12 Best Breweries in Atlanta

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Atlanta’s beer scene is bubbling with creativity, and the city’s best breweries stand at the forefront of this liquid revolution. These establishments are not just places to savor beer; they are temples of craft, where the alchemy of hops, grains, and yeast creates masterpieces for enthusiasts and novices alike. From cozy taprooms serving up inventive small-batch brews to sprawling beer gardens offering a wide array of styles, the city’s breweries cater to every beer lover’s palate. Each one on our list is a testament to the art of brewing, where skilled brewers craft beers that push the boundaries of flavor and innovation. Whether you’re a dedicated beer connoisseur or simply looking to explore the world of craft beer, Atlanta’s breweries offer a diverse range of experiences that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the craftsmanship behind each pint. Join us on a hoppy journey through the city’s top brewery destinations and raise a glass to the thriving beer culture of Atlanta.

Monday Night Brewing

670 Trabert Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
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Monday Night Brewing Atlanta
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Owing its name to the Monday night bible study that led this brewery, Monday Night Brewing is the perfect spot to grab a beer and catch up with friends. It’s chill, friendly, and all about the brews. They make small-batch craft beers that are usually pretty hop-forward. But, if that’s not your thing, they also make barrel-aged, fruited sours and truly one-of-a-kind experiments. They’ve got two locations in Atlanta. The main one is in the west midtown, but you can also visit their taproom along the BeltLine trail for their more experimental beers.

Bold Monk Brewing Co.

1737 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW suite d-1, Atlanta, GA 30318
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Bold Monk Brewing Co. Atlanta
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Just outside the Underwood Hills neighborhood of Atlanta, Bold Monk Brewing Co. is a spot to just be for a while. With an on-site restaurant, coffee house, library, and lush beer garden, you can spend hours enjoying the relaxed vibe and delicious beer and food. Speaking of beer, they have a long list of brews always on tap. From their quadruple dark Belgian ale to the tropical Compassion golden ale, there’s something for everyone at Bold Monk. Along with your beer, you can enjoy their extensive food menu with flavorful salads, pub classics, and mussels (or even a hot dog)!

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SweetWater Brewing Company

195 Ottley Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30324
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SweetWater Brewing Company Atlanta
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Located at the start of the BeltLine trail, SweetWater is the perfect brewery to catch an afternoon drink after a day of enjoying Atlanta. Their beer list is filled with light, sippable brews like the Tropicolada tropical IPA or the Blood Orange Radler! However, if beers aren’t your thing, check out their new canned vodka sodas or hard seltzer in fruity flavors. You won’t be disappointed with anything you choose for food. My favorite was their famous nachos with blackened chicken and beer cheese! They also have full entrees good for the whole family if you want to catch dinner.

Arches Brewing

3361 Dogwood Dr, Hapeville, GA 30354
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Arches Brewing Atlanta
Source: Instagram

Right by the airport, Arches Brewing is a great first stop (or even layover hangout) in Atlanta! Their bread and butter are lagers, but they also shine with their American and European-style ales. Their beer is made slow with traditional processes and modern, creative flavors. I tried and loved the Southside Lager, a delicious amber lager with floral notes reminiscent of the local flora of Atlanta. While they do not have an on-site restaurant, they allow local restaurants to deliver straight to your table, so you can chow down on the best poke, Vietnamese cuisine, pizza, and Greek food that Atlanta offers.

Eventide Brewing

1015 Grant St SE, Atlanta, GA 30315
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Eventide Brewing Atlanta
Source: Instagram

Four friends and lots of experimental brews created the magic behind Eventide Brewing in Peoplestown by Downtown Atlanta. They make a wide range of craft brews beyond the normal hoppy IPAs. For a light sipper, their flagship Kolsch ale is a year-round winner. The Citrus Grove Hefeweizen and Boots to the Yard organize creamsicle IPA were my favorites. They offer local packaged snacks like King of Pops popsicles and Carolina Kettle Chips. But if you’re looking for a bigger meal, check out their food truck schedule in their weekly newsletter!

Fire Maker Brewing Company

975 Chattahoochee Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
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Fire Maker Brewing Company Atlanta
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Fire Maker is family-run and owned; you’ll feel like family the minute you walk in their doors. That Southern hospitality and crisp, delicious beer even earned them the #2 Best New Brewery in the US by USA Today after being open for less than a year. Owner Elliot Hall spent ten years researching and working in craft beer before opening Fire Maker, and the result is a long list of creative, super drinkable beers that go down just a little too easily. Check out the Calamity Jane Blonde or Way Down Yonder Golden Ale to see what I mean. Dig into some delicious on-site Scoville Hot Chicken with your beer for a fantastic pairing.

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Halfway Crooks Beer

60 Georgia Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312
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Halfway Crooks Beer Atlanta
Source: Instagram

Halfway Crooks in the Summerhill neighborhood is a great spot to head after a hot day exploring Atlanta. It’s an oasis in the city with an open-air, dog-friendly rooftop, cafe and bar, and lush (soon-to-be renovated) Biergarten downstairs! Their beer list is as creative as it is extensive, with unique finds like Merino, a New Zealand Pale Ale, and Vary, a Czech-style lager that is lagered in oak puncheons for an extended time. Their food menu is also filled with delicious treats like Bretonne sausage and BBQ pork sliders. I enjoyed the Belgian stoof fries, which are fries topped with stoofvleessaus, which is Belgian beer braised beef and gravy. 

Wild Heaven West End Brewery & Gardens

1010 White St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
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Wild Heaven West End Brewery & Gardens Atlanta
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Wild Heaven West End Brewery & Gardens has two Atlanta locations: one in Avondale Estates and one in the West End neighborhood. The West End is the more built-up spot, so head there for more selection and energy! Their beer menu is fun and flavorful. With crowd favorites like the White Blackbird, a Belgian Saison featuring peppercorn, pears, and Chardonnay! Or sip a Tropical EDB (Emergency Drinking Beer) that has passion fruit and guava. Alongside your beer (or non-alcoholic drink), you can dig into a refreshing summer feta salad, crispy fried chicken sandwich, or platter of tasty wings!

Best End Brewing Company

1036 White St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
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Best End Brewing Company Atlanta
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If you want Tiki bar vibes and delicious beers, Best End Brewing Company in West End and right on the BeltLine is the spot for you. They have a beautifully designed space, chill energy, and, most importantly, a long list of funky beers. For IPA lovers, the Lack of Fokus is hop-forward and oh-so juicy. If you prefer something lighter, the Salsa Shark Gose is smooth and fresh. Plus, there’s a whole lot more–from brown ales to pilsners! They have one of the most extensive food menus of any brewery in the area featuring massive charcuterie boards, decadent buffalo chicken dip, and cauliflower nuggets.

Gate City Brewing Company

43 Magnolia St, Roswell, GA 30075
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Gate City Brewing Company Atlanta
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Only a 30-minute drive from downtown Atlanta in Roswell, Gate City Brewing Company combines the natural beauty of the Chattahoochee River area with the crisp, refreshing taste of craft beer. The taproom at Gate city is a gorgeous two-story space that constantly hosts local bands, community groups, and friends. They always have 20 craft beers on tap, but you can also enjoy their house-made cocktails if that’s more your thing! There’s no attached kitchen, but they host local food trucks that rotate throughout the month, so there’s always something new to feast on!

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Jekyll Brewing

2855 Marconi Dr Ste 350, Alpharetta, GA 30005
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Jekyll Brewing Atlanta
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In charming Alpharetta, GA, just 30 minutes from downtown, Jekyll Brewing is a relaxed, fun spot to grab a beer and classic Southern food. While they stay true to their Southern roots, Jekyll also takes inspiration from beer culture around the world with their lineup of brews. For example, there is my favorite, their Southern Juice IPA. It is a classic English-style IPA made with flavorful southern fruits. Or the Moon People Belgian Wit with tangerine and coriander. There’s no shortage of creativity and flavor here! It’s also a family-friendly space with a special kids menu and a main menu that will satisfy everyone.

Reformation Brewery

6255 Riverview Rd SE building 4000 suite 200, Smyrna, GA 30126
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Reformation Brewery Atlanta
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The always-popping Reformation Brewery in Smyrna is less than 20 minutes from Atlanta’s downtown. With almost daily events like trivia nights, karaoke, bingo, and delicious beers, it’s non-stop fun. Their beer list is super extensive, so even the pickiest drinkers can find something they love. The Alina sour ale is great for wine lovers, while beer connoisseurs will appreciate the Jude Belgian tripel ale. If you get hungry, you can grab some of the best BBQ in Atlanta at Grand Champion BBQ just next door!

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