a favorite overseas, and it’s slowly but surely catching on in the States. It’s the perfect summer beverage, so if you’ve been considering branching out into the Pilsner world, then you’ll need the glasses to do it.

These tall, fluted glasses are the best match for this ethereal-style brew because the narrow construction helps to preserve the airy, carbonated quality of the beverage and the equally narrow mouth delivers all those aromas right to your nose each time you sip. 

If you’re imagining a summer full of lounging on the deck, patio, or balcony with a nice brew in hand, then you won’t want to pass up these glasses.

For Savory Stout Lovers

Spiegelau Craft Beer Stout Glass, Set of 2, European-Made Lead-Free Crystal, Modern Beer Glasses, Dishwasher Safe, Professional Quality Beer Pint Glass Gift Set, 21 oz

On the other side of the spectrum from Pilsner, you have the rich and hearty stout beer. The deep flavors and sometimes coffee and chocolate notes make this an ideal drink for colder weather or just for when you want to feel extra cozy!

The perfect type of glass to enjoy stout in is equally as fun and cozy. These German-made craft beer stout glasses come in the iconic stout shape, designed to showcase all the rich, dark, nutty flavors that make stout so irresistible. 

The shape is modern and sleek while still appealing to the age-old tradition of preserving and celebrating the unique flavors of this brew. 

For the No-Nonsense Multitasker

Bormioli Rocco Bodega Collection Glassware – Set Of 12 Medium 12 Ounce Drinking Glasses For Water, Beverages & Cocktails – 12oz Clear Tempered Glass Tumblers

Some of us don’t have a lot of room in our cabinets for multiple types of beer glasses to suit every brew and occasion. For people like us, there are no-fuss, versatile beer tumblers like these

While you can enjoy just about any kind of drink in these—even beyond the world of beer—they make a great addition to any beer glass collection or can stand alone in your cupboards. They’re built to withstand thermal shock and wear and tear.

Many beer lovers find that these glasses are great for all of their favorite brews. The wider mouth on these 12-ounce glasses keeps them from being too fussy or pretentious and enables you to drink at your own pace.

For the Indecisive Drinker

Luminarc 6 Piece Arc International Assorted Craft Brew Glasses Set, Clear (L1158)

If you want a large and plentiful collection of all the kinds of beer glasses you can imagine yet find yourself confronted by lack of space or budget, then don’t worry! We’ve got the perfect solution for you, too. 

For the one who wants it all but has to hold back a bit, we love this six-piece assorted craft beer glasses set. In it, you get glasses to suit Belgian beer, white beers, the traditional British pint, IPA beer, Pilsner, and stout. The collection comes with one glass to suit each of these styles.

This is the perfect way to test out each type of glass and see which one, or which brew, suits you best. It’s also an ingenious way to set up customized flights or tastings for group gatherings or parties.

For Those Who Prefer Stein-Style

Bormioli Rocco 4-Pack Solid Heavy Large Beer Glasses with Handle - 17.1/4 Ounce Glass Steins, Traditional Beer Mug glasses Set, Perfect Coffee - Tea Glass, Everyday Drinking Glasses, Cocktail Glasses

Our list wouldn’t be complete without some type of stein-inspired offering on it. These hearty, balanced-feeling stein mugs are a great option for stocking your cabinets with a quality beer glass that can double as your coffee mug in the morning.

These 17.25-ounce German-inspired glass steins are heavy and solid, with an ergonomic handle and sturdy bottom. One of the appeals of traditional steins is that they’re built to last, whether you’re clinking together mugs in celebration or subjecting them to normal wear and tear.

These glasses are also shaped well to complement the flavors of many types of lagers, which can help preserve the perfect drinking temperature of these types of brews.

For Outdoorsy Types

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Double-Wall Beer Glass Set, 14 fl. oz

Speaking of maintaining the perfect drinking temperature, this can be frustrating for those who like to enjoy their brews in the great outdoors. The ideal cold beer can turn into a sweaty, lukewarm mess way too quickly in the height of summer.

These double-walled beer glasses are the perfect fix for those who want to keep their beverage as cold as possible while sipping outside. The shape of these glasses is optimal for preserving the flavor and aromas of whatever’s on your personal tap that day, while the two layers of expertly developed glass make sure you won’t have to rush to enjoy it, even on a hot summer’s day.

For Father’s Day Gifting

Dragon Glassware Beer Glasses, Insulated Double Wall Mugs, 13.5-Ounce, Set of 2

It’s difficult to decide what you should get for a man who already has everything, but we guarantee that he won’t be upset with these fun but functional beer glasses.

They’re double-walled for insulation so Dad can enjoy his brew at the grill or hanging out on the deck. But the real appeal of these glasses is their upside-down beer bottle shape. What Dad can resist such a cheeky take on the mixing of modern and traditional?

And for the purists, never fear: they’re still shaped perfectly for enjoying every note of your brew’s unique flavor profile.

For the Elitist

Nucleated Teku 3.0 Stemmed Beer Glass by Rastal - Nucleation Pint Glasses for Better Head Retention, Aroma and Flavor - 14.2 oz Craft Beer Glass for Enhanced Beer Drinking Bliss- Gift Idea for Men

To be fair, we can’t fault anyone who just wants to feel a little extra fancy when it comes to their favorite brew. Thankfully, it doesn’t take a trip to Europe or other similarly expensive measures to snag a little bit of the high life for yourself.

These Teku glasses are sure to elevate your beverage and make you feel on top of the world. Not only are they visually stunning, but these glasses are expertly created with just about every aspect of the drinking experience in mind.

The neck, which has a sharp inward taper, directs the aroma and flavor profile up so you can get a good whiff, while the wide bottom allows for enough swirling to stir up the flavors of your most complex beer. 

The top of the glass curves slightly outward to give you an ergonomic experience, even for your mouth. And if that wasn’t enough, the bottom of these glasses are etched to allow for carbon dioxide release from your brew, which helps preserve the head and release even more flavor.

So if you’re a fan of really complex beers with a multi-layered flavor profile, these Teku glasses are perfect for not missing a single aspect of that flavor you love so much.

Final Thoughts

Is it just us, or are those a lot of beer glasses? Each one is perfectly suited to a specific brew or drinking style, and, we’ve gotta say, it’s hard not to want each and every one.

If you’re in the same boat, go ahead and try out the assorted set to see which type you really can’t live without. Or you can always take the “I’ll have one of each” approach with every contender on our list. It’s up to you!

Whatever you decide, you’ll be thrilled with the quality of your brew and the experience you’ll enjoy with any (or all) of these glasses. Happy drinking!

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