Where to Eat Greek Food in Baltimore

If you’re a fan of Greek fare and live in Baltimore or are visiting the city soon, you’re in luck.

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Like many big cities, Baltimore, Maryland, has its fair share of delicious Greek spots, so you can satisfy you’re craving for dolmades, Souvlaki, and Baklava anytime you want.

To help narrow down your choices, I’ve provided a list of the best Greek restaurants in Baltimore.

I’ll discuss their atmosphere, standout factors, and my favorite menu items for each one.

That way, you’ll know which one to try first (or next!) and what to order when you get there.

Samos Greek Island Grill

Multiple locations
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Samos Greek Island Grill
Source: Samos Greek Island Grill

If you want a taste of Greek fare without leaving Baltimore, Samos Greek Island Grill is the place for you.

There are two locations in Baltimore, but I frequent the one on Whetstone Way, closer to downtown.

As the name suggests, Samos Greek Island Grill offers a taste of the Mediterranean with their authentic Greek cuisine.

Their menu features all of your Greek food favorites, including gyro sandwiches, grilled lamb chops, souvlaki, and more.

But one of my favorite menu items here is the Greek fries, as they cover them in a hefty amount of feta cheese!

If you’re a fan of octopus, they also serve a delicious grilled octopus dish.

Souvlaki Greek Cuisine

1103 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: 410-243-0750
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Souvlaki Greek Cuisine
Source Souvlaki Greek Cuisine

Souvlaki Greek Cuisine is a small and cozy Greek eatery in Hampden near Roosevelt Park and one of the best Greek restaurants for all tastes and preferences.

They have a location in D.C., which I tried when I used to live there, but this is their original location, so I had to give this a try as well — and I was not disappointed!

Wraps are the best menu items to order here, and you can choose between chicken, lamb, and veggie.

I love all of them because either way, they are doused in some of the most delicious tzatziki sauce I have tried outside of Greece itself.

I recommend finishing your meal with a piece of sweet, scrumptious baklava and taking some spinach pie to go!

Samos Restaurant

600 Oldham St, Baltimore, MD 21224
Phone: 410-675-5292
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Samos Restaurant
Source: Samos Restaurant

Samos Restaurant is a Greek restaurant that’s unfussy and relaxed in practice but pleasant and stylish in design.

Near Baltimore Comedy Factory, Samos is an excellent spot to go with friends and family for a casual sit-down meal.

Being a BYOB (bring your own booze/bottles) restaurant makes it that much more appealing!

They don’t take reservations, so go as early as possible to get a seat, and they only accept cash, so come prepared with bills.

The Black Olive

814 S Bond St, Baltimore, MD 21231
Phone: 410-276-7141
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The Black Olive
Source: The Black Olive

If you’re looking for an upscale, classy Greek restaurant for a more elegant dining experience, look no further than The Black Olive in Fells Point near Broadway Square.

I love The Black Olive’s relaxed and sophisticated vibe.

The dark wood interior and low lighting make it perfect for a romantic night out or a night with good friends.

This restaurant has plenty of tasty meals to choose from, but some of my favorites include sea bass, braised lamb shank, and crab cakes.

They also have a particularly delicious fish soup — a perfect way to start your meal, and an incredible baklava ice cream — the best way to end your meal!

Souvlaki Chargrill

363 Alpha Commons Dr, Baltimore, MD 21224
Phone: 410-299-8512

Souvlaki Chargrill
Source: Souvlaki Chargrill

Mr. Souvlaki Chargrill is one of the best Greek spots in Baltimore for a quick carry-out lunch.

It’s located near the Johns Hopkins Medical Center and offers quick and tasty bites that are Greek and non-Greek, from gyro wraps to burgers to hot dogs.

You can also use Mr. Souvlaki for catering events, and your guests will surely be pleased!

Although it’s primarily a greek food truck, I enjoy their burgers almost as much as their gyro wrap.

The best Greek restaurants in Baltimore have inviting atmospheres, family-friendly service, and, of course, tasty Greek and Mediterranean fare!

Whether you want a fast bite from a food truck, a relaxed space to sit and eat lunch, or an elegant seafood dinner experience, there’s a Greek restaurant in Baltimore that’ll suit your desires.

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Leave us a comment, and we’ll check it out!

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