Where to Get Italian Food in Baltimore

Whether you want to dine with friends or loved ones, are hungry for a specific Italian dish, or want to eat an Italian lunch, do not resist walking into an Italian restaurant.

delicious italian food at a restaurant in baltimore

The flavor and taste of Italian cuisine and the ambiance reflected by the restaurants will make your visit worthwhile and pleasurable.

Most Italian chefs ensure they play with different flavors, allowing their customers a chance to have a taste of the Italian culture.

My experience with Italian restaurants has been exceptional, sweet, and magical.

I especially love Italian pizzas because they are authentic and have a touch of love in them.

Cheesy right?

With their vast range of tasty meals, cocktails, breakfast menus, and romantic dinner packages, Italian restaurants are the to-go place for your dining experiences.

That said, check out my list of the best Italian restaurants below.


Mill No. 1, 3000 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: 443-708-7352
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Source: Cosima

Cosima is one of the best casual-elegant Italian restaurants in Baltimore.

It is mainly known for its fresh Mediterranean cuisine hailing from Sicily, and great for holding special occasions such as birthday events.

Couples can also choose this restaurant for its great romantic ambiance.

Chef Donna Crivello captures the traditional Italian flavors, making every meal tasty and delicious.

Some of their unique cuisines include the Pizza A Costine Corte, braised beef short rib with goat cheese, herbed ricotta, caramelized onions, and topped with arugula.

Cosima is located in the Mill No. 1 building tucked along the Jones Falls, nationally recognized as a recreational scenery.

Clients dining at the Cosima outdoor patio or hotel deck may get the chance to enjoy the historical site.

La Scala Ristorante Italiano

1012 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-783-9209
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La Scala Ristorante Italiano
Source: La Scala Ristorante Italiano

La Scala Ristorante Italiano, located within Little Italy, is a unique 5-star upscale Italian restaurant in Baltimore.

Most people prefer coming here because of their delicious menu dishes.

Headed by Executive Chef Nino Germano, La Scala’s kitchen incorporates a balance of traditional Italian cuisines with more innovative modern dishes.

For instance, some of their delicious dishes include the Vitello E Gamberi Baltimore.

At La Scala, you can host significant events such as engagement parties or corporate meetings because it provides specific amenities such as a vast dining space and a private event room for all its clients’ needs.

Thus, please stop by and enjoy their elegantly prepared meals and have a taste of their incredible cocktails and wine tasting.

Dalesio’s Of Little Italy

829 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-539-1965
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Dalesio’s Of Little Italy
Source: Dalesio’s Of Little Italy

Dalesio’s of Little Italy is one of Baltimore’s highest-ranked Italian restaurants.

With its fantastic dining areas and private rooms, not only does the restaurant offer a casual fine dining experience, but the space allows clients to hold business dinners and special events such as thanksgiving dinners.

Dalesio’s is most celebrated for its finest Northern Italian cuisines, locally generated dishes, and seafood specialties.

Thus, it ensures that customers enjoying a romantic meal can dine in their open-air first-floor dining rooms while enjoying a collection of their extensive wine list to complement their dinner selection.

Sabatino’s Italian Restaurant

901 Fawn St, Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-727-2667
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Sabatino’s Italian Restaurant
Source: Sabatino’s Italian Restaurant

Looking for a more casual but intimate space to hold a private dinner with friends, family, or your partner? Sabatino’s Italian restaurant is a great choice.

Located in the heart of Baltimore’s Little Italy, Sabatino’s is one of the best restaurants where you can enjoy some of the best Italian dishes and international local cuisines.

Since 1955, with the help of Chef Culotta and Renato Rotondo, Sabatino’s has done its best at serving many of Baltimore’s locals and attracted many tourists to this pleasing dining space.

Based on critics and client reviews, Sabatino’s offers an avalanche of the best Italian meals.

Thus, if you need some veal Florentino dipped in cheese with a side of crisp-baked parmigiana, then Sabatino’s is the place for you.

Birroteca Baltimore

1520 Clipper Rd, Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: 443-759-5178
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Birroteca Baltimore
Source: Birroteca Baltimore

Located near the Hampden area of Baltimore, Birroteca Baltimore is more than a food destination; it is a home away from home.

Over the years, Birroteca Baltimore has made its unique Italian cuisines by sourcing ingredients from local farmers and fishermen.

Many people love this Italian restaurant because it offers’ refined meals as if they are cooked at home.

It offers a casual vibe, allowing locals and tourists to hold casual dinners with friends and loved ones using their communal dining space.

Additionally, if you are a fan of some beer, Birroteca Baltimore has got you covered, as you can order from their 20 craft beers list as you enjoy your dish.


822 Lancaster St, Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-547-8282
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Source: Cinghiale

Talk about having an award-winning wine list because Cinghiale tops the list.

Ranked as one of the best Italian restaurants in Baltimore, Cinghiale is a fine dining establishment best known for its award-winning wine list, according to the World of Fine Wine Magazine in 2016, and its exceptional Italian dishes.

Cinghiale interior design comprises modern Italian tables, iron chandeliers, and marble tile floors giving it a subtle, casual vibe.

Owner and Chef Cindy Wolf has ensured that Cinghiale incorporates local fresh ingredients to make incredible Italian culinary dishes suitable for every person.

My personal favorites include their pasta, the Grilled Berkshire Pork chop, Grilled Elysian Fields Lamb leg with a glass of Prosecco, and Zardetto wine.

La Tavola

248 Albemarle St, Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-685-1859
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La Tavola
Source: La Tavola

Are you in the mood for freshly baked focaccia, garlic-infused meals, veal, pasta, and seafood dishes? Then Chef Carlo Vignotto got you covered at La Tavola.

He ensures that he uses impeccable spices and other ingredients to make his delightful specials you can enjoy.

La Tavola is located One block away from the Charn’static mile, a famous trademark in Baltimore.

It is an Italian restaurant that offers contemporary Italian dishes.

Additionally, La Tavola has great outdoor patios where you can take advantage of the open-air environment and beautiful weather as you enjoy your meal for the day.

Sotto Sopra

405 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-625-0534
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Sotto Sopra
Source: Sotto Sopra

Sotto Sopra is one of Baltimore’s most prominent points of pride.

The restaurant is located near Baltimore’s Harborplace on Charles Street.

With Harborplace being a marketplace, Sotto Sopra takes advantage of the locally farmed fresh produce.

This Italian restaurant is best known for its Italian dishes, especially the risotto and roasted meats.

I promise you will also love their handmade pasta and chicken salads.

Unlike other restaurants, Sotto may be upscale but offers affordable prices on its meals.

Thus, if you are ever in Baltimore near Harborplace, make a reservation at Sotto Sopra to enjoy some of their best dishes.

Amicci’s of Little Italy

231 S High St, Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-528-1096
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Amicci’s of Little Italy
Source: Amicci’s of Little Italy

Amicci’s has been popularly known as a casual eatery and bar since the early 1990s.

The locals prefer this Italian restaurant for its affordable prices on Italian dishes, and they provide the best happy hour in the neighborhood.

Located near the National Aquarium, locals and tourists visiting this national treasure sought to have their meals at Amicci’s.

Once you enjoy their pasta dishes and fresh seafood cuisines, you will surely return for more.

Café Gia Ristorante

410 S High St, Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-685-6727
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Café Gia Ristorante
Source: Café Gia Ristorante

One can say café Gia Ristorante is a replica of Sicily’s local restaurants.

With its background based on familial relationships and gatherings, the Aquia family ensured they created peace in their home (Sicily, Italy) in Baltimore.

The restaurant has gained popularity over the years because people appreciate its artistic menu filled with Sicilian cuisines such as Burrata, Bruschetta, Polenta with Sausage, and Lasagna Di Giada, among others.

Chef Gianfranco Fracassetti carefully prepares these exquisite dishes, so you can be sure of enjoying every single dish.

Chiapparelli’s Restaurant

237 S High St, Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-837-0309
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Chiapparelli’s Restaurant
Source: Chiapparelli’s Restaurant

When speaking of Italian cuisines, we cannot forget to mention Italian Pizzas.

They are incomparable to any of the pizzas prepared in Baltimore, and the best thing is that Chiapparelli’s restaurant got you covered in this sector.

This beautiful Italian restaurant has established its reputation around excellent customer service, fantastic pizza dishes, and affordable prices on their cuisines.

Consider visiting Chiapparelli’s restaurant to enjoy some of their famous pasta cuisines and fresh Pizza.

Italian restaurants are a sight for sore eyes.

They offer a plethora of great Italian cuisines and introduce you to a rich Italian culture and heritage that you learn to love and enjoy.

From providing handmade pasta dishes to incorporating modern dishes using Italian recipes.

You will be sure to enjoy every meal that you order.

Thus, now that you have a list of the best Italian restaurants in Baltimore, consider visiting any of them and enjoy what Little Italy has in store for you.

Make sure you don’t skip breakfast while you’re here in Baltimore, too!

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Comment below and let us know!

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