12 Traditional Albanian Dishes We Love

Learn more about Albanian cuisine with these popular dishes.

You will likely be a fan of many Albanian dishes if you enjoy Mediterranean cuisine.

Albanian traditional food fried dough petulla

Albanian food centralizes ingredients such as olive oil, wheat, meat, fish, and vegetables to varying levels depending on what region of origin. The Mediterranean Sea and its climate have influenced what foods are prevalent in Albanian culture.

So whether you’re already a fan of Albanian cuisine or wish to introduce yourself to its delicacies, read on as I share my list of the most popular Albanian food and what makes it unique.

Final Thoughts

I find Albanian cuisine to be quite pleasant and unique. The simple ingredients of the dishes, combined with the creative ways they are prepared, are my favorite part of the food.

Considering this, it’s no wonder Albanian foods have become popular worldwide.  

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Written by Erin Elizabeth

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