9 Best Rooftop Bars in Baltimore Maryland

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Baltimore, Maryland’s urban tapestry, invites you to elevate your evening at its premier rooftop bars, where the views are as compelling as the city’s rich history. Perched above the bustling streets and charming waterways, these sky-high sanctuaries offer a refreshing perspective on Charm City. With a cocktail in hand, gaze out over the Inner Harbor or the historic neighborhoods that have long been the heartbeat of this dynamic city. Each rooftop venue melds chic ambiance with a laid-back Maryland charm, providing a perfect setting for sunset toasts or starlit revelry. From upscale lounges to casual terraces, Baltimore’s rooftop bars capture the essence of the city — a blend of contemporary style and timeless allure. Let’s ascend to these urban retreats, where every sip comes with a view to remember.

The Chasseur

3328 Foster Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224
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The Chasseur Baltimore
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The Chasseur was a few blocks away from the river, but we saw that they have a great view of it from the rooftop bar. The menu was filled with grill options. I have to say that the seafood available was a great feature, and I went for the crab mac and cheese. They had a massive list of cocktails to choose from too. I loved the caramel apple mule. It tasted like autumn in a cup, with a nice kick.

16 On The Park

800 N Wolfe St #16, Baltimore, MD 21205
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16 On The Park Baltimore
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If you’re near Johns Hopkins, 16 On The Park is a great place to check out. They have a wide selection of local beers, which always gives me more of a special hometown feeling, though there are some great signature cocktail options if that’s more your thing. The place feels very high-end, and there’s lots of hardwood and natural light. Still, it is casual enough that for most events this is a flexible place to go.

Cafe Gia Ristorante

410 S High St, Baltimore, MD 21202
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Cafe Gia Ristorante Baltimore
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Cafe Gia Ristorante is located just off the water in Little Italy, and really would make you think twice about where you are. Between the hip decorative style with older style paintings, traditional Italian dishes, and the Maryland flair throughout, I was blown away. The choices of fine Italian wines are immense, and they’ve got some Italian beers too that I had no idea about. They’re very accommodating to larger groups.

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Lord Baltimore Hotel

20 W Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD 21201
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Lord Baltimore Hotel Baltimore
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The Lord Baltimore Hotel runs the LB Skybar, which has some great views of the Baltimore skyline. The best part is, this place is right in the city center, which was so much easier when I went out with friends since it is right in the middle of everything. They have some great craft cocktails and craft beers, but my friends and I enjoyed the bucket drinks. There is a menu as well with some limited grill options.

Mt. Washington Tavern

5700 Newbury St., Baltimore, MD 21209
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Mt. Washington Tavern Baltimore
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We’ve found this place a lot more relaxed than most other bars, which can be a relief for a more casual evening out with friends. This is also a little further outside the city center, but still only about a 10-minute drive. The menu is broad especially compared to some of these other places that just have expensive snacks. We would recommend the roast beef and goat cheese stack. The Mt. Washington Tavern got plenty of seafood specialties being so close to the water. There are some nice desserts too. As mentioned, the rooftop bar is only open seasonally, so best to check ahead if you want the feeling of a drink outdoors.

Splash Pool Bar & Grill

200 International Drive, Baltimore, MD 21202

Splash Pool Bar & Grill Baltimore
Source: Splash Pool Bar & Grill

The Splash Pool Bar & Grill is located within the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore. The first time I came here was actually for a wedding. This spot is a great venue for events, but it’s a nice spot to go out with friends too. They’ve got plenty of foods like burgers throughout the day. But the Mexican-style dishes are probably the best ones. Check ahead of time because this place is only open during the spring and summer months.

The Bygone

400 International Drive 29th floor, Baltimore, MD 21202
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The Bygone Baltimore
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Also on the roof of the Four Seasons Hotel is The Bygone, which has some of the best views of the night skyline over the end of the river I’ve ever seen. The dining is upscale and will feel more like a fancy occasion. The cocktail menu is pretty long, but my favorite was the Bee’s Knees; I love anything with elderflower. They change the menu seasonally, which is one of the reasons I love going back. It always feels a little different.


101 W Monument St, Baltimore, MD 21201
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Topside Baltimore
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Even though this is in a historic area, these drinks could stand on their own. I had the vampire blues. Even though I don’t often go for whiskey drinks, I found the fruit and spice flavors brought a nice element to the cocktail. They’ve also got a nice dinner menu. I loved the duck breast, and my friend raved about the Chilean sea bass they had. They close a bit earlier than some bars, so not ideal if you’re looking to be out at midnight, but this place is great for something more relaxed.

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Loch Bar

240 International Drive, Baltimore, MD 21202
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Loch Bar Baltimore
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The Loch Bar is also found in the Four Seasons Hotel but does have its unique feeling. I went once when they had live music, which is always a fun way to spice up a night out. It’s a specialized whiskey bar with tons of seafood choices on the thorough menu. They also had a great selection of beers and their cocktail list. I would probably go back for the Kentucky Buck the next time I go.

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