15 Best Ramen Restaurants in Atlanta

Is there anything more comforting than a steaming bowl of fresh ramen? No, I’m not talking about those blocks of noodles wrapped in plastic or a styrofoam cup from the grocery store.

tonkotsu dish at atlanta ramen restaurants

I’m talking about handcrafted noodles in a rich broth that has been cooking for hours topped with a runny egg and maybe a little pork belly.

With the explosion of ramen spots in the US in the last few years, you can get homemade, delicious ramen quickly and conveniently throughout Atlanta.

Here are the best ramen spots in Atlanta where you can enjoy classic styles and creative fusion styles! Check out my list of the best ramen in Atlanta below!

JINYA Ramen Bar

3714 Roswell Rd Unit 35, Atlanta, GA 30342
Phone: 404-254-4770
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In between East Chastain Park and South Tuxedo Park you can find Atlanta’s JINYA Ramen Bar location.

Known around the country for its broth that simmers for over 20 hours and handmade noodles, this is a great spot to take someone for their first authentic ramen experience.

They know that a ramen dish is only as good as its broth, which is why they have six different broths to choose from–pork, chicken, vegetables, and more.

Then, you can decide what else you want: vegan tofu, a choice of meats, vegetables, herbs, eggs, and sauces.

My favorite though is the JINYA Tonkotsu Black with pork belly, seaweed, jammy egg, and spicy sauce.


95 8th St NW #75, Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: 404-390-3025
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Right off of Georgia Tech’s campus is Momonoki, a fast-casual Japanese restaurant with amazing ramen and a fully stocked bar. It’s the perfect weeknight dinner spot–fast, convenient, and oh-so-delicious!

Brought to you by the same people that created Brush Sushi Izakaya, Momonoki is all about high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods.

They have dipping ramen, classic ramen, brothless ramen, and a whole host of other Japanese dishes like katsu and rice bowls.

I love their Yaza Shoyu classic ramen with pork belly cooked in chicken, fish, and pork broth for the ultimate savory dish best paired with dry Japanese sake.

Hotto Hotto Ramen & Teppanyaki

1039 Grant St SE Suite B10, Atlanta, GA 30315
Phone: 404-963-2937
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Hotto Hotto Ramen and Teppanyaki is right by the Atlanta Zoo and downtown, making it the perfect lunch spot for a day trip to Atlanta.

They offer dining inside, outside at their patio bar, or in the comfort of your home via delivery or take-out.

It’s  fast-casual dining at its best with a menu full of treats like rich ramen and fresh cucumber salads. They also have a full beverage list with craft cocktails, imported sake, Japanese and domestic beers, and wine.

I love their chicken wonton ramen because you get the tasty ramen broth and the tender wonton dumplings in a huge portion, perfect for leftovers the next day.

KinNoTori Ramen Bar

650 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone: 470-312-2964
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KinNoTori Ramen Bar, just South of Piedmont park, is committed to making authentic ramen and other Japanese dishes for everyone to appreciate–whether it’s your first ramen experience or your 900th.

The ramen is their specialty with eight different bases to get creative with including vegetarian and vegan options.

They also have incredible skaters and small plates like braised pork buns, crispy Brussels sprouts, and stuffed octopus.

When I’m looking for some heat, I go for the ultra spicy tori pasta in ramen with spicy paste and chili oil, seasoned ramen eggs, and crispy fried chicken.

Lifting Noodles Ramen

477 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316
Phone: 404-558-2052
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In East Atlanta, Lifting Noodles Ramen is made to mimic the neighborhood ramen shops that dot the streets in cities like Tokyo and Kyoto.

People loved their original East Atlanta locations so much, that they’ve expanded with five new locations!

They have six standard bowls to choose from including the Village Classic pork bowl, the Angry Zuko Bowl with spicy broth, and the Spicy Miso Bowl with spicy creamy miso broth. You can also build your own with over 1,000 different combinations!

I always go for the build-your-own with egg noodles, tonkatsu pork base, roasted pork belly, sweet corn and bean sprouts, and a soft-boiled egg, kimchi, fried onions, and pickled ginger–yum!

Okiboru Tsukemen & Ramen

6125 Roswell Rd Suite 800, Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone: 404-998-5333
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In the Sandy Springs area, Okiburo Tsukemen & Ramen is the only Atlanta ramen spot to be listed on the Michelin Bib Gourmand List–no easy feat!

They use only the highest quality, freshest ingredients to make truly delectable Japanese dishes, specializing in ramen.

To start your meal, you can choose from tasty starters like truffle garlic edamame, fried shrimp, or bao buns. Then it’s time for the main event: ramen.

They have eight different classic ramen bowls to choose from and six more dipping ramen noodles if that’s more your thing.

I love their Truffle Chintan Ramen with pork and a soft-boiled egg in a chicken and fish broth.

Ton Ton Ramen & Yakitori

675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone: 404-883-3507
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Right by the Historic Fourth Ward Park and inside of the Ponce City Market, Ton Ton Ramen and Yakitori is a fun and lively spot to dig into a bowl of homemade ramen!

It’s great for catching up with friends or grabbing a solo bite to eat at lunchtime. They’ve got starters like seaweed and glass noodle salad, gyoza dumplings, or fried chicken wings.

But make sure to leave room for their huge bowls of steaming hot ramen. They have four different bowl styles to seat with and then you can add toppings as you want.

For a filling, but not too heavy lunch, I love getting the Yasai vegetable ramen with a jammy egg topped with a chili pasta bomb for some spice!


Multiple locations
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With locations in Emory and the Westside, Wagaya is a great go-to ramen spot with an extensive food and drink menu.

They have salads, soups, seafood dishes, meat dishes, rice dishes, and vegetable dishes outside of their ramen menu. Their ramen, though, will have your mouth altering with its homemade broth and noodles.

Choose from a classic porch broth, spicy broth, creamy pork broth, corn butter miso broth, or soy sauce broth paired with toppings of your choice.

I go for the Ramen + Two deal where I get a bowl of spicy ramen and two spicy tuna rolls washed down with a Japanese Craft beer like a rice lager.

Yakitori Jinbei

2421 Cobb Pkwy SE, Smyrna, GA 30080
Phone: 770-818-9215
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Tucked back in an unassuming strip mall by the 285 and 75 junction is the amazing Yakitori Jinbei! They serve up Korean and Japanese dishes that will make you keep coming back.

In addition to other Korean and Japanese dishes, they have six different kinds of ramen: tonkotsu with pork belly, tan tan with minced pork, spicy Nappa with pork and cabbage, miso with fried tofu, katsu curry with a fried pork cutlet, and naruto with a fish cake, minced pork, and pork belly.

Plus, your choice of 12 different toppings to add on.

I always split an order of the crabstick dragon rolls and the spicy Nappa ramen with some crisp sake for the ultimate meal!

Brush Sushi Izakaya

316 Church St, Decatur, GA 30030
Phone: 678-949-9412
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In downtown Decatur, Brush Sushi Izakaya is owned by the same masterminds behind Momonoki.

You get the same special attention on the quality of ingredients like locally sourced seafood, only the finest Wagyu beef, perfect rice, and top-tier seaweed.

You can find both the comforting classic tonkotsu pork belly ramen or break out the box for a duck shoyu ramen with seared miso duck and broccolini or tomato soy milk range with pumpkin and cabbage.

Most times, I go for the spicy miso ramen with pork belly, bean sprouts, and a ramen seasoned egg, but if I’m feeling particularly in need of a hearty meal, I choose the delicious duck shoyu.

E Ramen +

1110 W Peachtree St NW #300, Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: 404-913-4142
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Conveniently located in midtown Atlanta, the family behind Eight Sushi Lounge and E Ramen + has been bringing in awards for their pork ramen and lobster ramen since before E Ramen + even existed.

Ten different ramens await you with options like the award-winning lobster ramen, Wagyu beef ramen, or creamy vegan ramen.

Stick with the set toppings with each bowl or add your own with over 20 different choices like ground pork, fried shrimp, or bean curd.

I always have the lobster Raman because you can’t find it anywhere else. Served with butter garlic lobster, corn, a soft-boiled egg, green onions, and seasonal veggies in a lobster and miso broth, it’s to die for!

Pijiu Belly

678 10th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: 404-343-6828
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Pijiu Belly, by the Georgia Tech campus, is the ultimate Southern food meets Japanese cuisine fusion restaurant. They serve up their delicious etas with craft cocktails and beers for a fun date-night spot!

With an entire page of their menu dedicated to Asian street food fusions like Super Nachos made with wonton wrappers and gochujang sauce.

You can easily get distracted from their massive bowls of ramen. They have spicy dumplings ramen, pulled chicken ramen, fried tofu ramen, plus more!

Their spicy bulgogi ramen is one of my favorite dishes ever thanks to the perfect fusion of Japanese ramen broth with Korean bulgogi beef and kimchi.

Pair it with a local craft beer for a total fusion experience.

Ginya Izakaya

1700, 6 Northside Dr. NW Ste A-5, A, Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: 470-355-5621
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In west midtown Atlanta you can find the delicious and understated Ginya Izakaya serving up all of your Japanese dish favorites with a special emphasis on quality ramen.

They’re also one of the most reasonably priced ramen spots with huge portions, so it’s a great spot for budget-minded foodies!

They have six different base ramens from the classic Tonkotsu pork broth and belly bowl to the shoyu premium soy sauce broth with your choice of meats and toppings.

I love the Tonkotsu ramen with their special thick noodles for a hearty and filling meal. It has pork belly, a marinated egg, pickled ginger, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms, which makes it super filling!

Ramen Station

519 Memorial Dr. SE a6, Atlanta, GA 30312
Phone: 404-228-4247

In between Cabbagetown and Oakland, Ramen Station is a local favorite for its steaming bowls of freshly made ramen.

Built to look both like the neighborhood ramen shops of Japan and a classic American diner, it’s a fun spot to grab lunch or dinner.

In addition to their famous ramen bowls, you can dig into Japanese fried chicken, tender steamed buns with pork or chicken filling, or fresh poke bowls.

Their ramen comes in many different flavors, but the most popular are the creamy pork broth, spicy beef, and tons of vegan ramen options.

I’m a big fan of the curry fried chicken tonkotsu with a creamy curry broth, crispy fried chicken, marinated egg, and vegetables.


2371 Hosea L Williams Dr. SE building 1, Atlanta, GA 30317
Phone: 404-228-1458

Owned by the same Korean Wives Hospitality Group as Ramen Station, Salaryman is a neighborhood pub that serves up ramen and other Japanese classics alongside local craft beer, creative cocktails, and delicious sake and wine.

Grab a bowl of their tonkotsu pork belly ramen, spicy beef ramen, or fried chicken Tokyo shoyu ramen with a soy sauce broth.

You can also grab a bite of one of their starters like the Japanese corn dogs, kimchi balls, or Korean bulgogi poutine for a fun fusion experience!

I’m obsessed with their hangover ramen with super spicy broth, tender pork belly, tangy kimchi, and a savory poached egg that both wakes you up and comforts you when you’re feeling under the weather.

That’s it on the best ramen in Atlanta. Whether you want classic, traditionally made Raman straight from Japan or creative fusion ramen bowls featuring local produce, you can find it in Atlanta.

Make it a full dining experience by pairing your bowl of ramen with other Japanese classics and an imported Japanese sake or beer! If you’re looking for something a bit more southern, then you can always check out these incredible BBQ spots around the ATL instead!

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment and we’ll check it out!

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