9 Best Boozy & Bottomless Brunch Spots in Austin

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In the heart of Texas, Austin’s brunch scene is not just about eggs and bacon; it’s a spirited celebration of good food, great company, and boozy delights. The top boozy and bottomless brunch spots in Austin are where mornings transform into lively gatherings filled with laughter, clinking glasses, and unforgettable flavors. From endless mimosas that keep the conversation flowing to inventive cocktails that redefine brunch libations, these establishments offer an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Picture yourself on sun-drenched patios, enjoying delectable dishes while the drinks keep coming. Whether you’re a local looking for your new favorite brunch spot or a visitor eager to dive into Austin’s culinary culture, these venues promise a brunch experience that’s as effervescent as the city itself. Join us on a journey to discover the top places where brunch in Austin becomes a spirited affair.


35 Brazos St, Austin, TX 78701
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Forthright Austin
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First up is a dedicated brunch restaurant called Forthright that we adore for its bright, elegant vibe and its spacious outdoor patio where we love to enjoy our meal. My favorite thing to order here at Forthright is their unbelievably delicious fried chicken and waffles along with a mimosa, of course. I highly recommend you try Forthright Café. You can find them off of East Cesar Chavez Street and Brazos Street, right across the road from The LINE Austin 4-star hotel near the Congress Avenue Bridge.

Moonshine Grill

303 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701
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Moonshine Grill Austin
Source: Instagram

Next up, you’ll want to head to a place called Moonshine Grill for some amazing brunch in Austin. You can find them off of Red River Street and East 3rd Street on the outskirts of Downtown Austin, right across the street from the Austin Convention Center. What we love most about this place, besides all of the craft cocktails, moonshine, and texas brews, is that they also have an amazing selection of sweets like dark chocolate cheesecake and a banana cream pudding that’s simply divine.

Taverna Austin (Downtown) | The Baci Room

258 W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701
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Taverna Austin (Downtown) The Baci Room Austin
Source: Instagram

Taverna Austin is a great brunch destination that you can visit in Downtown Austin, in between the Market District and the Waller Creek District, that has exceptionally tasty brunch food and mimosas. We think Taverna shines the brightest for its food, but the drink deals are also amazing at this charming Italian restaurant.

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Knomad Bar

1213 Corona Dr, Austin, TX 78723
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Knomad Bar Austin
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Knomad Bar is a fantastic place to go for brunch in Austin because of its convenient location just outside of the Windsor Park neighborhood. Do you often get sad when brunch is over because the fun is ending? Well, that’s not a problem here at Knomad Bar! When brunch ends, more fun begins, usually with live music or trivia nights!

Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden

79 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701
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Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden Austin
Source: Instagram

Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden seems like a must-visit in Austin, especially for sausage enthusiasts and those seeking a diverse brunch menu. The combination of delicious sausages, mimosas like the Manmosa, and a wide array of craft beers sounds like a fantastic experience for anyone looking to enjoy a hearty and flavorful meal. The Manmosa at Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden sounds like quite the celebration in a glass! It’s essentially a champagne-heavy version of a mimosa, with an entire bottle of champagne and just a splash of fresh squeezed orange juice. Sounds like a potent and bubbly way to kick off a brunch!

Josephine House

1601 Waterston Ave, Austin, TX 78703
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Josephine House Austin
Source: Instagram

Josephine House is next on our list and you can find them over in Clarksville just southwest of the Pease District Park where they offer some amazing brunch deals on drinks and food. This is an upscale New American restaurant with a brunch menu to match, including delicacies such as lemon ricotta pancakes and grapefruit Palomas that we simply couldn’t get enough of while we were there.

CRU Food & Wine Bar (2nd Street – Austin)

238 W 2nd St Unit 13, Austin, TX 78701
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CRU Food & Wine Bar (2nd Street - Austin) Austin
Source: Instagram

CRU Food and Wine bar is located off of 2nd Street in Downtown Austin where you can get some incredible brunch food and drinks to make your weekend utterly delightful. I highly recommend trying their blood peach bellini, but they also offer an amazing mimosa that they craft with fresh grove stand orange juice and Ruffino prosecco, or you can try the bellini Cipriani made with white peach purée.

Swift’s Attic

Swift Building, 315 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701
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Swift's Attic Austin
Source: Instagram

Swift’s Attic is another fantastic Austin brunch spot with great drink deals during brunch and also phenomenal happy hour specials. You can find Swift’s Attic off of Congress Avenue right across the street from the Texas Toy Museum and just north of the JW Marriott Austin. What we love most about Swift’s Attic is that you have the option to “pimp your mimosa” by adding a flavored shot of either elderflower, peach, or raspberry for a little extra deliciousness.

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Better Half Coffee & Cocktails

406 Walsh St, Austin, TX 78703
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Better Half Coffee & Cocktails Austin
Source: Instagram

Lastly, Better Half Coffee and Cocktails is easily one of our favorite places to get brunch in Austin not only because of how long their brunch period lasts, but because they have the best Michelada that we’ve ever had. Brunch is served here at Better Half Coffee and Cocktails from 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM so there’s no shortage of time to enjoy all of their amazing drink deals and brunch specials like their incredible chicken biscuit. Plus, they offer Mimosas served in a glass for $8 or a carafe for $35, adding to the delightful variety of beverages available.

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